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Is it a spoiler if i ask why the interlude is called "rewrite"? Or will that be clear once the story progresses a bit more? Or is it because you're kind of expanding upon/rewriting the tape from the canon Undertale?

It’s not really a spoiler per say, but I think you’ll be able to solve it on your own. One page of the interlude remains.

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AU for your soulmates AU: what if Sanvers realized the moment they met (ex. at the airport something happens and the soulbound resonates and it's obvious they're soulmates)? What would change in their interactions, how would they get to know each other? Would Maggie be more scared or excited? How long would it take for Alex to go from gay panic to Love Steamroller™?

What a great question.

I want to answer this after the maggie fic is fully published, but I don’t want you to think I’m ignoring you.

Please, whoever you are, SUBMIT THIS ASK AGAIN WHEN THE MAGGIE FIC IS FULLY PUBLISHED. I really want to answer it but I need to make sure I’m not accidentally spoiling anything or saying anything that doesn’t make sense with where we are in her story right now.

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Where did u get that cheek blush effect i cant find it>>.<< can u help me please?

In Photoshop? If so, open up your desired picutre.

I´ll use this one

Now, add a new layer to the photo.

It should look like this now!

Select the Brush Tool or press B on the hotkey ;)

Change the size of the Brush accordingly to the size of your picture and use a soft brush.

I´ll use the color #ffabd8. You can use the color you like.

It should look like this now.

Not really pretty right!?! 

Go to Filter >> Blur >> Box Blur 

Change the pixels to your like and save the pic!! have fun;) 

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Do you think the moment when magnus holds alec by his shoulder and he looks quite serious will be before or after the making out session? *****-******

I think that will be the moment when it finally dawns on Magnus that he better stops this before it will definitely lead too far tbh.

I mean this is all very new for Alec and I am also guessing that Magnus, even if he really enjoyed it, is scared that it is too soon after all. Besides, Magnus also did close himself off for over a century, so I am very sure that it’s not just because he is scared and wants to treat Alec carefully and tender—but also because he really wants to make this relationship work and not rush anything. Or that Alec might regret it later (or felt obliged to do it), so Magnus ends the heavy kissing before they are both too far gone. Hence, Alec’s quite serious face when Magnus explain him his very reason for the interruption.

1500 followers OTP Questions.

Well I can’t believe it but I have hit 1500 followers. thank you to everyone who has supported my writing in one way or another. I appreciate each and very one of you and am so grateful to be part of this wonderful fandom.

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(I have been waiting for an opportunity to use that gif for so long)

To celebrate I have below another OTP questions list from the wonderful @the-moon-dust-writings seriously her OTP questions and prompts are amazing and if you are ever stuck for an idea I suggest you head on over and take a look.

Send me an ask with a number and I will attempt to write a short drabble based on the prompt (although sometimes I do get a little carried away and it turns into more.) Past OTP question fills can be found on my master list at the top of my blog.

1.  Who in your otp had the Emo phase in high school?
2. Who loves breakfast foods?
3.  Who washes the dishes while the other dries?
4.  Who likes to drive?
5.  Who is more organized?
6.  Who likes to go outside and who is the hermit?
7.  Who gets super excited about everything?
8.  Who likes to eat spicy food?
9.  Who is the one who kills the bugs?

10.  Who loves to cook?
11.  Who is the one who gets the other to try new things?
12.  Who likes PDA more?
13.  Who would go and do something stupid for 20.00$?
 14. Who is the one who eats too much?
15.  Who is the one who lies awake at night if they don’t have the other’s arms around them?
16.  Who would be the one to cry at their wedding?
17.  Who buys all the parenting books?
18.  Who is the one that tries to cook but can’t?
19.  Who would cheer on the other in an act of stupidity?“
20.  Who would get the tattoo of their lover’s name?”
21.  Who would wear the other’s clothes in public?
22.  Who is the caring one who would do anything for you in an instant?
23.  Who constantly laughs at themselves?
24.  Who brings home a stray dog and begs the other to keep it?
25.  Who proposes?
26.  Who takes forever in the bathroom?
27. Who bounces their leg up and down constantly?
28.  Who is the one who doesn’t study and aces their exams?
29.  Who is the one who can’t stop laughing when they are tired?

Don’t request the same thing to a bunch of people at once, geez, people.

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First thing they surprised us with was Jace/random girl in bed. Then Climon's [endless] scenes which made me disgusted(and you know why). now as the new promo dropped hints at us, we're going to see Climon in bed as well.. when we didnt even get to see malec's proper kiss. Every. Freaking. Time. They barely put their hands on each others waists. They haven't kissed like in the first season since the second one started. I'm exchaused from these shy, lips-barely-touching kisses. So disrespectful.

