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Bite Marks. Logan/Veronica?

Both Logan’s and Veronica’s most potent weapons have always been words. They’ve mastered them, honing them to perfect sharpness on their teeth before flinging them out with perfect aim. And for a long time now their favoured targets have been each other. After all, a duel is that much more fun when your opponent offers you a challenge. 

Everyone knows about the war that’s waged between them (God help you if you get caught in the crossfire; they are not above causing collateral damage), but those close to them, like Mac and Wallace, have started noticing that it seems to have taken an … odd turn recently. For one there’s the change in tone they’ve adopted. Less disdainful, more warm. The gleam that spoke of possible murderous intent has left their eyes, and been replaced by something … else.

And then there are the marks. They keep them well covered up, but Mac and Wallace are both keen-eyed and they’ve spotted the distinctive purple marks in the instant before Logan turns up his shirt collars or Veronica adjusts her necklines. They know what they are.

They also know Logan and Veronica are unlikely to ever set aside their pride long enough to admit what’s really going on with them.

Which really only leaves them with one option: they’re going to have play the ultimate players. 


Even though you did try to kill me

Kara: spends an entire season putting her neck on the line to defend Lena, looks at her lovingly, does repeated nice things……

Lena: Stares at Kara lovingly, willingly gives up her time to help Kara, tries to save her, sacrifices Jack to save Kara’s life……

People: OMG they’re such good friends. Such a shame they’re destined to be enemies.

James: defends Lena grudgingly once and interacts with her in a professional environment whilst never apologising for believing she’s evil merely because of her last name and claiming she can’t be be trusted because she betrayed her family in a conversation with two people who have betrayed their families in the past.

Lena: Offers a small smile when James defends her but also interacts with James in an entirely professional manner in the same episode she said she’s afraid to hug Kara because it might show favouritism.


the sad thing is i am so so so deeply in love with spencer/caleb and i didn’t even see it coming. i thought it’d be a casual ship like my usual ‘fave x everyone’ shenanigans but this is crazy. they are otp levels of cuteness and tension and i am slowly dying because this is not going to end well. there is no hope for an endgame and i am starting to wish for one