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Riverdale appreciation week (and a half): Day 6 - Favorite ship

Betty x Jughead (Bughead)

Whatever you do, do not think about the fact that Jughead could very well be staying with the Andrews men from here on out. Don’t think about the fact that this means he lives next door to his girl.

Don’t think about him going over for breakfast or walking her home from school.

Don’t think about sweet kisses at her doorstep when he says goodbye, but then she tugs on his jacket for one more kiss before finally going inside.

Don’t think about Jughead hearing a fight between Betty and her mom, rushing over and letting her cry on his shoulder.

Don’t think about Betty bringing Jughead a snack on a Saturday afternoon when he’s in the backyard, playing fetch with Vegas, and her knowing that he’s a little bummed because he misses Hot Dog.

Don’t think about them sneaking out in the middle of the night just to lay under the stars to talk about nothing and everything.

Just…don’t think about this stuff, okay?

A late night at the Blue & Gold

A note from the author: This is my first ever fanfiction! Feedback is definitely appreciated - but please be kind! 

“Betty, go home.” Jughead leaned forward on his desk, his concerned eyes stretching across the room in an attempt to reach the blonde girl as she stared at her computer.

“It’s fine, I’m fine, I’m not even tired.” Betty insisted, shaking her head in an attempt to jolt some life back into her body. “This article needs to be finished, I have to get it done.”

Jughead sighed. He knew Betty had been dealing with a lot lately, and he could see it was all taking its toll on her. Her ponytail was less perky than usual, her eyes less full of light. And now here she was, working herself to death over an article that didn’t even need to be finished until the end of the week.

“Betty, you’re barely keeping your eyes open.” Jughead stood up from his desk and crossed over to the couch to join Betty where she sat. “At least take a break.”

“I can’t slow down, if I slow down I’ll fall asleep.” Betty muttered as her eyes raced across her screen, refusing to meet Jughead’s gaze.

“I thought you said you weren’t tired?” He raised his eyebrows with a smirk, knowing he’d caught her. She rolled her eyes to meet his, admitting defeat with a subtle sigh. 

“Betty,” Jughead’s voice took on a more serious tone, “the article can wait. You need to stop.”

Betty shot him a look of frustration, but her expression quickly softened at the genuine concern in his eyes. “I just… I can’t stop Jug. I have to complete this. It has to be perfect, it has to be done, I need it to be done…” Betty’s voice cracked and faltered, emotions welling up in her throat.

Without another word Jughead reached over and plucked Betty’s computer from her lap, saving the article she had been working so tirelessly on and then closing it shut. Betty sat up a bit straighter as if considering a protest, but her exhaustion got the better of her. Choosing instead to lean her head onto Jughead’s shoulder, Betty closed her eyes and sighed, sinking deep into his side. After a few moments of silence, she spoke.

“It’s just that…” Betty’s voice came out quiet and trembling, “that this is all I can do. All I can control. I need to keep writing. The Blue and Gold is the one stable thing I’ve got in my life right now.”

“Hey,” Jughead took Betty’s chin in his hands, lifting her head and making a point to capture her eyes with his, “the Blue and Gold isn’t the only thing you’ve got. You’ve got Veronica, Kevin, Archie… and you’ve got me.” 

The intensity in Jughead’s eyes caused Betty’s breath to stop short, and it was as if everything inside of her suddenly stilled. Suddenly aware of her exhaustion, Betty melted into Jughead, allowing herself to become completely entangled in his arms.

“Juggie?” Her voice came out soft and breathy.

“Yeah Bets?”

“Thank you.”

“Anything for you, Juliet.” 

With those final words, Jughead leaned forward and softly planted his lips on Betty’s forehead, the warmth of the kiss washing over her. She closed her eyes and leaned further into Jughead’s body, slowly drifting off into the first restful sleep she had experienced in weeks.


Betty & Jughead || Loving Her Was Red by KeepHopeAlive

conquer your fears (before they conquer you)

“You can do this.”

He breathes in. Out. In again.

Another time, and then another. Steels his shoulders and starts the walk to her house.

