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bonnie and clyde - great northern//i still love him - lana del rey//civilian - wye oak//run right back - the black keys//brothers - the black keys//happy together - filter//devil's resting place - laura marling// devil's backbone - the civil wars//kinda outta luck - lana del rey//pa pa power - dead man's bones//run daddy run - the pistol annies//old number seven - the devil makes three// 99 problems - hugo// raise hell - brandi carlile//sour times - the civil wars//buried in teeth - mariee sioux//crazy in love - l'orchestra cinematique//i only have eyes for you - the flamingos//at last - etta james//audra mae - bandida//house of the rising sun - the animals//short change hero - the heavy//railroad track - willy moon//black - kari kimmel//blood on my name - the wright brothers//david - noah gunderson//beat the devil's tattoo - black rebel motorcycle club//sympathy for the devil - sons of anarchy//maneater - blue eyed blondes//aint no grave - johnny cash//bartholomew - the silent comedy//bang bang - nancy sinatra//

I think people are misreading what Sam said.

I was taken aback for a second too when I was watching. But here’s what Sam means.

Dean was saying he wants to be with his brother again and be family, and they should because they work well together.

Sam agrees, they work well together, so they should stay together. But as Dean’s brother, he was too hurt to put it all behind him and have things go back to normal, so he can’t do both.

He never said he didn’t want to be brothers anymore. He was saying he couldn’t just act like all was good because as Sam’s brother, Dean broke the trust that was between them.

And to all of the Dean fans who are angry because Sam won’t forgive him when he tried his hardest, you should remember this is a nearly identical situation as the one in the begining of season 5.