otp: and what will you do with her when she grows wings

He Knew When She Knew


Throughout training, Cassian had been uncharacteristically quiet.
Intentionally quiet.

His brothers knew the reason, whatever it was, must be weighing him down.
Cassian had always been better with dealing with his emotions physically, rather than verbally.
Today, they wouldn’t allow him that option.
“So,” Rhys began, knowing exactly what would make Cassian tick, “Are you going to tell us what’s going on, or are Az and I going to have to beat it out of you?”
“I say we beat first ask questions later,” Azriel joked and gave a wicked smirk. Okay…maybe he wasn’t entirely kidding.
Rhys twirled the iron training staff in his hands and began stalking toward Cassian, “You are the expert interrogator, Azriel.”
Knowing his brothers would very likely attempt to beat his suspicions and thoughts out of him, he decided to give in instead.
“I think Nesta…could be pregnant.” Cassian admitted, his voice barely above a whisper but louder than any words he had ever said before.
The silence and tension was palpable.
For a long moment, no one even moved.
“She doesn’t smell any different.” Rhys observed quietly.
“No. She doesn’t smell different, she doesn’t look different. She tastes the same, acts the same…” Cassian glared at the ground.
Rhys crossed his arms, looking equally pensive and confused. “Why do you think she’s pregnant?”
Cassian didn’t know how to describe the feeling, the uncertainty…It was cloudy in his sea of confusion, but he could swear he was right. “I have this feeling. In my gut, in my bones. When I’m with her…Especially when I’m not with her.” He ran a hand through his hair and continued, “How..? What-?”
“Did you take…precautions?” Azriel tentatively asked, not meaning any insult.
“Precautions? What, like closing the door?” Even in this serious situation, Cassian wouldn’t miss an opportunity to sass his brother.
Rhys threw his head back and laughed. He knew what it was like to be with an Archeron woman.
Azriel, however, blanched.
“Yes to the first,” Cassian drawled. “And no to the second,” he added with a wink and ducked away from Azriel’s attempt to smack his head.


All at once, he felt it.
The difference was as stark as night and day. It felt like looking directly into the sun.
A white hot brand down the bond, his confusion- which he realized had not entirely been his own- was replaced with clarity.
Pure, blinding clarity.
Cassian dropped to his knees and roared so loud that the snow on the mountains began tumbling down.
Nesta, Nesta, Nesta
Rhys and Azriel were immediately at his side, ready to shield him or fight by his side at this unseen force that made this great man stumble.
Without looking up, Cassian sobbed. He barely found the words and choked, “Mine.” His shoulders shook and wings were fully unfurled and quaking.
A quiet understanding swept between Rhys and Azriel, and they lifted their brother back to his feet.
Putting his hands on his shoulders, Rhys looked Cassian squarely in the eyes. “Go,” he commanded.
Instantaneously, Cassian shook his brother’s hands free, and shot towards the sky.


Without looking back, he flew as fast as his wings would carry him to his new future.
“Nesta, Nesta, Nesta,” he said her name aloud, repeating it like a holy mantra.
I’m coming.


Not to be bothered trying to open their door with his muddied hands, he crashed it open.
He couldn’t stop staring at her. Nor she at him.
“She’s so beautiful,” he thought. She was already glowing.
He had to touch her, had to feel for himself the truth of what was growing in her body.
Barely grazing his fingertips on her stomach, he could feel it.
He was fire, Nesta was ice…
This was lightning.
Just conceived weeks ago, but the power was already there…
“Tell me…” His heartbeat was audible as it was pounding as loud as any war drum.
She knew his question, knew he had known the answer before seeing for himself and touching it. He felt the truth, now he needed to hear it.

With their love, they had created something special.

Your Common Room or Mine? (Part I)

OTP: Baekyeol

Genre: HogwartsAu!, fluff, smut

Word Count: 8979

Sypnosis: It’s really hard for Park Chanyeol not to hate Byun Baekhyun.

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

~Part 1~


“Chanyeol, if you don’t get your lazy hippogriff-looking butt off your bed—”

“I don’t look like a Hippogriff, you Squib!”

A loud gasp rang through the room as a neatly dressed sixth year spun around in the middle of the Gryffindor dormitory, mouth agape with shock.

