otp: clay x gemma

“Have you ever loved someone so much, you’d give an arm for?
Not the expression, no, literally give an arm for?
When they know they’re your heart
And you know you were their armour
And you will destroy anyone who would try to harm her
But what happens when karma, turns right around and bites you?
And everything you stand for, turns on you to spite you?
What happens when you become the main source of her pain?”

When I’m Gone, Eminem

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Why do you like Gemma / Clay so much ? He beat her !


Okay, yes, he beat her. You will never hear me say what he did was right or in any way OK. I hate Clay for what he did, that essentially sank my ship right down to the bottom. But…. yes, I said BUT. Can we please remember why he snapped? Can we remember that his wife took out a gun and not only pointed it at him (please, if you want to say how uncaring Clay is, just pause at his face when she pulls out the gun. kthx), but she SHOT it. Not only at him, but his head. Did he deserve it? That’s a whole different conversation, but imagine, just imagine someone did that. What would you see? NOTHING. You wouldn’t see a damn thing but rage. Rage blackouts are a thing.

You see, the thing with Clay… no, he’s not a GOOD guy. When threatened, he intimidates. It is no surprise that his hands are now dead in his old age. But if you’re going to pass judgment on Clay… PLEASE CONTINUE TO DO SO WITH EVERY SOA CHARACTER. There is NO good character. You have Jax, who has now violently hurt women more than once and SHOT UP HIS EX-WIFE AND MOTHER OF HIS SON. And honestly, if not for the cops arresting Tara, I think he would have hurt her as well. You have Tig… lmao, come on now. The guy digs corpses. You have Gemma who has done more bad shit that you can even count. You have Unser who was a corrupt cop. I could go on…

But back to Gemma/Clay… why do I like them? I don’t. I LOVE THEM. I have such a head!canon for them before the series that it would blow your socks off because it’s so fact. He killed her husband FOR HER. FOR THEM. They had a real partnership where he consulted his big decisions with her. She’s the ONLY person Clay lets himself be vulnerable with and lets see him for who he really is, and not just a hard-ass leader who has to not give a shit about feelings. He has cried with her. He owns up to his mistakes and in the end recognizes that it wasn’t the club that he wanted, but it was them. He was SO desperate in season four for money and survival. Why? BECAUSE HE WANTED THEM TO RETIRE TOGETHER AND HAVE IT ALL.

Clay is a MAN. That last sentence is proof of that. He made very bad decisions but he did it because he wanted to take care of Gemma. That’s what a man does, and he lost sight of everything. And Gemma… well, she says what happened, how she fell in love with Clay. In season four, you can see how much she refused to give up on him, even after he killed Piney. And the YOU LIED TO ME, that is so essential to their relationship. They are only honest to each other, no one else. It’s beautiful. The chemistry between the two is chilling. Just watch a scene and they even have the same movements. It’s incredible. They could yell in each others faces and yes, it could get violent. BUT THATS THIS WORLD, OKAY. THIS ISN’T SOME CW SHIT. It’s a very violent world. Hello, Gemma plotted her first husbands death, sweetheart.

Gemma only turned on Clay because she had no choice.

And in season five, you see her struggle with that choice. Gemma. Was. A. Mess. She could barely stand up on her own feet and the only times you see Gemma as her true self and vulnerable, it’s with Clay. Call me a deluded fan but watch for yourself. When she hears of Opie’s death from Clay, she clings to him (three episodes after she told him not to lay a hand on her again) and it’s the first time and possibly the only time in season five that she actually looks like she is content. But she can’t let that happen - that comfortable familiarity with Clay.

She refused to divorce. Uh…

She betrayed Clay because again, she had to. I can go on and on about how much she loves Clay even though she doesn’t want to, but she is fierce mama bear so Jax will always come first even though you can see she really doesn’t like what Jax has become, but she will always love him… so she does what she has to for Jax and for her survival (enter Nero). He wants her, it’s safe.

But wait a tick… she betrays Clay… again, and what? NONE OF THIS LANDS ON YOU. He still won’t give her up. THE FUCK, WHAT A DIQ!!!!!

And in any scene with Clay post-season 4 finale, you can see the conflict in Gemma. She hates him but there is still love.

Bring on the hate.

“I want you to be with him. Spy on him. Sleep with him. Make him feel like a king. He’d do anything for you and soon the dirty secrets will start spilling out like they always did…”


The Aftermath (Clay - oldmanmorrow)

Gemma was being released today. She knew she would get bail at the hearing, but she didn’t know that anyone would post it for her. Anonymously, someone did, though. And she had a small inkling who set it up. She wasn’t sure, but she knew damn well when he heard about what happened to her, he’d want her out of that place. He wouldn’t want her where the guards used her to their advantage. She didn’t want that, either.

So, Gemma found her way down to the prison and walked in, greeting the guards at the front; different guards than the ones who forced her and Clay together, but probably just as dirty, she thought.

“Hey…” she said gently, walking into the room. She looked at the desk, at his orange jump suit… she couldn’t take her eyes off of the color. She was afraid to. What if this had been a mistake? What if he hadn’t found a way to get her bail posted? What if she came here for nothing but to relive those memories from nearly a week ago? God she hated those memories…

“I’m sorry… I can’t do this,” she finally said out loud, turning to leave.

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1.) Gemma/Cay 2.) GoT verse

Sorry it took me so long, anon. I went to a musical last night. c:

He was not a knight; he was neither gallant nor honorable, and many would say that the unnatural blue of his eyes were the only handsome quality about him. But his views were so like her own that Gemma could not help but be drawn to him, to live vicariously through him, for it was improper for a lady to wield a sword, and Clay would do whatever she asked of him. Kill him, she’d whispered in his ear, kill my lord husband. And he had.