otp: bestest friends actually

something I keep forgetting about 8.10 but want to keep reminding myself because it’s actually a really nice thing

is that the whole rescue-mission-of-Samandriel thing happened purely because Castiel asked Dean to help him and Dean immediately acquiesced– he may have hoped he could get a crack at Crowley while they were there (but there was no guarantee of that) and he definitely liked Samandriel enough that he wanted to save him, but basically what it came down to is when Cas came to ask him for help he didn’t even have to ask twice; Dean was up off the couch and onto the computer for research in seconds (though of course not without some good-natured ribbing)

so all of the drama, all of the work making demon bombs and the throwing himself up against the door multiple times, that was all just to save Castiel’s brother because Castiel asked him for help because they’re friends and friends help each other

so nice

radiosingurname  asked:

destiel, please?

who is the big spoon/little spoon

dean is the big spoon because there’s nothing better than knowing cas is there, nothing better than feeling his warmth and being able to kiss his pulse and he knows it’s probably not going to last so. well. goddammit.

what is their favorite non-sexual activity

there’s a lot of them, really. dean loves showing cas movies, loves to show him all the classics he grew up on. cas prefers to watch dean’s face light up at his favorite scenes as he quotes his favorite characters. more often than not, these little movie nights end in soft kisses and gentle whispers but hey, the films are good, too.

they’ve also recently began to take the impala for drives, just the two of them, playing the music loud and not talking as the coast down empty stretches of road. they don’t talk a lot, but really, talking has never been their thing.

who uses all the hot water in the morning

um. well, you see, sam’s been getting on the two of them about this. keeps bitching about how if they’re going to take ridiculously long showers together, they need to do it in the middle of the day or something— sometime when no one else needs the fucking hot water. but c’mon. the water pressure is awesome.

what they order from take out

burgers. always burgers. what the hell did you think?

what is the most trivial thing they fight over

they argue a lot. too much, really, and fuck, dean can’t even remember what starts most of them. little things, little irritations. there’s just so much shit they haven’t talked about, things like crowley and purgatory and naomi and i need you i need you i need you and well.

dean can’t help but feel that it’s gonna snap, one day. he’ll give anything to stop it.

who does most of the cleaning

dean, but that’s not to say that cas is a messy person. dean just- well, it sounds kinda dumb, but he likes cleaning, in a way. cas tries to help, every so often, but dean prefers to do it himself. there’s something about the pride in having a home, he supposes. he’s not complaining.

who leaves their stuff around

cas does. ever since he came to the bunker, he’s picked up a habit of building things, little trinkets out of sticks or pieces of metal. he likes to have something to fiddle with, dean guesses. dean thinks they’re amazing.

who remembers to buy the milk

dean, because dean is the one who does the grocery shopping. 

who remembers anniversaries

they haven’t really been together long enough to have celebrated a real anniversary, if they could call anything that. but a few months back, dean crawled into bed late one night, kissed cas all over, gentle and hesitant, hands framing cas’ jaw. you saved me, he whispers, over and over. you saved me and i never thanked you.

cas pressed his forehead to dean’s and murmured, you never had to