“I—am—not—a—Squib, Chanyeol!”                                                               The dark-haired buffoon lying facedown on his bed briefly poked up his head, examined his friend’s elegant attire and then plopped his face back down into the sheets, drinking in the fragrant scent.

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for @magnuslikedwhathesaw who has a birthday today! the request was for fluff and i think this has it in spades L O L. also thanks to janoda who looked this over for me (any mistakes are my own though! also any crappy bits lol) it’s like 5k of …. birthday stuff that happens. happy birthday, love, and enjoy! :D

Alec leans against the bench at the back of the room, stares down at his shoes. “I need to get some things for cooking - for a meal thing for Magnus.”

“‘A meal thing’?” Clary says, a grin tugging at her mouth. “You mean dinner, right?”

Rolling his eyes, Alec shrugs. One day he’ll understand why everyone is so invested in his relationship with Magnus. Today is not that day. “Will you help me?”

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Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley - Moments We Never See

A super duper belated Christmas gift for imightevenfly’s OTP. I decided to do ABC vignettes, but it’s more like something out of a disorganized photo album, showcasing little moments of their lives in and out of Hogwarts.

Definitely stepped out of my comfort-zone for this one, so I hope it pays off!


A - Amber - Her eyes, when caught in the right light of a summer morning, shine with a kind of yellow that takes over the brown, showing Harry her inner aura. The color is amber, like stones that have been polished into perfect spheres. Looking at them is the same as getting punched in the gut, leaving him laying on the floor, winded.

B - Brothers - It’s hard to intimidate a girl like Ginny, especially after she had been raised in a house with nothing but older brothers. Conversely, it’s very easy to intimidate any person looking to break her heart because then said offender must watch his back, for Fred and George do not forgive nor do they forget easily. Harry’s just glad he doesn’t plan on breaking her heart.

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The Mark - Gabriel Edition (Crossfire AU Drabble)

Author: somemaycallmesunshine
Pairing: Young John!Michael x Prophet!Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1k
Warnings: crack, swearing, Crossfire AU (you may want to read Crossfire first), implied Sabriel if you squint really hard

A/N:Happy New Year, my wonderful friends and followers! I wanted to give you all something fun for New Years but since I didn’t have much time, I’m going to be putting Crossfire on hold to write my tiny drabble series and other Michael one shot. Hope you enjoy and happy 2016, my lovelies! (Internal thoughts are in italics)

Summary: Takes place during season 5. Crossfire AU (in which Gabriel didn’t die). Gabriel finds out that Y/N and Michael have mated and he gets carried away with his ship.

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A Long-Ass Message to the SNK Shippers (Contains Spoilers)

Before Chapter 82 comes out (I’M TOO DEPRESSED TO TALK ABOUT ARMIN, I’M SO SORRY, GUYS), I would like to address the topic concerning the ships. I will only rant about 3, excluding the ones being less hated on and even Yumikuri because come on, it’s already canon.



To the Ereri haters,

Its alright for you not to ship or hate on Ereri because you are uncomfortable with the age gap (still not pedophilic though) and imbalance of power between Eren and Levi, but before you state that the ship is abusive, please let me remind you that:

1. Eren is a Titan shifter. Of course some people would be scared shitless. Of course Levi would take the initiative to watch over Eren should the boy go rogue. Of course he would act on the orders given to him to ensure that Eren can be controlled, thus saving his life, and the two put the beating past themselves quickly. In a way, Levi made Eren’s dream of joining the Survey Corps come true. The court room scene argument has been resolved ages ago.

2. Levi may possibly be the first person besides Grisha to let Eren choose his options freely without being talked down. He even gives him advice on it, knowing that Eren has yet to release the caged beast within him, which is why he is surprised when Eren chooses to place his trust in the Special Ops Squad during the forest scene. And when Eren mourns the death of the squad, Levi doesn’t blame him. Instead, he cracks a poop joke to ease the tension and Eren CHUCKLES. But when Eren turns serious again after seeing that Levi is still physically injured and apologizes for everything that went wrong, Levi repeats what he said at the forest and assures Eren that he wouldn’t have seen the results coming. It’s a very sort of intimate moment between them.

3. Levi is harsh, but he’s like that to everyone. Eren is no exception. However, Levi is often shown to have a worried or sympathetic look on his face whenever Eren is worn out or doubtful of himself. Like Mikasa, Levi might have a knack for trying to swoop in to save Eren’s ass when things turn ugly. He goes as far as to become a mentor to Eren, helping him to grow. Note that Eren has become more rational compared to before he joined the Levi squad and even explicitly stated (to Historia, nonetheless) that as long as his captain is around, things are bearable.

