otp: brilliant

soo i have a note in my phone where i brainstorm text ideas for this blog throughout the day, right?

last night at like 4am i woke up out of a dead sleep with this Awesome & Hilarious™ idea so i wrote it down

i checked it this morning (having completely forgotten what it said) and the only thing written is:

“my big fat galra wedding”

… what in the fresh hell does that even mean

psychoticpterodactyl16  asked:

I'd like to think when not in regulation uniform, Jim has a bizarre collection of shoes including Crocs, for which he is teased mercilessly by Bones. Spock always comments that shoes that have such terrible traction are illogical.

Imagine Jim having a Command Insignia pin that he keeps on his crocs. He claims that because of it, ‘they meet regulations’.

Spock’s eye twitches whenever he sees it. 


This parody sub video of azegag is great.