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Gun Play

My first fanfic challenge: Emotion, Under 300 words! for @sofreddie and her 300 followers! Woo! 

Emotion: awestruck - basically the emotional process of dread, wonder, reverence, then respect (gif is not mine!)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam (only mentioned)

Word Count: Exactly 300! What a challenge! Haha

Warnings: Guns, drinking beers…? 


“Okay 3, 2, 1!”

As Sam counted down, you pulled your switchblade from your boot and started to twirl it, causing Dean to get slightly distracted at the intricate flail of the blade and handles, when you grabbed the can and punctured the beer with it, the loud ‘sscchh’ of the carbonation escaping brought Dean back into the race and he popped the can with the impala keys. 

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I’m awestruck (Personal rambling)

So, it’s lunch break time at Sports Day. The little ones have just finished, the bigger ones are starting at 1.

Um, I had planned what I wanted to say, but now I’m home I’ve forgotten everything lol. 

My little guy did AMAZING! He didn’t fall over, he didn’t cry, he was cheering everyone on no matter what the activity was (jumping, throwing, hurdles)… That in itself is a huge deal for him because of his Autism. 

When it came to the actual flat running races, I’ll admit, I got VERY emotional. 

When it was my little guys time to race, EVERY kid that was on the field stopped what they were doing and cheered for him. It didn’t matter if they were in a different class, a different year, a different team, every single kid on that field was cheering on my little nervous 5-year-old. Ugh, I’m crying again just thinking about it. He didn’t win, but it didn’t matter, not even to him. He walked off that field feeling like the biggest winner of all. He was still grinning when I left him.

The kids didn’t have to do that for him. Nobody told them to. They all just did it. It blows my mind. They’ve all seen the struggles he’s had. A lot of them have siblings who know my daughter and even my oldest son, so they know all about my little dude. 

People often ask me, because of the health issues my little one had before he started school, why did I insist he went to a mainstream school instead of a special needs school? 

The last half an hour on that school field is why. Nobody at that school is different, or weird, or strange, they’re just… them. My little guy isn’t just the kid who walks a little funny, or waves his arms when he’s happy, or curls up away from everyone when he’s sad… To every single kid in that school, he’s just Jack.

Anyway, I’ve rambled on enough. Time for a coffee and a sandwich then back over to watch my daughter this afternoon.

(Oh yeah and my son’s team is in the lead so far for the day, which that cheeky monkey is taking full credit for lol)

An online friend (who’s not very active) had a dream a couple weeks ago about me but only recently remembered to tell me. I was dressed in the red and white 한복 with a white conical hat (a popular costume for a monk spirit) doing a ceremony for her.

It was really touching and fascinating given the timing since:
- It’s really hitting me now that my initiation is going to be this year. I’m a little more than half toward the goal.
- The dream featured me in the role of a particular spirit in a 굿

The only other dream I personally had of me performing a 굿 was where I was wearing the costume for 선녀, a sort of fairy goddess.


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A golem observes the dying body of it’s creator and feels nothing, as it is an automaton crafted of finely sculpted marble. The Creator finally dies and the golem activates, beginning a complicated funeral rite. The actions are performed mechanically, flawlessly.

The golem’s final programming message is “decide.” The eldritch energy animating the beast recoils – it must comply, but how?

The asking of the question generates the ability to answer, and the golem chooses the ability to live.

With a newly formed comprehension and sentience, the golem gazes into the night sky. It is struck by the immensity of time and space. The rock-creature emits a sound of sublime pleasure and begins it’s journey into the world.


Jason Silva on the advantage of being awestruck. Terrific. Enjoy.