otp: baby you are all that i adore

  • Person A: Sorry to disappoint, B, but you do not have a "mean look".
  • Person B: Oh please, I'm sure I have a mean look! I'm sure it makes people quiver in their boots!
  • Person A: If by "people" you mean "adorable baby kittens", then yes. Before they wobble over and lick your face.
  • Person B: *glares daggers at A*
  • Person A: Aw, look at all of the kittens coming over! How adorable!
  • Alex: Sorry to disappoint, Maggie, but you do not have a "mean look".
  • Magnus: Oh please, I'm sure I have a mean look! I'm sure it makes people quiver in their boots!
  • Alex: If by "people" you mean "adorable baby kittens", then yes. Before they wobble over and lick your face.
  • Magnus: *glares daggers at Alex*
  • Alex: Aw, look at all of the kittens coming over! How adorable!
  • Hannibal: Sorry to disappoint, Will, but you do not have a "mean look".
  • Will: Oh please, I'm sure I have a mean look! I'm sure it makes people quiver in their boots!
  • Hannibal: If by "people" you mean "adorable baby puppies", then yes. Before they wobble over and lick your face.
  • Will: *glares daggers at Hannibal*
  • Hannibal: Aw, look at all of the puppies coming over! How adorable!

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Your otp is JoyRi? Good taste. This ship needs more appreciation.

I’ve loved Joyri since Yeri was added in ICC. They all accepted her as a member without “excluding” her or treating Yeri like an outsider, but I feel like Joy went the extra mile. Being the maknae often times makes you more loved, purely for being the “baby.” But she seemed to gladly give that title over to Yeri, adoring her like the other girls do.

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And I think that who you go to when you’re crying (whether from happiness or sadness) really says a lot. You would go to the person you feel comfortable with, right? Well …

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And even the looks they share are so wholesome. Of course, as evil maknaes, they could just be plotting something. But there’s tenderness in those looks, in my opinion, anyway.

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Even how they lean in to each other is so cute!!! I notice mostly Joy doing this, as Yeri seems more reserved when it comes to skinship. While laughing, Joy leans into Yeri or hits her playfully. These are signs of flirting imo or at least a close bond.

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And even their relationship in its entirety is so pure!!! They tease one another (Yeri more so than Joy) but it’s never malicious. More how best friends or lovers would do. An example would be Yeri’s constant smart remarks (too many to list lol) and how Joy went from saying she would not buy Yeri, to calling her pretty like a doll and saying she would buy the Yeri doll.

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I’ll leave the spam here bc I could go on and on. But, yeah, I really love Joyri 💖💞💘


They say before you start a war, you better know what you’re fighting for. Well baby, you are all that I adore, if love is what you need, a soldier I will be. I’m an angel with a shotgun, fighting ‘til the war’s won, I don’t care if heaven won’t take me back. I’ll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe. Don’t you know you’re everything I haveI wanna live, not just survive, tonight.

