otp: bound to others

Reigisa Week

Day 7: Freestyle!

Ok so this is like the crappiest sketch with the crappiest coloring but I realized the thing I was going to submit would take me forever so I didnt wanna have to rush it. This is an old sketch i lined over quickly and colored. One Piece is my favorite manga so this was bound to happen eventually. My otp crossover with my other otp! I’ll probably draw more of this in the future haha

Anyway I know this is super late and stuff and I’m sorry!!! But I really wanted to say I had a lot of fun participating throughout the week and I hope we do it again! It was great thanks to everyone’s hard work and great art!


“I cannot marry them because the military regulations would make it impossible for them to remain commander and subordinate.”

—Hiromu Arakawa

 Damn military and their stupid regulations! //commence uglyugly sobbing