otp: be brave and want me back

…I wanted so much to love Brave and there was so much about Brave I loved but I have to be honest, when the film ended and the lights went up, my friends and I turned to each other and we said, “That’s the plot?”

We did not want that to be the plot. How, with such animation, how, with such characters, how, with such flaming red hair, can the mother turn into a -

But I realised later, thinking about it, and yes, willing myself to find a way to love the film - maybe the trailer set us up all wrong, set us up with the wrong expectations. Because maybe the film was never meant to be, as we were hoping, an ass-kicking female-led Lord of the Rings-style fantasy.

Maybe Brave is an ass-kicking female-led Grimm brothers’-style fairy tale.

If it is a fairy tale then it makes absolute sense that the mother would turn into a -

- and OMG I love this movie after all.