I dunno how to explain this, pumpkin, but I am kinda chill? Like… let me get this straight: Of course the whole Climon thing and how the promotion team tries to desperately shove that couple in our faces? I mean… do they actually know their audience??? Because 99,9% of the fandom does not want this. AT ALL. I do get that once they started to go down that road they need to finish it but can they just stop acting like this is a fandom fave and we all want it? No, thank you very much.

And that aside, we all wouldn’t be so annoyed with this couple (it’s super boring and I personally feel uncomfortable watching their scenes like..duh…Clary and Simon are brother and sister, bye!; it also adds to the fact that apparently a girl and a boy can’t be just friends for once) if they just stopped showing us all these intimate scenes but on the other hand neglect their canon interracial lgbt+ couple. That’s the problem and why so many fans are just simply annoyed. Same with Jace and that random sex scene in 2x07. (Again, 2x07 was a mess from start to end, but yeah….)

That being said, I am actually fine with them not showing much of Malec. Maybe they learned to not spill everything. Or give away the only scene of Malec in the first ep. Sorry, I am a bit salty again, I apologize. 

Anyway, right now, as I said, I am chill. I somehow hope they have all learned from their mistakes, at least from 2x14 (?) on. Plus, this was a first teaser. That lasted for about 10 seconds. That’s what? 1/10000 of the whole season 2b? Then again, it had that 0.3 second long Malec kiss and I am sorry… that was so soft and tender and showed so much love like Climon never could and will. There’s that. 

What I am trying to say. As much as Climon and the pr attempts at trying to make this so cute and awesome and a fandom fave annoy me, there is always Malec. And I take every soft kiss and hand holding, face touching, forehead kiss or just them being domestic af over half-naked Climon who really give me nothing. At all. Besides, who knows what else they have in store for Malec? If they are again trying to sideline them, fandom will tell them. And not in a nice way, I assure you. But until then, let’s wait and see. ;)

It’s official - damn, it hit me hard again.

I was not even able to form a coherent sentence. The moment I glanced at them I fell down that rabbit hole. And my sweet friend @summernightdream70 has prefigured that once I’m in that deep hole there’s no escape ever. Who the fuck wants to get out anyway?

My new ship - Jesus, these guys drive me nuts.

(Only a stupid fangirl has such an idea to announce her new love, her new ship. Right?) ‘The Walking Dead’ is pure passion and I’m so addicted. No way to go slow, my eyes are bloodshot from staring at the screen watching episode after episode. 

My heart is big enough for another OTP. Marvey and McDanno are forever embedded in my love. No worries there. But for sure I will reblog some Rickyl or Leeuds stuff. (Who do I fool here…some? Seriously?) Okay, I guess I will reblog a lot.

Just wanted  to let you know in case someone wants to escape and leave my blog.

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Yesterday after the game, Jonathan called Kaner baby. It was right after they won and the camera was on Toews. I was wondering if you could make a gif of that? Thank you((:

hi! thanks for the ask and yes, more than happy to gif it :) here you go!

External image

External image

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deanbenny, obv! hey marlz!

hey cloud! <3

alright guys get ready for a hELL OF A RIDE LET’S GO

who’s the cuddler: they both love cuddling okay, especially in the early morning when they’re still sleep-drunk and warm and cozy and they get tangled in the sheets and in each other, with their legs woven together adn they just breathe in each other’s scent. (dean is mostly the one who initiates it in any other situation, though)

who makes the bed: dean is super sloppy, benny is always cleaning up after him. he makes the bed every morning and he always smells dean’s pillow when he does bc it smells so like dean

who wakes up first: dean is awake very early but he’s never really there yet. he’s far from being a morning person so he always just lies awake with his eyes closed and presses closer to benny so he’s listening to his heartbeat and he’s just content to lie like that for hours

who has the weird taste in music: benny listens to music from the time he was still alive & human and dean thinks it’s a little weird bc it sounds nothing like the stuff he listens to and he never quite grows to like it but he does love the peaceful, happy expression it gives benny so he really doesn’t mind at all

who is more protective: they’re both a little overprotective bc they both have a knack for trouble and it does get a little annoying sometimes but they both know it’s just bc they love each other and it saves their lives more than once, so. neither of them are really complaining

who sings in the shower: benny likes to sing cliché country songs in the shower so loudly it can be heard all the way down in the basement. dean just likes lying on their bed when he does, in the room next to the bathroom so he hears benny’s whisky drawl singing very clearly and he just closes his eyes and listens

who cries during movies: benny is super Not Prepared for all that emotional shit (when did movies get this good???? he doesn’t know) but there’s always a quiet sniffle from him and obv it gets him a lot of cuddles

who spends the most while out shopping: benny just likes expensive clothes okay, it’s not his fault he has good taste! at least he doesn’t just own 23482543 flannels and wear the same jeans every day

