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Regrowing Store-Bought Carrots

This is the life-cycle of a few straggling carrots that was half-withering in my fridge. Two springs ago, I saved a few carrot tops, planted them, then successfully nurtured the plant to form dozens of viable seeds. (Contrary to what many of us were lead to believe in elementary school science, planting a carrot top will not regrow a full carrot, but it will provide seeds.)

This past spring, I planted the seeds and voila - more delicious  carrots! If I wasn’t so lazy, I could have propagated the tops of these carrots as well and continued my flock :-)


Salmon, Ginger Carrots and Citrus Cream with Caramelized Shallot Galette

Tonight’s meal using what we had. Sockeye Salmon, crusted with ground fennel seed, rosemary, black pepper and meyer lemon zest. The pan de-glazed with white wine, cream and some lemon juice. The carrots, braised with ginger and garlic. The galette with caramelized French shallots, cooked slowly with butter, olive oil, turbinado sugar, balsamic vinegar, thyme and a pinch of salt, filled into a quick, flaky pastry crust my wife made from scratch. Baked and then topped with a little goat cheese.

The carrots, garlic, rosemary and shallots are from our garden. The French shallots wouldn’t last much longer in storage, so they went out with one savory sweet bang.


Okay so earlier today I was procrastinating on my homework by watching old Doctor Who episodes. Specifically, The Eleventh Hour. And I noticed just before the fish fingers and custard, Amelia tells him there are carrots and he turns around and says, “Carrots? Are you insane?" 

Obviously, I took notice of this because hello, carrots… And then I remembered how Gilbert once tweeted about dressing up like the Doctor. So my new theory is that either Tanner Gillman or the character of Gilbert Blythe himself is a regeneration of the Doctor.

Also, if anyone tries to deny this… Rule 1: The Doctor Lies

* drops microphone * I’m out!


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