otp: burning up the sun just to say goodbye

nothing is happening to you
for the universe knows that I'd destroy it
I’d rip the stars from their paths
I’d burn up a sun just to say goodbye
I remake the constellations into your image
and I’d restart the big bang
just so I could to tell you that I love you
—  Fear Me by Abby S

And when I see the curve of the earth in your willow eyes
I’m a rocketeer
Coming home after years at the speed of light
And suddenly you’re there
Like a pearl in the palm of the universe
Your unlikely skies
Filling up my eyes
You come as some surprise

I’ve never really given much thought to the fact that the Doctor actually destroyed a sun just to say goodbye to Rose. I always thought that was romantic, and I still do because it is, but it has so much more meaning. 

He’s the savior of the universe; he saves worlds, he doesn’t destroy them. But he did. That one time he did. He destroyed a sun. For her. He destroyed a piece of the universe without giving it a second thought just to say goodbye to her. 

He didn’t do it so he could go through the crack, he didn’t do it for some big savior kind of reason, he did it to say goodbye. He did it for the smallest thing because he loved her so much that he couldn’t just part with her without saying goodbye, without talking to her one last time. To make sure she was okay. To give her some closure so she could move on without him because she had to. They both did. 

And I think that’s truly beautiful. He did something he probably never imagined himself doing; he destroyed a part of the universe he’s constantly trying to save because of one tiny little human that meant everything to him.

If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is. 

No Hearts and Flowers

I hope you’re happy. 

Of all the things to be the same between the universes, Rose would have put Valentine’s Day solidly in the “do not want” column. The last thing she wanted when her heart still felt like half of it was on the other side of the void was to be reminded of love and romance.

But it seemed the universe was perversely determined to give her the things she didn’t want and none of the things she did. And so as soon as Christmas things were cleared out of the shops, the space was filled with tacky pink and red hearts.

With a little discipline, she managed to avoid the reminders of the holiday pretty well, up until the second week of February. You’d think employees at a pseudo-governmental anti-terrorist organisation would be above such a sentimental holiday, but it seemed even Torchwood agents were prone to romance. When the person in the office next to hers received flowers on February 12th, Rose decided to cut out of work for the week.

That night she had a dream. She heard a voice, a voice she knew so well, and it was calling her name. When she woke up, she was sitting bolt upright in bed, and the voice was still there, only it was like it was inside her head, calling her, drawing her close.

She woke up her parents and Mickey and told them about her dream, and by some miracle, they believed her. Together they packed Pete’s Jeep, tossing the bag Rose had kept packed into the back. Despite the Doctor saying travel between the worlds was impossible, she’d never stopped hoping he’d find a way to come through for her.

They drove all day and through the night, following the voice in Rose’s head. When she spotted the sign and realised what the name meant, hope welled up inside her. A message to lead myself here, she remembered.

She barely let the Jeep come to a complete stop before jumping out. From the height of the sun, she guessed it was some time in mid-morning; a glance at her watch confirmed it, and reminded her of something else too.

Well Doctor, this will certainly be a hard Valentine’s Day to top.

The voice in her head called her forward, and she jogged onto the beach, looking around for the TARDIS. She was halfway to the water when her feet, obeying the subconscious message from her head, just stopped. Rose turned in a circle, her forehead wrinkling a little in confusion. No TARDIS, and no Doctor.

A wave of energy rippled over her skin, and she turned around slowly. The faintest outline of the Doctor stood behind her. “Where are you?” she asked, because it was obvious he wasn’t actually on the beach with her.

“Inside the TARDIS. There’s one tiny gap in the universe left, just about to close, and it takes a lot of power to sent this projection.” His Adam’s apple bobbed, and a rock settled in the pit of Rose’s stomach. “I’m in orbit around a supernova. I’m burning up a sun just to say goodbye.”

Goodbye. The truth hit Rose hard—he hadn’t found a way through, and there would be no happy Valentine’s Day, for either of them.


When Ten was “born”, he was born of love and of hope. He was head over heels in love with Rose. You can see it on his face when he looks at her. She was his moral compass. She was the one who kept him “human”. She made him want to be with her for the rest of her forever because her “forever” to him was kind of like her wedding vow, in a non-wedding way. Her forever meant the rest of her life, with him, by his side, no matter what.

When he lost Rose he lost the best part of himself, IMO, and by the end of his lifespan, he was bitter and angry and full of rage. He no longer smiles. He no longer has any reason to smile. But…when he goes to say his last goodbyes, the final being his beloved Rose, he struggles to hold back saying “I love you” to her, as you can see in gif 9. It was her first hello with him and it would not have meant anything to her. The one person who was/is his everything. But still…she had the power to make him smile that one last time.

Wibbly Wobbly Challenge
      ↳ The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit in light vs dark

"I've seen fake gods and bad gods and demi-gods and would-be gods. I've had the whole pantheon. But if I believe in one thing... just one thing... I believe in her"