otp: cigarettes

Can you guess how long cigarette cartons have had to carry warning labels? In the United States, since 1965. It has been over fifty years! And the fight is still going to keep people from literally killing themselves.

The latest idea? Australia was the first to mandate that cigarette packages can have nothing on them at all – except health warnings. No name-brands, no advertisements, just the fact that cigarettes will kill you.

“Potter’s Asthma Cigarettes - For the relief of Asthma Attacks and other Spasmatic affections of the repiratory tract.”

Asthma cigarettes didn’t contain tobacco, but crushed and dried herbs from the nightshade family of plants called solanaceae. Indian Hemp and Cannabis are similar herbs that were also included in some brands. These herbs typically contained an alkaloid called Atropine that causes mild bronchodilation, making breathing easier. The demand for these special cigarettes remained strong until the inhaler was introduced as an alternative.