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first point is so legit it hurts. arya will only have one scene in wf that doesnt include s/ansa. the one with the guards….where the entire convo is about her. im gonna sue 

this is truly our worst nightmare coming true isn’t it

ashara replied to your post “what do you think of the new episode?”

the way they’re ruining arya breaks my heart… i’m not sure i can even keep hate-watching at this point.

i know :/ the only reason i’m still watching is because it’s almost over, just a little effort and then we’ll be free

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top 5 got characters who are Totally Still Alive and Not Dead At All

anna u know me

  2. robb bc hes a wolf/human minotaur now it is known
  3. oberyn martell. hes a viper those are snakes which are reptiles and some of them regrow their whatevers so he regrew his head and went off to someplace in essos because he wants to plan his revenge on gregory in fucking peace. i also made this up right now but he’s not dead anyway not accepted
  4. bran starks personality!!! we will not give it up
  5. gendry. idk if he even was at the wall but if he was and they tryna tell me he is dead in 2019 thats my answer: NO.

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🍁🌹 congrats babe!!

aaah thank you, anna! xoxo

🍁 detailed blograte

url: 10/10

icon: 9.5/10

mobile: 9.5/10

theme: 9.5/10

posts: 10/10

updates tab:9 /10

overall: 9.5/10

comment: im in love with your blog?? like, it’s so pretty and your edits are always on point. every time i see one of your edits i go ‘how???’

following: not yet, sorry! / now / yes / you’re the lily to my james

🌹 game of thrones blograte

house: stark / targaryen / lannister / tyrell / martell / baratheon / greyjoy

best friend: sansa stark

territory: winterfell / highgarden / king’s landing / iron islands / braavos

career: faceless man / kingsguard / nights watch / high lord / septa / maester

faith of the seven: father / mother / maiden / crone / warrior / smith / stranger

skill: swordfighting / grace and charm / warg / mother of dragons

join my celebration?

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top 5 shows u think everyone should watch

  1. friends; because it’s great what an ultimate Must See
  2. mash; i know it’s old and all but you know what…it’s still super relevant to today when it shouldn’t be. but it’s still hilarious and deep and good
  3. news; in small doses it’s so important and i know some ppl get like all their news from tumblr/not the best sources and that’s bad turn on msnbc practically all their hosts are great okay good 
  4. game of thrones seasons 1-4 if they’re of age and are fine with pain and the disappointment of the later seasons hahaha
  5. scrubs; IT’S SO FUCKING FUNNY but also sad at times rip

honorable mention but doesn’t make the top 5 because i’m only a few episodes in but brooklyn nine nine is so damn funny guys omg

ask my top 5/10 anything!!!

ferafish  asked:

Your thing got me thinking about what Ashara's nickname would be (and then I typed too much for the reply box. Then it disappeared. Now I gotta type it again) So Varric calls her Pygmy, after the small breed of goat that was all the rage in Orlais a few years back. You see, Ashara has a bad habit of jumping off of or scaling up near vertical cliffs. Especially bad is when she goes and jumps off a cliff to jump into battle. (1/2)

Varric ends up lecturing her after incidents like that, telling her that while she may be part goat, the rest of them weren’t, and she can’t just go charging off like that. It doesn’t help that she’s so stubborn about it. “I’m sure if we look around, there’s an actual path to get up here. You know, build for people” “But we’re so close” “You said that ten minutes ago” (Meanwhile Bull has climbed down, found a path, gotten to the top, and is leaning down offering a hand) (2/2)

Oh man, poor Varric. Trekking up Sundermount with Hawke every other week did not prepare him for this shit. Can you imagine the first time she does it? They’re in the Hinterlands, probably. Cassandra, Solas, and Varric just standing at the bottom of a cliff, watching her move from ledge to ledge, handhold to handhold.

“Is this… common?” Cassandra asks, bewildered.

“If you are asking if this is an elven trait,” Solas says, “I assure you it is not.”

“Seeker, I’m pretty sure this isn’t even a Dalish thing,” Varric says, then looks around. “Shit. Can someone find the stairs?”

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i'm pretty certain i followed you a reeeeally long time ago, but unfollowed you somehow?? anyway i just found your blog again and wow i'm so glad i did!!

SAME??? Because I followed you as thehound and remember loving your URL change haha. ANYWAY I am so honored you like my blog thank you sweetness :D:D:D:D Yours is (and has always been) absolutely gorgeous!