otp: annie x abed

Imagine Annie and Abed going to the movie theatre together to watch the new star wars movie. 

Imagine them cosplaying as Han Solo and Princess Leia.

Imagine them remembering the last time they were these characters, remembering kissing each other while getting covered in paint, and feeling what they felt. 

Imagine Annie finally realizing that it was Abed she had been feeling those feelings for, and not just ‘Han’ & that those feelings never really went away. 

Imagine Annie looking back over the past years she’s spent my Abed’s side & realizing just how much she really loves him, and how much she’s in love with him

Imagine Annie telling Abed she loves him and he responds with  “I know” thinking that she’s pretending to be Leia, but she pulls him close and looks at him properly and says “I, Annie Edison, am in love with you, Abed Nadir.” just so it’s clear. 

Imagine Abed smiling and brushing his hand over her cheek, saying “I know. And I, Abed Nadir, love you, Annie Edison.” because he really truly does.

Imagine them kissing in front of everybody at the movie theatre cheers because they think it’s part of their cosplay, and the two of them just go along with it.