otp: bound to others

I know not all Spuffy fics do this, but it really upsets me when Giles gets portrayed as an emotionless Watcher who wants to research and learn and doesn’t really care about Buffy enough to realize that she’s upset/hurting because of something that happened with Spike OR (even worse) something that only Spike picks up on and only Spike can help her get through. 

And this goes for other characters, too, and in other romantic fics. I see it a lot with Xander, sometimes with Angel, occasionally with Cordelia, and there are probably other examples that I can’t think of at the moment.

So please, if you’re writing a romance fic, don’t use other characters as tools to show why your OTP is such an eternally-bound pair. Know the other characters. Love the other characters. Write the other characters as the other characters and not as those people who act as annoying obstacles for your OTP to be together forever.

Because those other characters you’re using as tools? Someone out there loves them very, very much and hates to see them written poorly, and you’re going to lose readers by writing them without the same care you put into your OTP.

Reigisa Week

Day 7: Freestyle!

Ok so this is like the crappiest sketch with the crappiest coloring but I realized the thing I was going to submit would take me forever so I didnt wanna have to rush it. This is an old sketch i lined over quickly and colored. One Piece is my favorite manga so this was bound to happen eventually. My otp crossover with my other otp! I’ll probably draw more of this in the future haha

Anyway I know this is super late and stuff and I’m sorry!!! But I really wanted to say I had a lot of fun participating throughout the week and I hope we do it again! It was great thanks to everyone’s hard work and great art!