otp: awesome sauce

Dammit Saikou No Rikon.

You might have taken your sweet time coming up with subs for episode 4 but by all that is holy, you’ve made my wait oh so worth it.

This scene?

I’d write it down word for word as i think you just produced the most realistic but most touching rant of all time in any asian drama.

Yuka: I just wanted to… Wanted to have a normal family.

Hamasaki: What’s a normal family?

Yuka: The person who you think of first. The people you think of first are your family. I got married because i thought “Oh, i love this man” , I never really said it before but i don’t fall in love easily.

But back then, i was feeling that way all the time.

Before i’d just think about colleagues that i’m close with, where i’d find cheap and yummy food and where i’d go abroad.

But then i met you Hamasaki San during the earthquake and we became close. 

At first i thought it was just a misunderstanding on my part. I thought we were just together because we were scared but then i started thinking “Huh? Why? Why am i always thinking about Hamasaki Mitsuo?”

When i was drinking with closest friends and even if nothing is happening i couldn’t stay cool. When i made food for myself, i keep on thinking how it was such a waste that i couldn’t share it with you. When i start laughing at the television late at night all of those things together… would bring your face up in my head…


And then i’d say “Ahhh… it would have been so much better if he was here with me”. The periods when we met, are together and were apart all mushed together. Even i found myself clingy and disgusting sometimes.  I realized “Now, there is no doubt. When i think about it, i’m really head over heels.  I like him. So this is how it feels to like somebody”.

But it’s different from love.

I keep telling myself not to get the wrong idea.

Falling in love can alter your path in life. I told myself not to go down the wrong path.

I mean, i knew that our personalities were different, we’d fight over every little thing.

I thought… “No, no, no… he’s just an interesting person. He’s just very serious and straightforward. Slowly, i began thinking of our life together as a set. I thought as time passes, we’d be more couple-like.

Well… it never really happened.

I thought things would change if we had kids.

Then i told you about it, you immediately said ” I don’t need kids".

I knew it.

I knew it.

“Ahhh… this man needs to be alone. He doesn’t want anyone to get in  the way of his freedom”.

Well then, when? When will he ever think about starting a family? When will he be ever able to care for a family?

Two years into the marriage and those thoughts keep popping up.

When there is an accident in the Yamate Line, i immediately think… “is he ok?” When i hear about a customer who’s hospitalized, i immediately think “I have to take him for a check up”.  I fantasize about cuddling under a kotatsu with you. When i see a small child, i dream about having our own child here at home. Even now those things haven’t changed. When something fun happens you are the first person who pops into my head. That’s why — off late — when i go out—

Hamasaki: Let’s have kids.  We can get married again, obachan will be happy.


Yuka: What the hell is that? What could you be thinking about to bring that up now? I’ve noticed this a long time ago. I know it all along. You don’t like me.  The only person you like is yourself.


I swear i cried a river of tears.


The way that she was just saying all these things that she’s kept bottled up inside her  while she was just casually cleaning up the food that she threw that she also brought home for him while he sits there stoic and slowly drowning in the realization of how much she’s SELFLESSLY loved him all along ….Man, that was hardcore.

It only succeeded in making me cry some more.

Brilliant acting by Ono Machiko.




Andy Dwyer: Codenames: Mine is “Eagle 1.” Ann is “Been there, done that”. April is “Currently doing that.” Donna is “It happened once in a dream.” Chris is “If I had to pick a dude.” Ben is “Eagle 2.”
Ben Wyatt: Oh, thank God.

Ann Perkins: Seniors can get pretty ornery.
Andy Dwyer: I think that’s pronounced horny.

Andy Dwyer: That high five was your birthday present. Just kidding, hahaha, that wasn’t it. I got you something else. I wrote you a song.
April Ludgate: Really? What’s it called?
Andy Dwyer: Not telling, but I’ll give you a clue. It’s named after a month out of the year.
April Ludgate: So, April?
Andy Dwyer: No… that would have been way better.

Andy Dwyer: [at the Grand Canyon] Where are the faces… of the Presidents?

April Ludgate: Hey. I love you.
Andy Dwyer: Dude, seriously? That is awesome sauce!

Andy Dwyer: [Leslie is sick] Leslie, I typed your symptoms into the thing up here and it says you could have network connectivity problems.

Andy Dwyer: I’ve got the greatest wife in the world! We’re married!
April Ludgate: Stop.
Andy Dwyer: We’re totally gonna do it later.
April Ludgate: Gosh!

Ann Perkins: I don’t know, at least he finally has a real job. When we were dating, the only job he had was sending audition tapes to Survivor and Deal or no Deal.
Andy Dwyer: [Andy is shirtless with a headband, talking to a Camcorder] Hi, my name is Andy Dwyer, and I would be a perfect contestant for Deal or no Deal!
[Andy rips guts out of a dead fish]

Andy Dwyer: Look, Hogwarts.
Ben Wyatt: No, that’s Buckingham Palace. Hogwarts is fictional. You do know that, don’t you? It’s important to me that you know that.

Leslie Knope: Oh, hey Shauna.
Shauna Malwae-Tweep: Hi Leslie.
Leslie Knope: Hi! Andy, you remember Shauna Malwae-Tweep, from the Pawnee Journal?
Andy Dwyer: How could I forget!
[They shake hands]
Andy Dwyer: You wrote the article when I fell in the pit, and then afterwards had sex with Mark, and everyone talked about it.

Andy Dwyer: I’m allergic to sushi. Every time I eat more than 80 sushis, I barf.


How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

“my theory on the zombie attacks is that the dead just got pissed off at The Motto and they’re like YOLO THIS