otp: beware the jabberwock

Declining Standards || April 15th, 1979 || Open

“We have not one but two students kidnapped from Hogwarts, and I’m of half a mind to pull my daughter permanently. What kind of institution has Hogwarts become? It is unacceptable and something needs to be done. Maybe it’s time for the ministry to replace Dumbledore. He clearly can’t manage the job anymore.”

My Darlin’ Emmyline | Evan & James | Beware the Jabberwock | 4/12/79

“There is just somethin about you that pisses me off…“

Evan had been moved to another cell.  Others were questioning different suspected Death Eaters and he knew that he should be focusing on Snivellus.  They needed answers and he knew that the man was as Death Eater.  He didn’t need proof no matter how much Ed said they did.  He knew Snape.  And he didn’t need to get past whatever spells the bastard had on his forearm to hide the dark mark to know that it was there.  He knew.

But he didn’t want to focus on the actual suspected Death Eater.  He wanted to focus on the bastard who no one suspected of anything, but who had potentially committed a crime far far worse in his opinion.

He was marrying his perfect, beautiful, innocent little sister.  And no one was good enough for that.

Now he was kneeling in front of the cell, his stag mask back in place, and eyeing the wizard.  His head was tilted to the side, eyes dark within the confines of the mask as he asked, “Do you think you’re a good man?” in an almost conversational tone of voice (well, in another person’s voice thanks to the spell, but still, conversational).

Beware the Jabberwock || Jack and Omar

When Jack volunteered to be part of the supply run, he had absolutely wanted to be part of it but he’d been fully expecting to be told he had to wait back at the inn. So even as he makes his way through the fog to the house they’ll be raiding with his team, he’s still not entirely convinced it’s real. Hell, he’s not even being babysat by Kris this time. He’s with Omar, and even though Jack hasn’t spoken with the doctor very much, the fact that he works hard to help people makes Jack feel comfortable enough with the guy. They come up to the two-story house, and the first thing he notices is that it’s boarded up from the outside. He tries not to think about what might have happened to the people who did that, just focuses on the fact that that means there might still be a lot left inside the group can use.

Getting inside isn’t too difficult, and it’s eerie how the house looks basically untouched. Like the family had stepped out for just a minute, planning to come right back. Only they never did, and Jack doesn’t even want to think about what may have happened to them. He keeps his gun held at the ready, cautiously making his way into the house on high guard. Once Mike and Alex start making their way upstairs he turns to Omar, speaking as he makes his way down the hallway they entered from. “So you’re gonna be looking for the medicine and stuff, right? I can maybe check out the electronics, see where we can pull some batteries from? Maybe there’s - ”

The rest of the words die in his throat as Jack rounds the corner into the living room. The shout leaves his lips before he can stop it and he’s instantly jumping backward, pressing himself against the wall to put as much distance as possible between himself and the thing in front of him. It takes a few seconds of staring at the bloody mess in horror before he even realizes it was once a man. His body looks as if it’s been ripped open and chewed up, internal organs spilling out of him and onto the floor, staining the once white carpet a deep red. The gore is something he’s seen before in zombies, but never real people, and Jack has to pull his gaze away and take deep breaths, his skin paling, and he’s grateful they’re rationing food because if he’d eaten much before now he’d probably have lost it. His eyes fly to Omar, and it’s a couple seconds before he can find his voice. “What the hell did that?” Despite his efforts to keep it steady his voice trembles a bit, and Jack’s too busy searching for any sign of what did that to the man to notice his hands and feet have been tied up.

Change of Plans || Frank & Alice || April 9th, 1979

She’d been staring at the same page in her book for almost half an hour, but she wasn’t paying attention to it. Every time she blinked her eyes to focus, she would get distracted again and by the time she realized she hadn’t changed the page, her mind had conjured some other worry to focus on. It didn’t help that all of her thoughts were centered on her husband.

She hadn’t exactly been giving him the silent treatment, but she hadn’t been friendly either and she felt bad about it. Their lives were complicated enough without her making it worse. Still the idea of kidnapping people when the didn’t even have any proof that said people were in fact death eaters? She knew the argument there was how could they expect to get proof when the people responsible were so good at circumnavigating the law, but was that enough become her enemy?

She glanced across the room at Frank and chewed her bottom lip. “Are you really going to do it Frank?” She asked quietly, finally breaking the silence. She hadn’t allowed him to tell her any details, but she knew the plan was in motion for tonight. It made her stomach churn. What if something went wrong? What if the Death Eater got the jump on him and she never saw him again. They weren’t the same as their enemy. Dark magic was something they learned to fight and repel, not wield.

Fanfic Cover for Beware the Jabberwock by ObsidianEmbrace. Used a photo from Granada Holmes (to represent canon Holmes & Watson) and two stock photos, the background and the mirror/picture frame. 

I wanted to fit BBC’s John and Sherlock in here (since the fic is mostly about them), but I couldn’t figure out a way to make it work. This still seems to fit the story, though, so I like it as is. 

Beware the Jabberwock

He could hear the gruffish sounds, which were the trademark of the frumious foe, getting closer, which made him push himself all the more. He had just scooped up the frightened child into his arms and was preparing to make a dash for it when a very familar, very human voice shouted out amidst the din.

“Over here!”

He felt his blood run warm, and the concentration of epinephrine in his system sky-rocket. Hyper-vigilant and extremely revved up now, he spun towards the sound of his companion’s voice, praying to whatever deity that would listen that what he thought was happening wasn’t really happening. It didn’t take him long to spot his pink and yellow girlin the crowd of short panicking lizard humanoids.. Nor the Jabberwocky that was now diving towards her.

Oh, was she in for it when he got her back (because he was going to get her back - alive and whole and so incredibly, frustratingly fantastic).

She yelled at him to run, and run he did, although probably in the opposite direction she wanted him to go, because he was headed right for her. Unfortunately, he was trailing a fair distance behind the Jabberwocky.

He felt sick to his stomach when he saw the Rose would not be able to escape the claws of the beast. In the desperate hope that his trusty sonic would not fail him, he used one hand to hold the Kii child and the other to pull the screwdriver out from his jacket pocket and began fiddling with the settings. He was looking for the one that would paralise the flying fiend (and he knew it existed - he and Lewis had used it to escape a whole flock of them the last time he had come to Ehtintxelle III), but he couldn’t remember what it was exactly. He kept trying and trying, and yet nothing was working.

He looked up after his tenth try, and his hearts sank.

ROSE!” He cried in a desperate warning.