Alien: covenant REVIEW

**warning there are loads of spoilers for both Prometheus and alien: covenant aka Neomorph**

-first off I paid six dollars to see this
-second holy shit the movie was 97 million dollars and made 124.6 million at the box office. Good job.
-this is ten years after Prometheus for anyone wondering.
-it’s rated r folks for a reason, like sex, cussing, human experimentation, religion, blood, vomiting blood you might wanna get checked out of that happens, intense moments yo.
-also two guys kiss, a brief chaste kiss.
-fuck was used 35 times and used very intensely thanks IMDb
-James Franco you were there for a minute then dead the next. R.I.P
-I liked the computer being called mother, “ mother would you turn the lights out.”
-why on earth would you go to a fucking planet you have no clue about, like you totally deserve the award for stupidest captain of the year.
-Listen to Daniels, she should have said told you so over your dead body. Gasp I totally called your death too.
-more aliens would have been nice….
-David has gone feral and insane
-Neomorph is such a big, mouthful word, why not Neo for short?
-the babies were so fucking adorable, I’m weird okay? Don’t kill them! #savetheNeomorph is a trend as of now.
-David you slick, lying, crazy man I adore you but really dislike you because you may have killed Walter, and I’m sad.
-I totally ship Walter and Daniels like OTP
-cabin by the lake nuff said.
-Walter NOO
-Michael Fassbender you look hot kissing yourself, like wow, that was a big turn for the movie.
-why only two eggs David, you had room to put more.
-how did David get reassembled together, after the engineer rip him apart in Prometheus?
-why did David kill all the engineers when he released the virus? Btw that was for earth to begin with. Like WTF why would you send that fast killing virus in the first place?!
-what’s going to happen to all of David’s proto-xenomorphs that was left on the planet? There are no more alive hosts to keep the Neomorph population booming.
-except there was one left alive….
-what really happened with Elizabeth and David?
-Did she figure out his plan?
-did they fall in love?
-did they have a falling out?
-did he kill her?
-did she agree with making more alien babies? I need to know, btw I ship her and David
-I want to know more about the technology used in the franchise
-why was the engineers going to destroy earth, and with a virus no less
-what the truth about religious in this franchise, that we’re going to die by aliens? Not to believe in God? Idk man.
-was the planet that David was on hiding on a cloaking device?
-what was the original message that brought them to the planet.
-Elizabeth was singing to herself like she sometimes did, but she( if you noticed) seemed like it was a message that seemed urgent.
-also if you noticed why was it sent so narrowly, hard-to-receive, badly damaged song from John Denver ?
-why does David save the crew in the end along with two thousand settlers? Breeding? Eating purposes for his Neomorph?
-what happened to Walter? #wherewalter #waltersnotdead #irefuse David said he had to make a choice, Walter was winning, David had a knife and that was the end of the clip.
-But what the fuck happened? It’s killing me not knowing.
-In the rule of horror movies, if there’s no body to be found it doesn’t mean the character(s) are dead, so here’s the conclusions I’ve came up with;
-did Walter agree to David’s plan and stay on the planet to continue David’s work?
- Did David just cut off his hand and run to the ship before Walter could get up?
-does this mean Walter will be seen in future alien movies in the franchise?
-does this mean Walter can get his own movie “the revenge of Walter vs David”
-overall it was an enjoyable popcorn horror movie not the best nor the worst but okay. I would watch it again.

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🌹 💓

From Controversial Shipping Asks!

  • Ship that you have as an OTP: 🌹

Amedot all day, baby. They have amazing chemistry. I love their friendship, and I love seeing Peridot giving Amethyst some much-deserved admiration.

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  • 💓  

… I don’t see this on the list actually. Did you mean  💖?   (Ship that needs more love)

I’m going to say GregRose because it’s super romantic and adorable, but I don’t see a lot of art for it. Not lately, anyway.

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God,, the goshihina tag hasnt been uploaded in ages and its my biggest haikyuu OTP.... i just need more good art or a good fic or something cuz im dying here i love my two baby birds so much

gosh anon i know what you mean! goshihina is adorable and i’ve pretty much exhausted what’s on tumblr already so have some head-canons to tide you over! (have you read all the fics on ao3 already lol)

  • goshiki has a massive praise kink and he secretly loves it when hinata does his sparkly ‘gwahhh’ thing
  • hinata is more jealous than goshiki, surprisingly (or is it), and he will kiss goshiki to prove his point
  • hinata sometimes practices with goshiki at shiratorizawa and vice versa
  • at first, karasuno wasn’t sure about the relationship, since goshiki was gunning for the shiratori-ace title, but they have accepted him into their nest
  • the eagle and crow motif is not lost on either of them
  • goshiki’s fave types of kisses are sloppy ones and hinata is always eager to indulge ԅ(¯﹃¯ԅ)
  • hinata is a hug monster and he fits so well in goshiki’s arms
  • hinata 100% asked goshiki out first
  • goshiki makes flower crowns for hinata and natsu the first time he meet hinata’s family. hinata did not cry

Watching Liberty Kids and sortof sobbing. Henri lost his parents and grew up as a slave boy for a mean ship captain. Moses was a slave too. James lost his parents in a house fire. Sarah lost her locket, and her father has been missing for a year.

And James just used his dead mother’s wedding ring to replace Sarah’s lost locket. That is just. ADORABLE. MY BABIES. OH. PLEASE JUST GET MARRIED.

marauder's era things- part 1 💘

what would have happened if jily never died and there was never a voldemort ok:

•lily opens up a bookshop in the hogsmede town square that has a cafe joined on on one side that Alice runs. they also expand on the other side and open a little vinyl record store with it and their biggest customer is Sirius bc the little goofball is obsessed w/ muggle stuff. they call it “lily and Alice’s bookshop, vinyls and tea rooms” and it’s vintage af

•they need extra help bc business is booming and they hire remus bc he’s looking for a job and wherever Remus goes so does sirius so he’s unofficially hired but refuses to accept any pay bc LILY IM RICH AF I DONT NEED IT

