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top 5 favorite things about Clois

OH MY GOD! thank you for the ask ♥

Ok, well Clark and Lois are just relationship goals, how could they not?

• First, they are equals. Even though they are very different, and one of them has physical superpowers, they are still their own person. Lois Lane doesn’t need to have superpowers to be on Clark’s same level, pff, even Clark sees Lois as a superwoman because of everything she does and Lois considers Clark the most human person possible because of his soul.

• Two, there is a lot of respect between them. Even though Clark will always be worried when Lois is after a story, he will not stop her because that is who she is, and she was running after stories before he met her. Case in point, in the Ultimate Cut of BvS, when Clark finds out Lois is after the bullet story, he doesn’t stop her. He only shows his concern but he never stops her.

• Three, they protect each other. If it meant the other would not suffer, they would do anything. It pains them to see the other suffer. They love each other that much. Just look at this from both MoS and the UC. Lois would chase whoever destroyed Clark’s heart and at the end she did.

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And also this one from Smallville

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Also look how adorable Clark is trying to make his girlfriend happy after what she went through. And also he was going to cook to surprise her… I mean, seriously Clark, are you for real?

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• Fourth, all the looks they have. Ugh, they are so… ugh. Just look at them… they are the worst.

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And this one is just my favorite; it is like Perry doesn’t even exist and Lois is all blushing like a high school girl who just saw her crush.

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I could just post more examples about all the scenes where their looks just kill me, but I don’t want to bother everyone with a long post.

• Fifth, they complement each other. Besides of how good team they are in journalism, without the other they would both feel incomplete. They just can’t believe that a person like that can exist. Lois is Clark Kent’s world, ok? *cries*. Also there is a fan art out there that I saw a long time ago where Krypton is never destroyed so Clark (or Kal-el more likely) never arrives to Earth, so the fanart shows just how both of them feel so lonely and it broke my heart. I hope one day I can find it again because I never saved it T_T. But anyway, for me it showed that they are each other’s soulmate, their other half, whatever you want to call it, and I think that is just beautiful.

I have another million favorite things about them, but yeah, I think I made this longer than necessary. Hope you enjoyed it anon and again THANK YOU for your question ٩(◕‿◕)۶


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