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Whenever Christmas rolls around, Gabriel is the one who gets into the spirit the most. He decorates Dean’s car one year, completely covering it in Christmas lights and cackles at the look on Dean’s face.

He puts massive christmas trees in the hotel rooms and rolls Sam’s towels and puts them in a stocking every time Sam gets into the shower. Sam fell for the Wasabi candy cane once, and never again. Dean on the other hand has done it many times since they blend in so well with the apple pie flavored ones.

Every day in December until the 26th, at precisely 3:15 in the afternoon, Gabriel appears in the backseat of the Impala, belting out songs that mention him in them. Dean keeps telling Sam to make his boyfriend stop, but the number one thing Sam knows he can’t stop is the smile on his own face. (Although, one day someone tried to steal Dean’s car at 3:14 while they were in a diner, and everyone saw the man screaming in terror as he ran from the car. Dean didn’t mind it so much after that.)

On Christmas Eve, many brightly colored boxes were set under the over-decorated Christmas tree and Gabriel showed Castiel how to make hot chocolate and egg nog the right way. He wanted to teach his baby brother the right way to celebrate in modern times, that didn’t involve getting naked and hot tubbing in the snow. (Sam and Dean both put a stop to that one.)

Before they turned in to watch movies in the sweaters Gabriel had made, Castiel left cookies on the end table for ‘Santa’ that he and Gabriel had prepared, most of them either shaped like a moose, angels, or the gingerbread men that he had decorated to look like Dean and two glasses of spiked egg nog for the Winchester boys. As the Winchester boys sat on their beds and stared at the TV with their arm draped over their own Christmas angel, they found themselves enjoying this holiday more than they had before.

I don't ship Sabriel

Because “Sam needs his own angel”.

I don’t ship Sabriel

Because otherwise Sam’s a third wheel.

I don’t ship Sabriel 

Because of a size kink.  "Height differences are so cute!“

I ship Sabriel

Because they were created to be a parallel.  They both ran away from their families when the fighting got to be too much.  They both avoid conflict but ultimately do the right thing at great personal cost to themselves.

I ship Sabriel

Because they are perfect for each other.  Sam keeps Gabriel grounded.  Gabriel encourages Sam to step outside his comfort zone.

I ship Sabriel

Because these two are flawed and broken and hurting, and they find solace together, they understand each other.

I ship Sabriel 

Because as sad as this ship can be, it’s also beautiful.

(And also the sex.  Lots and lots of kinky sex.)

WOAH ITS BACK (with the same graphic because I I’m lazy and suck at making graphics! So uh feel free to make me one!)

The second (potentially annual) Sabriel Secret Santa!

So last year didn’t go super well but I’ve fixed all the problems I had so it should go over without a hitch this year!


-Must ship sabriel, this is NOT for the book!

-Reblog this post

-Closes November 30th!

-Message me your URL! I need it so your secret Santa knows where to send your present!

-I need at least 30 participants for this to go on!

-Closes December 1st (I’ve started it early as to get as many people to join as possible!)

-PLEASE do not join if you cannot get a gift to your giftee

-Gifts should be delivered by Christmas

-Gifts can be anything! Get creative! So long as its sabriel themed everything goes!

-Track the tag #sabrielsecretsanta2014 for updates!

And that’s it! I’m very excited for this and I hope it goes over well!

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-whispers- hey Sabriel shippers.
You guys are my people. Sabriel is more than an OTP it is a way of life.
Last nights episode kind of.. Yeah. I’m never gonna recover.
In case the episode upset any of you guys too, you should go check out SPNFanimation.tumblr.com uwu
They’re gonna bring Gabriel back. But like. For realsies. And not kill him.
It’ll be rad.
Ya’ll should check it out.