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because nothing happened lol so they care about each other like yeah we already knew that but where is the progression in their relationship idk maybe it's because it was spoiled in a way that hyped it up but that ep just wasn't good at all tbh

wow okay i needed to step away from ravioli to respond to this because Yikes.

you know that tweet that said this is clarke’s love letter to lexa? 100% true. if you don’t see the progression in their relationship, you’re not looking in the right places. because progression isn’t one episode clarke holding a knife to lexa’s neck in DESPERATE ANGER and the next making out with her, which i presume is what you wanted to happen. it just doesn’t work that way.

lexa has to earn clarke’s trust back. clarke’s ‘if you betray me again’ isn’t an admission of trust. it’s an admission of ‘i’m doing this because it’s what’s right but i’m terrified you’re going to hurt me again so please don’t’. it wasn’t an admission that clarke had feelings for her at all. and yeah, lexa’s bow assured clarke that lexa does not have the intention to go back on her word. back on her vow. it’s a starting point. like clarke and lexa had to start over at mount weather. it was their history and they can’t erase it but they can choose to continue the narrative and that’s what they’re doing.

this episode was not about grand gestures and admissions of love, though i think that an argument can be made that that’s what we got. from the start, clarke is going above and beyond to ensure that LEXA doesn’t die. and i think here the distinction between heda and lexa is necessary to make because this isn’t clarke caring about the stability of the coalition. this is clarke caring that this girl, this person that she has feelings for, is going to die. she’s willing to strike an alliance with roan, something she was NOT willing to do in the previous episode when vengeance had been top of her list in terms of priority. she was willing to POISON the ice queen so lexa didn’t have to fight roan because clarke didn’t think she could win.

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