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Pillow talk #4: love making

Jackie’s lips were brushing his shoulder and the sensation of it made him shiver, goosebumps following the small electricity going up his spine with every breathe she took.

In the quiet of her room, he wondered for how long they could keep this and how much it would suck once it’s over. Hyde looked down at his side, laying on Jackie’s bed on a saturday night without parents.

She was already asleep, her nakedness shining thanks to the moonlight entering through her window and something in the bottom of his belly started to fly. And deep inside, he knew what it was; he knew what it meant, aside from the erection he was going to get if he kept looking at her body like this.

“Jackie?” He couldn’t help but murmur. “I gotta go.”

“What?” She answered, her sleepness evident with how low her voice sounded. “No!” And yet, she was demanding too.

He couldn’t help but smile. “I can’t spend the night here.”

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12 + IchiRuki?

Ichigo swears it was an accident. Rukia knows better.

The immense boredom that came from doing his catch-up homework had the substitute shinigami mindlessly searching for something (anything really) to occupy his mind for a minute. All he needed was a break from differential equations. One more and he thought his brain would explode. 

He tells his tiny girlfriend that his eyes merely wandered around the room and simply caught sight of one of the vice-captain’s many Chappy stuffed animals. Afflicted by a particularly overwhelming case of boredom, he claims he absentmindedly reached for the toy just to blankly stare at it and ponder. Rukia has other opinions. 

Ichigo then asserts that his hand moved to touch the pink rabbit’s fur to get a sense of his softness. He normally made it a point to stay away from Rukia’s collection lest she accuse him of tampering with it somehow, so he didn’t know what it felt like and his curiosity was at an all-time high, apparently. 

That was all, the substitute vehemently proclaims. But Rukia knows what she saw. 

“H-how long have you been standing there?” Ichigo asks, a palpable panic overtaking his frozen body, where one of his hands is still affectionately patting Rukia’s Chappy doll. 

“Long enough,” the raven-haired shinigami replies with wide eyes, before breaking out into the biggest shit-eating grin he’s ever seen on her face, which is saying something. 

Immediately Ichigo groans, knowing she has enough dirt on him now to get her way for the next century. 

Send me a number and an OTP and I’ll write a drabble!

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for the kiss meme, 14 with hyde and jackie? :)

Kiss: 14. ‘I don’t have the words right now so here’s a kiss’

Set in the summer when their relationship started, and Jackie notices they aren’t fooling around anymore. And what puppy? This damn adorable puppy.

The moment Jackie decided it was time to talk, she had him trapped on his usual chair in the basement, lap full of one turned on Jackie, and his arms around her waist, one hand squeezing her behind when the intensity of their kissing spin up and his breath gets rougher with the excitment burning their skin. His body is something she never thought she would be able to touch, not with the way things were between them since day one. But Jackie knew, deep down, that their relationship had been also changing since day one, and that maybe it was just a matter of time for them to end breaking that tension between them like this.

Except, that’s when it happens, she knows better than that. “This isn’t physical anymore, isn’t it?”

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i wanna wrap my hands around you(r neck)

}} keep calm and don’t let me go, forever the sickest kids } just the way i’m not, all time low } true love, pink } bittersweet, panic! at the disco } haven’t had enough, marianas trench } la la, the cab } beating heart baby, head automatica } voodoo doll, 5 seconds of summer } armistice, phoenix } bitter & the sweetness, the ready set } candy, wake owl } i would do anything for you, foster the people } better together, EDEN {{

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Okay, a prompt! I don't know if you've done it before, but if you did, just link me to it. Hyde's immediate reaction to Jackie's "Good to know".


This is how it felt.

Fuck, this woman was going to be the death of him.

Hyde stood staring like an idiot to the way she had taken to enter the house, probably already going down the stairs for the basement and he just– stood there, clenching his jaw and looking down at his white knuckles holding his beer. 

Even if he had just opened it and was still cold, it tasted like sand once he gave it a sip and fuck, fuck fuck. Fuck.