To the Eruri haters,

Its alright for you not to ship or hate on Eruri because of the way Erwin blackmailed Levi, or what his true intentions were in chapter 80, but please let me remind you that:

1. Erwin is known for being several steps ahead of everyone. Levi was once an insubordinate, stubborn fuck. Therefore, Erwin had to use Isabel, Farlan, and Levi’s unpunished heists in the underground against the Capital to convince Levi to join the Survey Corps, for which Levi is riddled with murderous intent. The irony is that Erwin granted Levi the “wings” to leave the underground and be acknowledged as a strong soldier who demands respect. If it wasn’t for Erwin, Levi would still be seen as an underground thug instead of the strongest solider he is today. He also made sure to keep Erwin’s advice regarding “A choice with no regrets,” to heart, which was proven when he gave the same advice to Eren.

2. Levi’s feelings for Erwin have obviously changed, seeing the ultimate trust he places in the man. In return, Erwin values Levi as a fellow comrade and right-hand man next to Mike and Hange. In terms of friendship, they are surprisingly casual around each other. In my opinion, Levi fussing over Erwin while maintaining their banter is one of the funniest moments in the manga. Not to mention the way Levi speaks his mind when he’s wary of what Erwin’s up to. He’s that attached.

3. We can FEEL Levi’s distress at the thought of Erwin charging to his death. The moment Levi kneels down in front of Erwin as Erwin sits in defeat is the moment the two allow themselves to be vulnerable to the other, with already a shit ton of problems on their shoulders and the stress of watching people die at a high rate. The way they open up to each other in that time of difficulty is incredible.

To the Eremika haters,

Its alright for you not to ship or hate on Eremika because you feel that Mikasa is overprotective, or that she is way too motherly or sisterly for Eren to be considered as his love interest, certain that Eren has no inclination to return her feelings. Please let me remind you that:

1. Eren saved Mikasa from possibly being sold as a slave/prostitute and was the one who awakened her power to fight and avenge her murdered parents. And don’t forget the iconic scarf scene. Of course Eren would become the focus of her world, the very reason she lives on and fights for a good cause. Her will to stop at nothing to protect Eren is in fact heartwarming. As outlandish her actions might be in ensuring Eren’s safety, her affection and gratitude for him is one of the important key points in the story. Because we know that she will always open her arms for Eren, to be his rock, his shoulder to cry on. Even though it runs in the Ackerman clan, that kind of unwavering loyalty cannot be dismissed. Please acknowledge that Mikasa’s character doesn’t entirely revolve around Eren because recent chapters show that Mikasa no longer shows an obsessive nature and can have dreams outside of living a peaceful life with Eren.

2. Contrary to popular belief, Eren is not constantly annoyed with Mikasa for being too protective of him. Regardless of whether he sees her as a sibling or not, we can confirm that he also shows signs of having the same urge to protect her, likewise with Armin. While his reply to Mikasa’s confession wasn’t near as romantic as we expected, it was still satisfying to see that he did not push aside her feelings for him. Her confession led to Eren awakening his coordinate power. If you look closely, you’ll see the makings of a promise Eren has in store for Mikasa.

3. Despite currently having zero interest in romance, Eren’s feelings towards Mikasa CAN change. If Eren were to have a lover, it would have to be someone who can put up with his issues and if Mikasa is aware that she might not be the best person for Eren to confide in, she will at least try for Eren’s sake due to her love for him. Eren will eventually have to realize the extent of her feelings for him once the war will close to an end, which is still far away from happening, sadly.

Whew. Well that was tiring. The point is, I’m actually grateful that Isayama writes the relationships in the manga so well, which is why the ship wars are pointless for me. But I know that they’ll never end. Lessen the hate towards the shippers who don’t ship your OTP in general. No more accusations, and no more death threats. We’re all humans behind a computer screen, who knows what the heck we can or cannot do. If you can’t, then whatever. I’m saying that as a person who has been in a number of toxic fandoms like SNK, and let’s all enjoy the fact that some of our ships have development unlike in other fandoms. They have been progressed beautifully from day one, and no blind, ignorant antis of any form with no sense of what the line between fiction and reality is can take that away from us.

