otp: blaine x sebastian

when i get you you'll know

fandom: glee
pairing: blaine/sebastian
words: 1737
summary: Blaine finds Sebastian after the Gap Attack. A season 2 au set during 2x12.
Seblaintine’s Day 2018

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Blaine finds Sebastian sitting in one of the Dalton common rooms, frowning over a textbook. He’s alone, thank god, but Blaine still hovers at the doorway, watching him absentmindedly tapping his pen against the edge of the table. He has a sudden, visceral flashback to hovering behind a clothes rack at the Gap just a few hours earlier and cringes.

Taking a deep breath, he squares his shoulders and enters the room. This is already the most embarrassing day of his life, might as well keep the humiliation train rolling.

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There are 11 of us so far and we’d love for more people to come join in the fun :D Just send me or @brooklyn1949 a message and let us know whether you’re 18+ or not (we accept under 18’s too - but we have an NSFW channel so it’s just so that we can set permissions on the server to protect everyone!) and we will send you a join link.

you know, i lean hard into the nickname thing when i’m writing seblaine because

  • sebastian sounds like he’s pulling from a little league coach handbook half the time & it’s hilarious
  • “good job, killer. make the ball fear you” - troy bolton in high school musical 2 as a golf instructor, or sebastian smythe flirting? you decide
  • if you ain’t runnin’ game, say my name, say my name
  • on a show where most “nicknames” are just insulting monikers, blaine registers as a character who’s had a notable number of actual nicknames, and it brings up some interesting discussions of blaine, identity, interpersonal relationships, and how others perceive him & i like to pay homage to that
  • sebastian likes getting a reaction out of blaine & this is an easy hack to achieve that
  • [sebastian smythe voice] “it’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s free, tiger!”
  • (yes, calling him ‘sebastian smythe’ is my nickname for sebastian … it’s all about that #branding)

thanks for listening to my ted talk, have a nice day!


It never stops being funny to me.
All that sexual tension between Blaine and Sebastian is totally brilliant and it always makes me laugh.

anonymous asked:

You ship Seblaine?

i do! i’m a sucker for the dynamic they have (and for blaine flirting with people) and i just think that grant managed to do such a brilliant job with what should have been a fairly two dimensional character. the heart eyes sebastian has for blaine are out of control, too, and i really adore how encouraging he is of blaine’s talent? like, sure, it frequently comes from a selfish place - wanting to sleep with him, wanting him to rejoin the warblers - but he also so obviously completely means it. that push/pull dynamic where they both manage to bring out the best in each other, even reluctantly, is something i’m always a fan of.

How to be Family Friendly in the Modern World (seblaine, 1/1)

summary: A far-from-exhaustive selection of text exchanges and acknowledged phone calls between Blaine Anderson and Sebastian Smythe. Or, alternatively: “You used to text Sebastian all the time! You would call him, even!” the fic. [~4.5k] [A03]
warnings: brief mention of Finn, but not in a grief context
notes: happy seblaine anniversary! here’s to six fabulous years with you wonderful people! it’s before midnight somewhere, right?


SEBASTIAN [21:12]: Hey

SEBASTIAN [21:12]: Missing Dalton coffee yet?

BLAINE [22:02]: Always!

SEBASTIAN [22:03]: Then you should drop by again. We can grab a few cups, I can show you around, you can see how things have changed …

BLAINE [22:47]: Dalton can’t have changed that much in a few months.

SEBASTIAN [22:48]: Maybe not. But they did give me your old room. You can see what I’ve done with the place.

BLAINE [23:04]: Significantly altering the Dalton dormitories is against Rule 3, subsection 12, point 2 of the Dalton Handbook.

SEBASTIAN [23:04]: Shit haha, did you memorize that?

SEBASTIAN [23:04]: I didn’t even realize there was a handbook

SEBASTIAN [23:05]: So there’s new things to see. I promise. Like I got a bigger bed. Six plus privilege.

SEBASTIAN [23:05]: You know what they say about tall guys ;)

BLAINE [23:10]: They have trouble fitting into short beds?

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the wordless place (seblaine, 1/1)

summary: “The little things? The little moments? — They aren’t little.” From the start to the beginning, all the tiny things that make up Sebastian and Blaine’s relationship.
notes: Written for Seblaintine’s Day; quote from John Zabat-Zinn, and was the prompt I chose. 1400 words. A03. ♥Happy Valentine’s Day!♥

Sebastian doesn’t touch him.

This is a generalization, an easy summary. But it’s true. Maybe it’s a deference to the fact that Blaine isn’t his (yet, spelled out in each bold look and careless insinuation) or maybe he thinks his words are enough.

