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Observations of a Crazy Brittanalyst: Part XXXVIII

“I belong with you”: On Brittany Pierce, Santana Lopez, Second Chances, and True Love

Hey, fandom.

Ten months ago, I wrote what I then had good reason to believe might be my last full-length Brittanalysis ever.

It was all about our favorite story—the one about the two girls who fell in love with each other, faced all sorts of trouble, and helped each other to be the best possible versions of themselves, no matter what.

The girls were soulmates, and they saw in each other all sorts of beautiful, important things that other people didn’t seem to see. They were supportive of each other and selfless in their love, even when things were scary for them.

None of that has changed.

But one thing that has changed over these last ten months is that our girls back, and suddenly their story isn’t over anymore. Our girls have a second chance.

So if you care to join me, I’d love to talk about their story again.

Feelings under the cut—just like old times.

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