•james and lily get married and live in one of the attic rooms above the shop and obvs wolfstar HAVE to move in too so they take another one of the attic rooms and the final room is where Alice and frank live ayyy

•the second floor is where their living space is but of course that’s also covered in books in random af places like REMUS WHY DO YOU HAVE BOOKS IN THE FRIDGE

•in the back of the shop is where their kitchen and offices are so they sit in there and drink tea w/ their regulars

•lily and Alice make friends w/ the girl who runs the tattoo parlour across the square called marlene and Peter, who constantly visits their book store, develops a teeny weeny crush on her and lily and Alice make it their mission to set them both up

•lily becomes pregnant so she and James buy the house directly behind the shop which is an adorable old cottage with a huge garden and plenty of spare bedrooms for all the children James plans to have lmao

•lily gives birth to Harry and sirius legit sobs so hard when he first sees the baby and remus is like what a goofball I fell in love with and outs wolfstar to them all and James collapses bc it’s too much to handle A NEW CHILD AND MY OTP IS CANON AF LILY WHAT DO YOU EXPECT

•jily are like the best parents ever and Sirius and Remus spoil him so bad ngl but Lily’s just so happy that she has these turnips she’s ok w/ it

•a florists opens across the street and lily quickly makes friends with the owner, molly weasley, who has loads of kids who Harry makes friends with immediately

•lily sees that remus and sirius are sad that they can’t get married like her and James, no matter how much they protest so as a surprise on their anniversary she and James hold an unofficial wedding party in the courtyard behind the shop and invite everyone from all the shops nearby and it’s legit so beautiful everyone is in tears, especially at James’ best man speech and omg the tears are real

•the people that run the dentist round the corner come along and they have a daughter called hermoine and Harry and Ron become best friends with her instantly, mainly bc ron is torn between being terrified of her and thinking she’s pretty (foetus golden trio OMFG)

•jily decide to have another baby but they find out they’re having twins and they break the news to Sirius he starts hyperventilating bc JAMES IM NOT READY FOR THIS COMMITMENT OK

•they end up having twin boys called Noah and Harvey who are literally Harry’s favourite people in the whole world and he plays w/ them constantly bc he’s scared that if they get bored they’ll pop back inside Lily’s stomach

•the twins just toddle round the shop and are literally so adorable but so mischievous like they are constantly stealing food from the cafe but nobody complains bc they’re completely gorgeous 💘

•harry, ron, hermoine and neville (alice and frank’s son) all begin hogwarts and get special permission to come back every weekend for Sunday dinner in the back of the shop and ron and hermoine’s families all come over too and it’s so cute like what

If you guys want a part two for this little series then pls tell me bc this was so fun to do 💘 sorry it was all over the place but I’m tired af so it was sort of whatever but meh 🚀

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Hi, sorry if I'm sending you so many messages but the idea I had for a imagine was for all four of the guys and I was when one of the boys is your boyfriend and you guys hang out with your friends and even though he's met them, he's still kind of shy around them and your friends tease you guys about it if that makes any sense. I don't mind waiting so it's fine

I decided to make it about Connor as I’ve been getting requests for the other boys recently :) And Connor’s a shy little butterfly so ^.^

Connor imagine, your friends tease you two;

You and your friends have hung out with the boys as a group a few times, but since Connor is shy, he’s always quiet around them. Today, you are all hanging out at your house. “So Y/N… How’re things going with you and Connor?” One of your friends asks nosily. You smile a little and say, “Great, right Con?” He looks at you and nods a little. “Cat got your tongue Connor?” Y/F/N asks, smirking. “What? I uh… Yeah….” He mumbles quietly. The boys all snicker at him, making him blush. “Aw guys, leave Con alone…” You sympathize, holding Connor’s hand gently. “We’re just teasing him because we love him so much” James smirks, pinching Connor’s cheek. “James” You warm, giving him a glare. He chuckles and puts his hands up. “It’s just so cute how you two are so shy and reserved about your relationship” Your friend shrugs her shoulders as she says that. You sigh softly and lean against Connor’s shoulder. He smiles, wrapping an arm around your waist. “Awww” Everyone coos in unison. You and Connor both blush, making everyone laugh. “Look at our little Con. He’s all grown up” Tristan says, pretending to wipe a tear away. “Shut up…” Connor mumbles. “You guys are my OTP” Y/F/N giggles. “Thanks…?” You say, cracking a small smile. “Y/N and Connor forever” Brad adds. “Guys stooop….” Connor whines. “Aw but you two are just so adorable” Tristan uses a baby voice, earning a glare from Connor. “You guys suck” You grumble. “You love us” Y/F/N declares. You scoff playfully and roll your eyes. “Not as much as I love Connor” You reply. Connor grins and presses his lips to yours. You kiss back and for once your friends all shut up. They don’t tease you, they don’t joke around. Because they know you and Connor both truly love each other, and that you always will. 