Maybe he’s right. Blaine feels his words like fingers slipping under his shirt.

“Super hot.”

For the first time he’s complimented in a way that never feels like he should apologize for his virtues, but he knows for the sake of his virtue he must be ashamed.

“I really care about him.”

What do you do, when faced with a river bearing down on you? You change its course, maybe, but you can’t change the irresistible pull of water. Blaine never manages a No, or a Leave me alone, because the bank is slowly crumbling beneath his feet and his toes have never been warmer than when they dip in.

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anonymous asked:

fluffy seblaine coffeeshop au? i know its soooo typical but i need this in my life and i love u ok thanks byeee

Gahhh, I hope this is okay, thanks for your request, anon. You didn’t specify who you wanted to be working in the shop, so I went for Sebastian (because I already have Blaine working in a coffee shop in TMSWCBA so I figured, hey, something different!)  <3 here you go:

Title: Hook, Line and Sinker

Pairing: Blaine Anderson/Sebastian Smythe

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Pre-Slash, Mild Sexual Language, promiscuous!Sebastian, No Infidelity, Mention of Sebastian/OMCs

Summary: Sebastian gets pretty bored during his shifts, so he can’t help it when he gets excited over the appearance of a painfully attractive dark haired stranger. The downside? The guy has a boyfriend. Not that that’s ever stopped Sebastian before. 

Sebastian sighed. Two hours until his shift was over, and he could finally be set free of this hell.

It wasn’t that he despised his job, exactly. No, he was just… restless. Bored, even.

The thing was, he’d been working in the same coffee shop for over one year, and he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t slept with half the customer base – including those in relationships.

 For instance, George, who was currently hunched in the corner, pretending like he’d never seen Sebastian in his entire life – a married man, two children, one on the way, and really, he did kind of feel for the guy’s wife. 

Still, Sebastian wasn’t going to deny it, he was a bit of a promiscuous dick himself. Of course, he wasn’t stupid enough to trap himself in a relationship. 

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Hazy Shade Of Winter

@nanthebookworm prompted:  Seblaine+warm sweaters (autumn prompt meme) general audience, 487 words [ao3]

To say that their house is cold is an understatement.

Day two of a particularly nasty snowstorm, and their heating decided to stop working. And, to make matters worse, no one can get to their house to fix it until the snow clears up.

They’ve both done their best with what they’ve got, though. They set their television up in front of their bed – something Sebastian always swore he would never do – and huddled under a pile of sheets, pressed close together.

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So I have an idea for a Seblaine/Blam fic that I'd really like to write.

But I’m not sure if anyone would be interested. It would be pretty heavy though (cos that’s so different to my normal stuff, ahaha)

Set after Michael, but not following canon, obvs.

Sebastian and Blaine are dating, and whilst things start off well, they soon turn bad. Sebastian discovers Blaine, and soon becomes controlling and abusive. New Directions worry about Blaine, but he’s secretive about it. Sam is the only one who fully realises what’s going on, and Blaine finds comfort with the other boy.

The first half would be mainly Seblaine, and the second more Blam.

Take Me Somewhere We Can Be Alone (16/21)

Pairing: Blaine Anderson/Sebastian Smythe

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Sex, Abuse, Attempted Suicide, Character Death (not MCD), Homophobia, Violence, Neglect, Sebastian whump

Summary: It’s been four months since “the break up”, and Blaine is ready to move on. An eventful night in Ohio’s newest gay bar leads to a run in with an old nemesis. While Blaine is cold to him at first, Sebastian proves that he can actually do the right thing from time to time. Who knew?

ao3 / ff.net

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It had all been a bit of a rush that morning to get everything together and get out the door. For one, Blaine had to sift through his vast array of outfits, picking and choosing the essentials and what he could bear to leave behind. Of course, Sebastian had decided to help by picking out the best outfits that he felt complimented Blaine’s ass, earning him a few glares from Blaine until he’d been swatted away in favour of gathering together toiletries and such.

They’d had to call Sam (who was pretty shocked, to say the least, about Blaine’s swift departure to Paris) for a lift, not trusting that they would be able to get a cab on time. Thankfully, Sam had agreed, for the simple price on being filled in on the juicy details (which Sebastian gleefully decided meant an explicit telling of their epic lovemaking the previous night, causing Sam to cover his ears - “God dammit, Sam, get your hands back on the wheel! Sebastian, stop it, he really doesn’t need to hear about our sex life!” Blaine had yelled, reaching over to hold onto the steering wheel so that they didn’t end up plummeting of a cliff to their immediate death.)

Still, they had managed to make it to the airport in one piece, just in time for check-in. Miracles really did happen, after all.

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