who kisses more roughly: benny looks a lil ruff but he’s actually v soft. dean’s the one that’s hungry for touch and in his desperation he tends to get a little handsy, a little rougher than he really means to be but benny doesn’t mind. he quite likes it, in fact, when dean grabs his face in his hands and crashes their lips together like his life depends on it

who is more dominate: benny but he’s like a soft dom. lots of kisses and gentle touches and teasing and spooning afterwards. benny is the big spoon ofc

gets jealous the most: dean gets jealous really easily and it can be a bit annoying but benny mostly just finds it amusing. he tries to make him jealous sometimes, just to see dean’s face turn a pretty shade of read when he stands a little too close to another man, or to see the fire in his eyes as he strides over and kisses benny obscenely in front of said other man

one headcanon I have: there’s just too many??? but one of my faves is woke dad!deanbenny that @lafitte came up with i’m still NOT OVER IT

nicknames: benny calling dean ‘cher’ is all i live for

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 429352958350349

send me a ship

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I like malec with there two sons better than Madzie with them it was better timing and they seem to have more of a connection with them

Better timing??? Uhm… They barely got back together in book 6, barely resolved their issues but already ended up with a warlock baby and soon after a young shadowhunter while Alec was what? Barely 20 or so?

Like, I have serious problems with Malec having kids because of that mortality/immortality issue, and I still don’t get why CC didn’t give them a girl because Magnus would lose himself with dressing her up f.e. but exactly did they have a better connection with the boys than with Madzie? They adopted Max when Simon found him, they took Rafe in because he had no one, too, but with Madzie they at least communicated, She saved Alec and she trusted Magnus and Alec because they were nice. If that is not a connection I dunno what is.

forensicalchemist  asked:

Alchitar and Allenbert


Who asks the other on dates: Neither, they don’t date, they fuck. Oh yeah.
Who is the bigger cuddler: Alchemy, he loves to be near of his SpeedGod.
Who initiates holding hands more often: Neither, they don’t like, unless they were fucking and Savitar took Alchemy’s hands into his. 
Who remembers anniversaries: Alchemy, he’s Savitar secretary
Who is more possessive: Savitar, Alchemy is his. All his. Back off Barry, you don’t get Julian’s back.
Who gets more jealous: Alchemy, back off Iris, Frost, Patty, etc, etc.
Who is more protective: Savitar, no one touches his Alchemy, no one. 
Who is more likely to cheat: Neither, they are aithful to each other. 
Who initiates sexy times the most: Both, wow, it’s hot in here, right?
Who dislikes PDA the most: Both, it’s bad for business.
Who kills the spider: Neither, spider and lairs come together. 
Who asks the the other to marry them: Marriage is not in the agenda. 
Who buys the other flowers or gifts: Neither, they are bad guys.
Who would bring up possibly having kids: Alchemy, he kind of likes kids.
Who is more nervous to meet the parents: Parents? what’s that?
Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: does not apply to them.
Who tries to make up first after arguments: does not apply to them. 
Who tells the other they love them more often: Alchemy usually said it more. 


Who asks the other on dates: Barry, he’s the dorky one, and the one who’s more open in their relationship.
Who is the bigger cuddler: Barry, he loves hold, hug and be near of Julian, even when the other doesn’t like it. -come on Allen, let go off me- -nope-
Who initiates holding hands more often: Barry, he just like to show off Julian to everyone. Damn Barry!
Who remembers anniversaries: Julian, because he’s the organize one. 
Who is more possessive: Julian, especially after Emma die. 
Who gets more jealous: Julian, back off Iris! 
Who is more protective: Barry, back off Savitar!!! You don’t get Alchemy’s back.
Who is more likely to cheat: sadly Barry, especially if Iris came on in the picture. 
Who initiates sexy times the most: Julian, he loves to tease Barry, until the other man is begging him.
Who dislikes PDA the most: Julian -let go Allen!!!-
Who kills the spider: Neither, both understand the the spider in not the one to blame, so Barry only flashed away. 
Who asks the the other to marry them: Surprisingly is Julian, just because he can’t wait to scream the world that Barry is his. 
Who buys the other flowers or gifts: Barry, he likes to pamper Julian.
Who would bring up possibly having kids: Barry and Julian agrees.
Who is more nervous to meet the parents: Barry, because Julian already knowns Joe and Barry thinks that Julian’s parents are like the Malfoy’s and suddenly he feels like Harry Potter and damn, too much Harry Potter for this week Barry!!!
Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: Julian, but Barry hates it.
Who tries to make up first after arguments: Barry, he didn’t like to be angry with Julian and the other way around. 
Who tells the other they love them more often: Barry awww, always the dorky one. 


Favourite Leon relationships ⇢ Leon/Ashley;

“Just hang in there, Ashley, I’m coming for you.”