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Spike Away, Horny Toad, Evil Keadevil, Little Spike & Baby Horny Toad

Quando era jovem, eu vivia deprimido. Mas, agora, o suicídio não era mais uma saída pra mim. É o que parecia. Na minha idade, já não sobrava muito que matar.
—  Charles Bukowski.
hey heres my car boys/taz theory

i copied and pasted this from a message i sent in the mcelstuck chat except i fixed some typos i am 100% serious this is How It FUcking Is this is my canon

so they like….they keep going, forever and ever, but im like…assuming things Deteriorate after a while, slowly kinda, and like- nick , in beamng, is really the only one of them with Real Power- like as jade mentioned hes the one spawning stuff hes the one with the power of creation in this whole scheme of things. so what im saying is nick like Breaks Down nd thats how and griffin gets dungeon master powers like Shed Energy.  but also nick like? deteriorates and thats how the light of creation comes to be, nick is the light of creation

and like- theyre going down, forever and ever, through countless different universes. i figure, after a few millennia, sitting in a car drifting through an endless expanse of space and time with only Candle In The Wind by Elton John to listen to gets? boring? and they come upon a nascent universe sometime/where/if during this and thats how- thats the taz universe like the original one, like the (spoilers) the ipre one.

and griffin sets this like into motion, gets this going, and as the red robes flee from the hunger the boys are right along with them fleeing from the blob through universe after universe because the hunger and the blob are one and the same and griffin is like- manipulating , kind of helping along this universe and these people to eventually- maybe- defeat the blob/hunger and free him and nick from descending into forever