otp: cigarettes

Imagine your OTP...

Person 1 follows Person 2 out for a smoke break during work, but Person 1 doesn’t actually smoke. They attempt to smoke a cigarette to impress Person 2, but they immediately start coughing uncontrollably and embarrass themselves.


Sitting under the eaves,
Smoke dissipates through the air.
The sky is bright,
And all the stars are clear.
We smoke cigarettes by
Dim, flickering light.
We laugh a little, and maybe
Say a few words.
But the friendship is visible
In the silence we share.
We talk about life,
The beautiful, the maddening, and the pain.
We tell about nightmares,
And the secret daydreams.
We inhale a posion
And let out silver smoke
That floats and fades
Like the dreams when we wake .
We hold hands and pause,
Taking a moment to breathe.
We stomp out the cigarettes,
And look at the sky.
We’ve walked together on every road,
Laughing and crying and holding hands.
But tonight holds a moment,
Cohesive and clear.
This is our life, exhaling air.
This is friendship, strong and dear.
Beauty and laughter always follows despair.