otp: auggie and annie


I really need a hug. I seriously feel like after a big break up. I just want someone to come and gimme a pat on the back saying “There, there, they’ll be back together by the end of the season. And it’s gonna be epic. You didn’t really think we spent all this time & energy only to realize in the end Annie & Auggie were just two ships in the night, right?”


2x07 still is my favorite Covert Affairs episode. Not only because Annie finally realizes she’s in love with Auggie, but also because of all the symbolism.

Auggie finally lets go of his car after the doctor tells him he’s not a suitable candidate even for the experimental therapies. 

So he’s not only letting go of the Vette; it’s pretty much the moment when he gives up the idea of ever seeing again.

It’s so beautiful it’s almost poetic.


Annie’s entire body language and facial expressions just scream ‘THIS IS FINALLY HAPPENING!’ She gets from realizing what he’s trying to say to that special mix of exhilaration and sadness (the sadness part maybe coming from her remembering how she had thought they’ll never get 'here’).