Taking a deep breath, he finally decided to walk and go down to the basement, where his friends were probably already asking Jackie and Donna how their trips had gone. If anyone ever found out that his heart was raising with every step, he would had to fly the country or something.

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Heart Like Yours – Chapter XX: Tiny Sun.

Jackie goes home to Point Place for Donna and Eric’s wedding, but an accident and an unexpected experience may show her a reality she never thought was happening around her.

Chapter XX: As Harley can go home, Jackie’s mind starts showing her things from strange dreams and crazy illusions when new visits surprise her day in ways she wasn’t expecting. Jackie and Fez have a conversation too.

AO3 // Fanficiton.net // Tumblr tag

[Chapter I] [Chapter II] [Chapter III] [Chapter IV] [Chapter V] [Chapter VI] [Chapter VII] [Chapter VIII] [Chapter IX] [Chapter X] [Chapter XI] [Chapter XII][Chapter XIII] [Chapter XIV] [Chapter XV] [Chapter XVI][Chapter XVII] [Chapter XVIII] [Chapter XIX] [Chapter XX]

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10 things i hate about you w/ jackie and hyde💕💕


PD: I love your icon!

When Jackie’s mother married Bob Pinciotti, she never thought she would actually enjoy her life as Donna’s sister and so. But when Eric Forman intervenes in that happiness wanting to date her sister, she kinda hates him for it. Turns out, Donna will not be able to date until Jackie does, and with date, Bob and Pam mean somoene better than the idiot she dated before, Kelso.

She tries to convince Bob on letting Donna go out and be happy, none of them should be hold in just because one of them is single. What she never imagined is that Eric would take serious cards on the matter, asking for his own adoptive brother’s help. To which Hyde says no, especially when Eric offers him money (“she’s a human being, Forman!”), but ultimately accepts asking Jackie out… or sort of doing it, by taking her to prom, just to make his brother happy. Jackie accepts, knowing what is going on and also wanting Donna’s happiness.

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To continue the in character Hyde in season 1 headcanon/meta, you think Jackie would had fallen in love with him earlier?

Not necessarily, just as he may not fall for her earlier either.

What would had changed it’s the way their interactions would had gone and the way his relationship and small crush on Donna would had worked out. I think, had he been in character since the pilot, his resentment towards Jackie would had been lesser with the past of the episodes after ‘Ski Trip’.

‘Ski Trip’ it’s the first time we see Jackie running into his arms when she is seeking comfort. We never get an explanation on why, and my guess is that writers did it for the laughs since he was presented as the cold hearted/jerk of the gang at the beginning, so having this girly girl wanting to hug him and cry on his chest was going to be ‘funny’, especially when he was, in ‘Ski Trip’, trying to get Donna.

(I also have this headcanon that Jackie may have gone to bear-hug Hyde to save Donna from the awkwardness, since she knew Hyde was crushing on her friend and was being stalked by him)

But joke’s on them because we didn’t see anything funny but cute in it, lmao.

Anyway, I think they could had formed an actual friendship and we could had seen it grow with episodes like ‘Career Day’ while they were hanging with Red, and ‘Prom Night’ (I believe this would still be the hugeeee HJ episode on season 1).

~ Prom Night ~

I’m making a whole section for this because I have given it a lot of thoughts since we first started talking about this posibility.

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the au collection, halloween special jennifer’s jackie’s body, part IV 

“Sometimes, you might just get lucky in your miserable life.”

Dealing with Jackie’s trauma and Eric’s new powers, Hyde takes them along with Donna for a little road trip to see his old mentor and friend, Leo, in the hopes to find a solution for both, his best friend and his chick.

Of course, going into a demon hunting road trip sounds cool in theory until the consequences of Jackie’s possession starts showing in ways Hyde didn’t expect. Going darker and darker every day, it’s like if the girl’s shine were starting to die slowly.

