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you like Calthazar? I've written two Calthazar fics before... it's a fun ship :)

I LOVE CALTHAZAR. I had to stop going through the fics tagged Calthazar on AO3 though because 98% of them were past Calthazar where Balthazar cheated on Cas and that is honestly the last thing Balthazar would ever do. :( He was so loyal to Cas.

Feel free to, you know, send me any and all Calthazar fics.

Destiel and Calthazar fic idea

So I’ve seen La La Land today and it was SO good you guys, if you haven’t seen it please do! But obviously, as I have no self-control and also my Balthazar feelings are at an all time high due to his mention in Steve Yockey’s episode, I now crave a fic.

(spoilers for La La Land if you haven’t seen it but want to but) Cas is Mia. Balthazar is Sebastian BUT here’s the kicker: of course, in the movie, Mia and Sebastian do not have a happily ever after (which I loved so much omg even though it was super angsty THAT FINALE YOU GUYS OMGGG) but break up and move on. So Balth and Cas break up, too, because Cas ends up with Dean. Dean is Cas’ best friend and roommate, has a MUCH larger role than Mia’s roommates/friends in the movie, and Cas goes to him instead of his parents when he and Balthazar fight. And then Dean goes with him to Paris (or wherever else, depending on how the fic changes things but you get him) because he got hired to work on the same thing as Cas idk i haven’t thought about all the details but THAT’S how they end up together. 

I want this so bad I might write it but I’m not sure anyone would be interested to read it bUT I WANT THIS SO BAD


(part one HERE)

-100 years earlier-

Once you’ve crossed the Tanagar Canyon into the northwest of Hyrule, you’ve entered Rito territory. The temperate Tabantha region is their homestead, but they maintain the frigid Hebra mountains to the north as well.

Their largest village is quite vertical, the central roads built to wind around several enormous rock columns that rise out of Totori Lake. There are foot paths from the cliffs below for the sake of flightless travelers, but it’s a steep walk nonetheless

and unfortunately, horses do not hike, so Cass has to leave his at the stables below.

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