otp: are you being sweet or sarcastic

I think that looking back on Kim Possible as an adult makes me realize even more why I support Drakken and Shego as much as I do, especially looking at it from Shego’s perspective.

At several points in the series, it’s pretty much proven that Shego can do a lot better than working for Drakken. She could decide to be a solo villain and would likely be a lot more successful than she is working for him. Or, she could decide to work for a lot of other villains and at least get better pay, if not more success in regards to plots. 

Despite this, she pretty much always stays with him, and on the rare occasions she has left (for reasons outside of vacation time), she always ends up coming back. As much as she likes to deny it, she does care for him.

thesameasmine  asked:

hi!! what's A40? where can I watch it?


All For One  or A4O is a web series in Youtube Channel KindaTV (click for playlist, series finale is this Friday and ep’s are not that long so go catch up!)

Now I’m not very good with words but I’ll try:

A4O is a genderbent, feminist, modern version(college version) of Alejandro Dumas “The Three Muskeeters”. I

The main character is the Funny, Charming, openly bisexual with a fight me attitude Dorothy Catlemore (ง'̀-‘́)ง  she actually uses the B word unlike some shows

The Rest of the main cast include:

The selfie master, cutie patootie, cinnamon roll Portia Vallon

The funny. sarcastic, hacker master, wtf is tact Ariana Henries

The responsible, caring,  Alex “mom” Silleg

Idk if I had call them minor characters but they appear less than the main cast, they include

The I look good in grandma’s Apron Miller Winters

The openly lesbian, sweet and smart (◡‿◡✿) Connie Bonacieux

The one and only Flawless,  Ms. Jeanne Treville, Sir, Ma’am

annoying, Douche Cannoe Owen Rochefort


Look at how my otp looks at eachother omg 

My baby is bi and dont you forget that

Look at this cuties holding hands and being adorable

I dont want to give away much of the plot because I strongly recommend you watch it, the characters are well written, the cast knocks it out of the park with their acting, the plot thickens as it goes and we are promised no one dies. So GO WATCH and judge for yourself I hope you love it as much as I do <3

raymondraddington  asked:

I'm sorry if you've already done this, but fake dating???? 😍

I think Jo may have, but i’d be happy to give it a shot! :D

  • i’m mad at my parents so i ask you out because they wouldn’t approve of you and you’re well aware that i’m just using you but you agree because you find it funny but hey you’re actually super sweet umm (this one’s actually from my blog :3)
  • my friends invited me on a double date and i don’t want to look like a loser wanna help me
  • my family thinks i’m gonna die alone with 50 cats wanna pretend to go out with me so i can ‘prove them wrong’ and pretend i won’t die lonely?
  • there’s this really creepy person hitting on me and i don’t know you but you pretending to be my partner completely saved my ass thanks how about i buy you a drink
  • i’m trying to make my cheating ex realize what he missed out on hey you look like an upgrade quick help me they’re coming this way
  • we’re just really touchy friends and we get each other gifts all the time but everyone thinks we’re going out and we let them think that but why are you getting upset about me going on a date we’re not actually together??
  • we’re the leads in the play and we don’t like each other and you can tell so the director’s making us pretend to be dating until performance so we can get better at pretending to like each other but i don’t think i’m pretending anymore???
  • ^or it started out as sickeningly sweet and sarcastic but now you’re genuinely being nice to me why

I hope these were what you were looking for! I tried to come up with a few different ones since there are already so many good ones out there :)