Turns out, the demon’s darkness took a toll on her and all the crap it did with her body is now killing her heart, and not in a medical way. She needs a new one or to share one with someone else… And it can’t be Hyde, or Donna. If they do, none of them will ever be able to be near her ever again, otherwise that heart will want to go back to their first owner and kill Jackie.

unpluggedfeelings  asked:

okay i just made it to season 8 and my jackie hyde heart is broken... do you have anything to make this season worth it

NOTHING is worth that season, baby. NOTHING. Not even the “humor” because it’s silly and out of character, and more racist and sexist than ever. Really, don’t watch that crap.

If you like to read, here and here are some very good fanfics to heal your heart. And these are my recommendations of HJ fanfic set during and after season 8:

~ During

Made Bare by MistyMountainHop

Summary: A heartbroken Hyde considers his relationship with Jackie kaput. Too bad Jackie sees it differently. She intends to get a proper resolution with him, but breaking through his hostility—and getting past his wife—may well prove impossible.

Commentary: This is my season 8 canon, my favorite fic set during season 8. Really. Not to mention MistyMountainHop is my favorite t70s author ever, she gets the characters in such incredibly deep, it’s just awesome. Her scenes are delicious, her words are how you would made your brain persive color if you couldn’t see them. It’s all feelings and nivnineinfir, it’s beautiful.

The Right Road Lost by zpplnchick

Summary: After a car accident, Hyde wakes up to a twisted version of reality he comes to find is actual hell and with no memory of how he got there, a hell that Jackie’s been living in for the past few months. Set during Season 8, shortly after “Sweet Lady”.

Commentary: First fic I read from zpplnchick, It’s a great story. I recommend you to read it after you read ‘Made Bare’, because it’s another option of how things can get well resolved.

~ After

Zoso: A Journey to Understanding by zpplnchick

Summary: “You don’t deserve a real tattoo. But if I were to get one, I’d show it to Fez before I’d ever show it to you!” Ironically, that’s pretty much how it happened. One-shot.

Commentary: This fic is lovely and has one of my favorite ideas ever: Jackie getting a tattoo. This fic explores why would she get it. Plus side, it has a happy ending and, Fez and Jackie being good friends.

The Morning After by ShanghaiLily

Summary: (The sequel to my one-shot ‘Resolutions’) What happens the morning after Jackie wakes up in Vegas with a nasty hangover and a wedding ring on her finger that she just can’t manage to take off?

Commentary: One of my favorite fanfics, even when it does has some flaws. Jackie in this fic is very strong and really, after s8? It’s always nice to see Hyde pining a little for her.

** And just because I’m ridiculous, here let me tell you about my fanfic. It’s after season 8.

Heart Like Yours by poetdameron

Summary: Jackie goes home to Point Place for Donna and Eric’s wedding, but an accident and an unexpected experience may show her a reality she never thought was happening around her.

20 Questions by ShanghaiLily

Summary:Just after New Year’s day in 1980, Jackie Burkhart decides to disappear from the basement to save her sanity. When Xmas rolls around and the Formans beg Jackie to attend their party, she ends up involved in an elaborate game of 20 Questions with Hyde that could change both of their lives. T-rated w/ some M chapters. Story is COMPLETE! This one’s for the Zennies who hate Season 8!

Commentary: THIS FIC! It’s really good, I had a lot of fun reading it. It has some M scenes you may not like or, maybe yes. Also, the characterization isn’t always the best, Jackie gets manipulated to forgive Hyde’s shit in such weird way, you must be careful. 

~ In which it never happens

Shade by MistyMountainHop

Summary:Hyde finds himself homeless on a night where Jackie is without parents. The gift he gave her last Christmas draws him to her, but his attachment lingers past that rainy first night, grows through countless experiences, and leads him across state lines. Their relationship is a high-stakes gamble, but Jackie may fold before Hyde can show all his cards.

Commentary: I LOVE THIS FANFIC! It’s kind of my favorite by MMH. This story is just so lovely and the take after season 7 it’s incredible!

Hyde’s Long Way Home by MistyMountainHop

Summary:Hyde goes on a self-destructive bender after finding Jackie with a towel-wrapped Kelso. The day after that, he wakes up … and it’s the same day as before. He’s doomed to live the same day over and over — unless he can figure out a way to live it right.