Keep shipping what you love losers.

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Aurora gets her heart broken by Philip and Maleficent comforts her. Bonus points if Maleficent wants to destroy Philip and Aurora has to convince her not to.

Hi. I’m sorry. I’m beginning to think I’m completely incapable of writing Malora without angst. I’m also definitely incapable of writing anything short. Ah well. I hope you enjoy a healthy dose of angst with your fluffy Malora moments because that’s what you’re getting. This is probably only the first part of something longer.

Title: A Different Sort of Love

Pairing: Malora

Length: 4000 words

Summary: Even if Aurora knows she should be happy with Phillip, he isn’t quite the man of her dreams. Without Maleficent by her side, she tries her best to love him, but trust is a fragile thing. 

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Beauty and the Beast vs The Force Awakens

• “Far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise”; i. e. Takodana, Starkiller Base, Ach-To; lightsaber duels; the Force; Kylo Ren is technically a prince, since Leia is a princess

• “Here’s where she meets Prince Charming, but she won’t discover that it’s him til chapter 3”; Prince Charming, as I said above, is Kylo; won’t discover until chapter 3, i. e. Ep IX, the third “chapter” of the sequel trilogy, possibly when Kylo’s redemption begins and Rey begins to fall in love with him

• The way Belle looks at the Beast when he steps into the light in the dungeon and she’s frightened by his appearance is reminiscent of Kylo stepping from behind the rocks on Takodana and letting Rey see him for the first time, and she’s frightened by his mask and lightsaber

• As the Beast leads Belle to her chambers, she begins to cry, like Rey did in the interrogation scene. The Beast grows empathetic, and awkwardly attempts to speak to her, much like we see Kylo empathize with Rey’s memories of loneliness and isolation

• “But if the master doesn’t learn to control his temper, he’ll never break the spell”; we see Kylo throw several temper tantrums throughout the film, and he won’t be able to turn to the Light before he learns to let go of/control his anger. Remember, anger is the path to the Dark side.

• “She’s not a prisoner, she’s our guest” vs “You’re my guest”

• The broken furniture in the West Wing of the Beast’s castle, very likely the murdered employees of the castle the Beast killed when the curse was first cast, reminds me of the ashes Kylo keeps, supposedly of his “enemies” that he’s killed. Presumably he wouldn’t want Rey to know that’s what they are, and would try to hide the truth of it from her, much like the Beast forbids Belle from going to the West Wing.

• When Belle first sees the true face of the Beast in a tattered portrait in the West Wing, she looks confused and intrigued, almost the exact same expression on Rey’s face when Kylo removes his mask.

• Belle and Rey both escape from their respective captors into a snowy landscape

• The scene where the Beast rescues Belle from the wolves and a corresponding scene between Kylo and Rey will likely happen either in ep 8 or ep 9; my guess is in 8; afterward, Rey’s feelings about Kylo will begin to change, just as Belle’s did for the Beast

• The Beast collapses, gravely wounded on his arm, into the snow…do I really need to explain this one?

I believe we’ve caught up to where TFA ends, with the Beast/Kylo wounded in the snow and Belle/Rey looking back at them. The rest of the movie is the developing of the romantic relationship between the Beast and Belle, and we haven’t reached that point in the sequel trilogy with Kylo and Rey just yet.

Now, disclaimer: I think a lot of these parallels, if not all of them, are unintentional. However, while the specific parallels might be unintentional, I believe the story of the Beauty and the Beast trope between Kylo and Rey is not unintentional, and in playing into this trope they subconsciously borrowed from one of Disney’s most memorable stories.

"Kissing Bees" A Megstiel story

Meg lazily drapes herself across the steel bench.  On this gorgeous sunny day her angel is prancing along the roses.  She has her favorite magazine placed across her lap to keep her entertained.  Although, Castiel is a handful; he enjoys chasing the bees in the hospital gardens.  The demon caretaker occasionally raises her eyes from the celeb mag to check on her charge.

Suddenly, she notices that he has stopped dancing around and is focused on his arm.  Holding it gently, like a broken wing.  Tossing the magazine to the side, she approaches her tender angel to see what is up.  Meg kneels down beside him; taking his arm into her hands for examination.  She finds the appendage swollen.  Quickly assessing; that the likely culprit was the bee sting on the inside of his wrist.

