otp: anything is possible

why isn’t teacher/teacher more popular???????????????? i mean
  • the nice one who everybody loves with the grumpy and strict one that the students hate and the students wonder?????????how what the fuck
  • but later (not in school environment maybe by accident) the students (a group of them) see that the strict one isn’t really that strict and they love their partner
  • or the cool married teachers that talk about each other and everyone loves like one of them comes late to class and is like “sorry i’m late guys mx. [partner] is really sick and i wanted to be sure everything is alright”
  •  and the students spend 5 minutes fussing over the other teacher and asking questions about their wellbeing “ARE THEY DYING” “No Joey they’ve just caught a cold” [and trying to make this one forget about their class”
  • or two teachers that EVERYBODY ships like the students are trying to get them together
  • “Soo, Mx. A, Mx. B will have a concert tomorrow for the school and they need all the help and they asked me to tell you….so you can tell other students” “Mx. B didn’t tell me anything about it” “oh it was like, last moment thing you know. they didn’t have time. and like, they really need help.”
  • And the teacher is like “Thanks Johnson” and trying to be really cool but REALLY BEING NOT COOL OMG WHERE’S THE SQUAD OF DUCKLINGS TO HAVE AN EXCUSE TO GO AND HELP
  • and like other teachers shipping them too
  • “Mx. A you know about the prom. There’s a rule that the teachers must have some partners too” [dunno if it already is something like this, it is not in my country] “I did not know about this rule.” “Oh it’s very recent. So, you know, teachers are never alone and can be protected in case it’s necessary. I also heard that Mx. B has no partner.”
  • Like, science/maths teachers with art/languages teacher. Or stuff like this.
  • Talking about their subject passionately and the other not understanding shit but loving it anyway because they’re so fucking cute.
  • Like here is your impossible love
  • Teachers of the same subject in different schools fighting in competitions and shit
  • Or teachers of the same subject talking passionately about their course. and praising each other.
  • Teachers talking about their students, the bad ones and the cool ones
  • LGBT teachers standing up for LGBT students and offering them support and helping them feel more at ease in this clusterfuck of school
  • OTP 1 teacher/teacher and OTP 2 student/student
  • OTP 2 being so thankful that OTP 1 exists. OTP 1 giving advice to OTP 2.
  • Grading stuff together. Bringing each other food/beverages. Helping each other through all the stuff.
  • AND
  • SO
  • MUCH
  • MORE


  • “hey darling, how about you teach me some things? I promise to be good.”
  • “i thought you went through high-school once. Weren’t you taught my subject?”
  • seriously tho all that stuff that is at teacher/student can be sort of roleplay for teacher/teacher (and be less creepy)
Things that could happen in the next season of Legends of Tomorrow

They cast Hayley Atwell as a young Elizabeth II and Sara Lance has sex with her right on the British Throne

Mick Rory has a brief love affair with an English stripper and knocks her up. The child will grow up to become Booster Gold. Yes Mick Rory will become Rip’s grandfather

The Waverider crashes again this time on a Japanese Island. While trying to fix the problem Ray’s suit malfunctions and he accidentally turns a lizard into a giant. Yes a Godzilla episode because why not?

The team parties hard in the 70′s and accidentally gets Elvis killed a weeke earlier then his official death. Stein has to use Eobard’s shapeshifting device to deliver Elvis’s last performance to keep history intact

Jax falls in love with Amelia Earhart and they  take her on their adventures

Amaya adopts a baby dinosaur. It’s a tiny triceratops(Ray’s suit will spend half the season in repairs so they can make enough room in the CGI budget for the baby dinosaur)

Nate actually learns how to be a competent historian and show a minor respect for history

Rip Hunter gets a group hug from the entire team

Exclusive: Listen to Lea Michele’s new song ‘Anything’s Possible’

Lea Michele is ready for battle.

Michele shared her soaring new song Anything’s Possible exclusively with USA TODAY, a Fight Song-style anthem that’s ready to inspire.

The singer also shared the release date for her sophomore album Places, out April 28, with a tour scheduled to follow in May.

Anything’s Possible is a personal favorite for Michele, who called the song “my personal anthem for the past two years.”

“This is a song about having faith through whatever life brings your way,“ she told USA TODAY. “To always believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that anything is truly possible. It’s about leaving the negativity and the past behind and moving forward with confidence and strength.”

Anything’s Possible arrives on the heels of last week’s single Love Is Alive, Michele’s first new music since her 2014 debut album Louder.

Michele’s latest release kicks off a busy week for the star, as she heads to The Late Late Show on Tuesday and Ellen on Thursday.

Five years ago..

Five years ago I made the biggest mistake of my life…
it was a situation I didn’t think I could get out of.
I smiled, I laughed, I played the game.
I didn’t want to walk down the aisle.
But I did it.
Four years ago I was scrambling for a way to get out.
I’m so happy I took a chance and made it.
I never thought I’d be where I am today.
It is possible. You can do it too.

One of the most memorable and proud moments I’ve had (other than the obvious getting out) was I had a few others friends come out of the woodwork who built up the courage to get out after listening to my story.

If you need someone to listen. I am here.

anonymous asked:

I finally unfollowed the boy who broke my heart and i told him i could only be friends once i have fully forgiven myself and him. Still breaks me and I want to cry my heart if I could. Is it possible to realise you don't need their love but still want them back?

It’s possible to want someone even if you acknowledge the fact that you can do better without them. So tell me, what else is impossible?

My friend Amanda who I worked very closely on this record with, she sent me this song by this amazing songwriter MoZella and said, “I want you to listen to this song; it’s one of her personal songs. I don’t know if I can get it for you, but take a listen.” And the minute I heard this song, it was like when it first hit me when Sia played me Cannonball. Sometimes I don’t have the words to explain how grateful I am to be where I am, or how thankful I am to have gotten through what I went through, and to be okay. But not even okay - to be better, to be happy, to be whole. It’s hard to put that into words sometimes. Even just saying that out loud, I was like, ‘OMG, why am I saying this. I sound ridiculous.’ When you hear a song like this and you just go, “OMG, thank you. I could just sit back and play you this song.” It’s a song of appreciation of being where you are, and thankful to the people - so many of whom are here tonight - who helped me to get to this place right now. […] If you guys don’t know MoZella, she’s an incredible songwriter; she wrote Wrecking Ball. This is a gift beyond, beyond. Like, I cry. Because, you know, when people write these songs, it’s a part of them and then they give it to you, and it’s such a blessing. I’m very grateful to have this song; it means the world to me. It really just is exactly how I feel in my life right now. And if you’re going through anything, hopefully it will help you the way that it helped me. Cannonball helped me then, and this is my song now.