otp: and you're mine


Y o u ’ r e  the partner I can be proud of and a really incredible setter.
Even if the team changes, t h a t  w o n ’ t  c h a n g e .

Happy IwaOi Day (4/1) !

The Softest™ Suggestions/Prompts

- anything just remotely soft and cute like a picnic or flowers given from the right person and absolutely meLt a heart.

- moving in together and while washing dishes, blowing bubbles out of sope.

- them rubbing your hand with their thumb and booping your nose.

- playing joyous and silly music to dance around the living room to

- building a fort with them and hide under it, while having them read you stories while you rub their tummy, and not long after a tickle fight breaks out.

- going out on a walk to a hill and watch the twinkling stars while wrapped in a blanket.

- suddenly walking to a bakery and eating cheesecake before you smush some on their face.

- going out for coffee one morning and them already knowing your order by heart

- dancing round outside in the snow before tackling them and smothering them in kisses.

- kissing them under the rain without an umbrella after a silly argument, proceeding to giggle it out.

- laying in bed with them and they suddenly kiss you and whisper. “you are the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.”

- them holding you gently while you’re upset like you could break if they held you too tight.

- you’d tell them you’d run your hands through their hair forever if you could.

- them giving kisses at the corners of your mouth and on your temple.

- butterfly kisses on your face before finally pressing their lips against your own.

- the stares they give like you are everything.

- finally noticing you stare at each other like you’ve hung the start in the sky yourselves.

- and for a moment those small shy smiles will come back and you’ll feel like teenagers again.

- y'all are never hesitant to say i love you with sincerity.

- them falling in love with you all over again, even after they’ve seen every aspect of you, but deciding to stay because you’re simply WORTH IT.


sansaregina’s 14 days of christmas

@cosimocontessina: “You’re right, I’m 100% in the wrong.The truth is I’m the one that’s not tough enough to be in here. I mean, watching the woman I love unarmed, locked up with all these murderers… it’s just too much for me.”