otp: boyfriend and girlfriend

“(Man) I get a feeling when I look at my girlfriend like, ‘she gets more and more beautiful every day.’”
“(Woman) My boyfriend has always been good at saying nice things like that to me, but if I hear them too much, they no longer sound so sweet. However, if he doesn’t tell me those things, I feel disappointed. On the one hand, it makes my heart flutter, but on the other hand, it’s so cheesy.”

“(남자) 여자친구를 보면서 ‘매일 이렇게 예뻐지는 사람이 있구나’ 느껴요.”
“(여자) 원래 남자친구가 표현을 잘 해주지만 이것도 많이 들으면 무뎌져요. 근데 막상 안 해주면 또 서운하더라고요. 좋게 말하면 설레고 나쁘게 말하면 오글거리는데….”