Commentary: This is one of the motherships when it comes to the HJ fanfics. It’s precious. Every word is a trip you just can’t let go of. You’ll love it, you just have to be patient because booooy, this fic gets dark at times.

your-eyes-are-liquor  asked:

What do you think is the saddest Jackie/Hyde moment? (Not including season 8 or the end of season 7 'cause to me they don't exist 😂) and on a happier note, what do you think is the best Jackie/Hyde moment? :)

Saddest: this break up during season 7

I fucking hate it. How is that Hyde doesn’t know if he and Jackie have a future together? This is the guy that told her he saw her being successfull in the future, with him being mantained by her lol. This is the guy that forgave her for calling someone else her boyfriend and understood giving up on what they had wasn’t fair and Kelso can go fuck himself, this is the guy that fucked up with the nurse and wanted to be forgiven. And suddenly he is not commited to her anymore?

It was complete bullshit and bad writing. Hyde’s sudden fear for growing up did nothing to his character but start a series of bad written moments that ended in what is season 8. Had Hyde been in character, he would had said or showed Jackie he did knew, he is just not ready to get married that soon (and honestly, she wasn’t either) and that they should enjoy each other’s company as they are because what they have is a sure thing for both of them.

She would had understood and would had accepted it, and would had been happy. 

Happiest: this dance

This is after their first big fight, and after she tells him she loves him (and he lowkey accepts he loves her too, he is just not saying it back). You can see how in love they are, he is willing to dance with her in spite of being in a very public and romantic place, the closenest between them is beautiful and it all looks even more intimate with the way he speaks into her ear and she smiles while they dance.

Not to mention, they are dancing to my childhood song, a song my mom sang to me while I dressed up to go into ballet classes. So yeah, I love this moment and it always makes me happy.

hydejackies-deactivated20170430  asked:

Nina, imagine this: Let's say 20-something!Hyde travels in time and has the chance to be with season-1!Hyde. At some point, older!Hyde fucks up and reveals he was with Jackie and teen!Hyde is all 'NO WAY MAN, NOOO' because he's still treatening her bad/stalking Donna. It makes older!Hyde realize he was an ass and gets angrier at himself for letting his Jackie go. What's next? (PS: teen!Jackie finds out about older!Hyde without knowing they were together and has a crush on him)

I love this! We already talked a little about it, and I did this too. But let’s talk about actual story…

Okay, I can’t do anything without ‘why’s and ‘because’s, and I came with the idea that in 1989, Hyde gets a call from Donna in the damn middle of the night yelling at him that Jackie is moving back to Point Place with her 6 years old kid and her 3 years old divorce. 

He is amused that Donna is now doing matchmaker after the way she was to Jackie back in 1979 and how she was to them when she found out about their relationship in 1978. “I was a kid, and a very bad friend. Shut up and listen–” he has to listen to her saying she has seen them during reunions and she knows they are closer than ever, and that everyone knows he has feelings for her so he should try something now.

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katennara  asked:

Eric/Donna and Hyde/Jackie with The Holiday, man. Eric is the widower Jude Law we all deserve.


In this AU, Eric and Hyde are the siblings but in America. Donna works in England and trades houses with Hyde, who ends up in England and meets Jackie, Donna’s best friend.

Donna is tired of her life. That simple. She loves her job, she is now the editor in charge of an important politics magazine in London, she has an incredible house and an in general ‘nice’ life, but there’s something missing… Maybe it’s the fact that she misses home, and at the end of the day, no matter how much fun she had at work and seeing her friends, she is alone. So, ready for a new adventure seeing family in America, she decides to try a house trade with an american guy.

The american guy is Hyde, who is also tired of his day by day life and he just needs a break. His sister is getting married and his grandma, and dad, are bothering him too much about being alone and blah, blah, a few days far from them will be FINE. Besides, it’s not like if he is running away from this, but— he just learned his biological mother has passed away and he doesn’t know what the hell is he actually feeling.

So when he gets Donna’s message, he almost says ‘yes’ too quickly. That’s how Hyde ends up in England, and Donna in America.

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