otp: being with you is the only time i've felt peace

hear me

Ota Kisaki x MC
For the first time since meeting her, he can’t help but find the idea of sharing his thoughts comforting. 
Soulmate AU. 

Ota knew he was like a fire cracker. When it came to his own happiness, he’d only have short, temporary bursts of energy. They only lasted for so long, as he’d desperately tried to find something that would light another flame in him.

He truly didn’t want anybody knowing about this. He had a reputation to up hold. Around the public, he was known as the angelic artist. Around his friends, he was known as the fun, mischievous one. As long as he kept his worries to himself, he could hide his lack of emotion secret. 

For that matter, he had hoped to never find a soulmate. While he knew that a soulmate was supposed to accept you for who you were, he despised the idea of allowing somebody to see him so vulnerable. He had a lack of trust in both himself and others. How terrible would it be to open yourself up to someone completely, only for them to degrade you for it? 

Ota knew his logic was unreasonable, considering that person was supposed to be a soulmate, but he couldn’t stop this mindset of his. Paranoia over ruled logic, in this case. 

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