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#BROTHERMAN: REVELATION Graphic Novel (2015)

“Team Brotherman will be in the house this Friday at 8pm for #BlackComicsChat! Join us on twitter and listen. Follow our twitter page for the link to listen live Friday evening. It’s gonna be a good one. Spread the word!”

Brotherman: The Odyssey of Black Men in America–An Anthology

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 edited by Herb Boyd and Robert L. Allen

This outstanding collection of writings by African-American males has been edited by Boyd (Down the Glory Road) and Allen (The Port Chicago Mutiny) with a commitment to inclusion and diversity. More than 100 pieces are organized by subjects such as forefathers, relationships, racism, sports, music and other themes that define the black man’s experience. There are contributions from notables James Baldwin, Countee Cullen, Ralph Ellison, Jackie Robinson, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr., but the editors also include material from emerging creative writers and political thinkers. The powerful opening excerpt by Frederick Douglass evokes his boyhood as a slave, and the collection closes with an eloquent discussion of the race problem today by Cornel West. A distinguished addition to black studies.

This one is sure to make any father smile on Fathers Day and bring him hours of enjoyment and inspiration:

Brotherman: The Odyssey of Black Men in America – An Anthology

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 edited by Herb Boyd and Robert L. Allen

The purpose of this extraordinary anthology is made abundantly clear by the editors’ stated intention: “[T]o create a living mosaic of essays and stories in which Black men can view themselves, and be viewed without distortion.” In this, they have succeeded brilliantly. Brotherman:  The Odyssey of Black Men in America–An Anthology contains more than one hundred and fifty selections, some never before published–from slave narratives, memoirs, social histories, novels, poems, short stories, biographies, autobiographies, position papers, and essays.

Brotherman books us passage to the world that Black men experience as adolescents, lovers, husbands, fathers, workers, warriors, and elders. On this journey they encounter pain, confusion, anger, and love while confronting the life-threatening issues of race, sex, and politics–often as strangers in a strange land. The first collection of its kind, Brotherman gathers together a multitude of voices that add a new, unforgettable chapter to American cultural identity.  <book link

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My Brother Exists and I'm Happy About It
  • Bitsy: also this conversation might appear on my blog
  • Bitsy: I'm just saying
  • Brotherman: as long as I'm credited as "some guy"
  • Brotherman: maybe "dude bro"
  • Brotherman: if I had a tumblr profile it would be "andsomericecakes"
  • Brotherman: no wait...
  • Bitsy: IM
  • Brotherman: with a subtitle of "smoldering good looks in hot hot clown shoes"

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