otp: annie x abed

I liked it.” – “You like me because I’m immature.” – “I need him.”

I recently marathoned seasons one to three of Community and I’m so glad I did because I got to see the full development of Annie and Abed’s relationship (I only used to watch a couple episodes here an there).

These two are my Community OTP and man, everything about them makes my heart well up with happiness ;w; I also love Danny and Alison’s friendship off-screen. They’re perfect in every way.

(If you couldn’t tell, Abed imagined for them a starry night set up for a Dreamtorium date, hehe.)

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psa: abed acting on his feelings for annie in character does not mean that those emotions do not exist when he is himself. it means that abed is incapable or uncomfortable expressing those emotions as himself, so he devises a way in which he can express them, which just happens to be through fictional characters.