otp: be my robin

Batfamily Twister Escapades

Jason: *stiff as a rod*

Dick: *contorted around Jason*

Damian: *filming*

Barbara: *spins the spinner* Dick, right hand on blue.

Tim: *confused* But-

Barbara: Right hand on blue.

Dick: *slips hand between Jason’s legs*

Jason: *turns pink*

Tim: *whispering* Barbara, it was left hand on red.

Barbara: Shush, otp. *Louder* Jason, right foot on red.

Jason: My foot is already there.


Bruce: *watches the video* Alfred.

Alfred: Yes sir.

Bruce: Have you seen this?

Alfred: Yes sir.

Bruce: What do you think?

Alfred: I believe Ms. Gordon is trying to push Master Jason and Master Richard together.

Bruce: Huh…