He falters at the front door, knows there is no way in hell her mother or father is going to let him in this house right now. Not after the way he helped Betty get to Polly.

No. There has to be another way.

There’s a ladder resting against the two story house and it’s just the right height to get to her window.


The thought makes him pause and he looks over his shoulder to his best friend’s house. The ladder must have been put here by Archie.

Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper. It’s always been Archie and Betty. What is this going to do to them all?

What is this going to do to him?

Before he can psych himself out anymore he cracks his neck, moves his head from one shoulder to the other just once quickly, before grabbing the ladder and setting it up against her window.

Fear sets in when he sees her, her blonde hair shining and her hand touching the delicate necklace that always rests against her neck. Before he can over think it he’s knocking and the smile on her face is so brilliant when she lets him in that he almost can’t see.

She’s distraught, her hands shaking as she tells him her fears.


That’s something he knows a little something about.

Fear of becoming like his father. Fear of the unknown. Fear of how he feels about his best friend’s girl.

But she’s not his girl…not anymore. Not ever, really.

Archie had his chance with the most amazing girl in the world and he didn’t take it.

What an idiot, he thinks as his breathing becomes labored.


She’s just staring at him, those wide eyes appearing to see right through him, through his soul.

If he doesn’t do this now, he never will.

Just do it, Jughead. Don’t be afraid.

Her lips pressed against his feels like coming home.

She rests her hand on his shoulder and he can actually feel her eyelashes fluttering against his cheek when she kisses him back.

When she pulls away, he doesn’t even want to open his eyes in fear of it all being a dream. Her face is still in his hands when he sighs, an invisible weight lifting off of his shoulders because finally, finally after all this time he’s done what he’s feared the most.

She changes the subject, back to business like always, and all he can do is smile warmly down at her. This girl and her unwavering dedication to her sister. He feels honored that she wants him by her side to figure out the truth.

They don’t mention the kiss but later, when he walks her home, she reaches over and takes his hand, silently interweaving her fingers with his. This one little gesture lets him know that he’s not in this alone. He doesn’t have to be scared anymore.

As long as she’s by his side there’s nothing to be afraid of anyways.

I suppose it’s pertinent to start off this tumblog with what got me into American comics in the first place. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle II will always be my very favorite DCU characters (and I refuse to believe that Ted just…doesn’t exist anymore). They have the most epic bromance in comic book history, and the genuine love that they have for each other is impossible to ignore. And this pic just happens to be my favorite piece of Boostle fanart. :)

(by kisukaite @ deviantArt)

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Hope I'm not too late but... Boostle? >w<


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So What's The Deal With Booster Gold and Blue Beetle Coming Back?

Okay, yesterday at my shop and looking around here on the net it seems a lot of people are kind of confused about what the deal with the return of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold is all about.

So I’ll try to sum up what this is all about.

In Justice League 3000 we had been lead to believe that this was the future of the current New 52 universe, and in this world Cadmus was using parasites that could turn people into weird semi-clones of heroes from the past. 

Now they have an upcoming storyline where the original Booster Gold and Blue Beetle return, and they are not going to be these parasite clones, they’re going to be waking up from cryogenic chambers, so they’re going to be the real guys… kind of. 

See here’s the thing. At my store people thought this meant that this means that Justice League 3000 is now not the future of the New 52, but instead the future of the old DC Universe. But the writer confirmed that it is not that either, this is an alternate universe where Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis (and by extension probably none of the other big crossovers afterwards) happened. 

So this is the real Blue Beetle and Booster Gold from the Justice League 3000 universe, but not from the old DC Universe we all knew and loved. But they’re going to act the same and the guy writing the series, Keith Giffen, is the guy who made these two the lovable duo we all came to know and celebrate. 

Basically he summed it up by saying “Hey remember those series ‘Formerly Known As the Justice League’ and 'I Can’t Believe it’s Not the Justice League’ that I did? Well think of this as the third universe or the future of those universes.” And both those series were awesome and I encourage everyone to look them up, so hey, I’m still excited.