Wow that ending sucked omf I’m so sorry

S'more Otayurio
  • Otabek: Sorry to disappoint, Yuri, but you do not have a "mean look".
  • Yurio: Oh please, I have a mean look! It makes people quiver in their boots!
  • Otabek: If by "people" you mean "adorable baby kittens", then yes. Before they wobble over and lick your face.
  • Yurio: *glares daggers at Otabek*
  • Otabek: Aw, look at all of the kittens coming over! How adorable!
  • Rose: oh my god please die. Please just leave already I detest you so badly. Yes she's gone. DEAR LORD WHY IS SHE BACK MOVE ON RUSSELL
  • Martha: I like you more than rose but that's not an achievement because it's really not hard.
  • Donna: now I like you! Please stay forever- ily, ily so much. Oi! Don't rip me to pieces by giving Donna an awfully painful leaving arc.
  • Amy: you're so adorably Scottish and ridiculously fashionable and beautiful I'm torn between liking you greatly, wanting to be you and thinking you're just a little too perfect
  • Rory: transitioned from 'I'm sorry who? Please leave I don't like you at all' to 'OTP: TWO THOUSAND YEARS, TOGETHER OR NOT AT ALL'
  • River: oh my life my baby I only want good things for you my favourite ever anyone who says you're not a companion will feel my wrath, river/11 is so otp it hurts me. 'I was just on my way to a gay, gypsy bat mitzvah for the disabled when I though, hmm the third reich is a bit rubbish, let's go kill the fuhrer'
  • Clara: moved seamlessly from 'hmm interesting' to 'oh my god bad writing has ruined you, literally no character anymore' and finally settled at 'my precious child you need protecting you will not leave and also canonically bisexual I will fight you'

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okay i can see myself maybe losing followers here bc haikyuu!! ships and free! ships don’t always match up in my experience BUT here goes:

(just wanna let you know now if you do want to unfollow me i won’t be offended and i still think you’re awesome. you keep shipping your things!)

the otps:

  • MAKOHARU (oh god, i don’t even have the words. the otp to potentially top all of my other otps. they’re my lifeblood and everything i need. seriously i am makoharu trash.)
  • reigisa (because, duh)
  • soumomo (quite a rarepair i’ve found, but i do not care. i love this pair)
  • seigou (bc there has to be one straight couple, right? nah jokes aside this ship is honestly adorable as fuck.)

also a lowkey shipper of miho and sasabe

right, i’ll momentarily interlude to mention the brotps:

  • nagisa and nitori oh my god
  • sourin
  • soumako
  • rinrei
  • haruka and momo (see: this fic)
  • makorin
  • momotori
  • nagisa and momo

yeah, so, the notps:

  • souharu
  • nagisa and haruka???
  • nagisa and makoto?!?!
  • soutori 
  • rin and gou omg
  • sougou too
  • again, pretty much shipping anyone from the otp list with someone else

sorry if i don’t match up with some of you guys who followed me after the haikyuu!! post now, but i have to be honest. also, if anyone wants to know why i’m so strongly pro-makoharu and anti-rinharu, please see this post i made a while back explaining it in detail.

thank you for the question!

Holland Roden- the cutie

But Holland Roden! Really! The way she messed things up was just soo soooo damn cute! Like she was genuinely confused when they interrupted her and then when she FINALLY realized they were talking about arK and not arT!! That was just the golden moment right there! And should I even mention how Dylan hugged Hol when she messed up? How he couldn’t stop his laughter? And then when she was like, “I thought you said ark and all”, did you see how he tucked his face under his t shirt and was just laughing giddily? He acted honestly embarrassed for her but couldn’t stop from laughing because BECAUSE MY WIFE IS SO CUTE.! SHE DOES THIS ALL THE TIME!!! SHE’S SO ADORABLE! WHY AM I SO MUCH IN LOVE WITH SUCH A GOOF?!

Gifs belongs to this amazing sweetheart who managed to gif the two parts that would be cherished for the rest of humanity (maywemeet)