otp: annie x abed

Imagine Annie and Abed going to the movie theatre together to watch the new star wars movie. 

Imagine them cosplaying as Han Solo and Princess Leia.

Imagine them remembering the last time they were these characters, remembering kissing each other while getting covered in paint, and feeling what they felt. 

Imagine Annie finally realizing that it was Abed she had been feeling those feelings for, and not just ‘Han’ & that those feelings never really went away. 

Imagine Annie looking back over the past years she’s spent my Abed’s side & realizing just how much she really loves him, and how much she’s in love with him

Imagine Annie telling Abed she loves him and he responds with  “I know” thinking that she’s pretending to be Leia, but she pulls him close and looks at him properly and says “I, Annie Edison, am in love with you, Abed Nadir.” just so it’s clear. 

Imagine Abed smiling and brushing his hand over her cheek, saying “I know. And I, Abed Nadir, love you, Annie Edison.” because he really truly does.

Imagine them kissing in front of everybody at the movie theatre cheers because they think it’s part of their cosplay, and the two of them just go along with it. 

mearcats  asked:

13 and 22? :)

Has a ship ever broken your heart?

Haha—-has one ever NOT?! I’d say Bangel broke it most significantly and frequently, but I was younger and much more of a naive optimist when I first shipped them and hadn’t yet come to realize that shipping is synonymous with pain ;) 

Which of your ships have the best chemistry?

This is surprisingly tough, in part because chemistry is so wildly subjective and in part because a lot of couples who I think have the best raw chemistry are also ships I’m turned off to for various other reasons. I think both Bangel and Spuffy have outstanding chemistry. Annie/Abed (though many, many disagree here!), Elizabeth/Darcy (P&P), Cole/Phoebe (despite conflicting feelings I have about this ship in general), Frasier/Lilith, a million more I’ll remember minutes after posting this 

Thank you so much for the ask!  

I just really wanted Troy to come back season 6 and for him, abed and annie to live together again but that didn’t happen… I’ve said before that I am not a jeff/annie shipper and much prefer abed/troy/annie ot3 situation so this is basically a what if reunion scenario. Ofc troy and annie would be crying their eyes out but I feel like abed would just be super content and happy to have these people back in his life… Also I envision Troy and Abed meeting again first so he’d cry then

I liked it.” – “You like me because I’m immature.” – “I need him.”

I recently marathoned seasons one to three of Community and I’m so glad I did because I got to see the full development of Annie and Abed’s relationship (I only used to watch a couple episodes here an there).

These two are my Community OTP and man, everything about them makes my heart well up with happiness ;w; I also love Danny and Alison’s friendship off-screen. They’re perfect in every way.

(If you couldn’t tell, Abed imagined for them a starry night set up for a Dreamtorium date, hehe.)

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