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Bright (Quickening, part 1)

(Happy 4th of July. Happy Owelia. Sweetness for my loves.)

“Do I get a hint about where we’re going?” Amelia wanted to know.

Owen knew she didn’t like surprises.

He took one hand off the steering wheel to reach for hers.

“Do you trust me?” he asked, linking their fingers.

She looked down at their hands together.

“Yes,” she answered without hesitation.

He knew it was the truth, even before she said it.

She turned her body toward him and curled into the seat, resting her cheek against the seatback so she could watch him drive. A muscle in his jaw moved as he breathed. Amelia wanted to kiss him there. Instead she held onto his hand without letting go.

As the car moved along the highway, gentle vibrations traveled up from the road through Amelia’s body. She grew sleepy. Her eyes were closing when she felt a flutter inside her, like tiny wings whispering a secret. She remembered this sensation - from before - from years ago.

Owen saw her move her other hand to her stomach.

“Are you okay?” he worried.

She watched his face before she said the words, knowing they would change him. “…I feel her.”

A smile crept up his cheeks slowly, with awareness. It lit up everything, like the sunset. It made her feel powerful, magical even. It was better than surgery.

“Amelia…” was all he could say at first. His glance passed from her stomach to her eyes and then quickly back to the road. He squeezed her hand tighter.

“It’s hard to believe she’s real, but she’s helping me believe.” Amelia said.

Owen wanted all of this. He had waited so long. “How does she… feel? Can you tell me?”

She thought for a moment. “I’ll show you.”

She leaned toward him and fluttered her eyelashes against the side of his neck. Then she kissed him there lightly before pulling away.

“Like a butterfly,” he said.

With tears in her eyes, Amelia nodded.


Traffic was heavy as they pulled off the highway. The road led to a park where there would be a fireworks display tonight. Owen left the flow of traffic, steered them down a side street, and parked the car.

Not wanting to wait another second, he turned toward Amelia and held her face in his hands. He kissed her softly, thinking of the flutter. He rested his forehead against hers and they stayed that way for a while, just breathing.

“So, you brought me outside of Seattle to kiss me in the dark? We could have done this at home in bed,” she teased.

“As much as I’d love to just stay here and kiss you, we do have some other plans too.” He reluctantly let her go and reached behind his seat. He pulled out a blanket. Then he opened the car door and stepped out into the evening. Amelia followed.

The sun was below the horizon, and the sky held a faint tinge of pink fading to blue. The night was warm.

Owen led them down a driveway toward a tall chain link fence. As they approached, Amelia could see beyond it was a football stadium. The field lights were off, and the school was clearly closed for the summer. At the end of the driveway, the gate was shut tightly with a padlock and chain.

“I used to come here on the 4th of July when I was a kid. This gate was always open then, and people would go down to the field.” He pointed to the other side. “The park where they launch the fireworks shares that fence with this stadium. I came here the first summer after I moved back to Seattle, and I learned that the school keeps the gate locked now. But I spent enough time here as a kid to know another way in.”

“This is a little bit Mission Impossible, eh Mr. Hunt?” Amelia played with him.

“Just a little bit.” Owen smiled as he took her hand again.

He led her along the fence line though the landscaping. They curved around the stadium. At the far corner, he squeezed through a gap between the fence and a shed.

“In another month or so I won’t be able to fit through here,” Amelia mentioned as she followed him, “You can’t suck in a baby.”

“Well then, it’s lucky for us that fireworks happen in July not August or September.”

As they walked onto the field, the air was filled with the fragrance of crushed grass.

Owen laid out their blanket, and they lay down together. The sky was clear, and the first stars were already visible.

“I’ve always watched fireworks over water, whether it was in New York, Boston, Baltimore, LA, or Seattle. But I like this already,” she said, moving close to him.

“I’ve heard enough explosions to last me a lifetime,” Owen shuddered slightly, “But this is good. I’ll never get tired of this. This makes me remember the summers when days were long, and I still wanted to grow up.”

Her fingers found his this time.

“I think the universe is on my side
Heaven and Earth have finally aligned
Days are good and that’s the way it should be…”

A firework exploded huge above them. Amelia’s mouth dropped open. She had never watched from so close to the launch.

“Oh my God, Owen. Are you sure this is safe?”

“I’d never put you in danger,” he assured her. He rolled onto his side facing her and rested his free hand on her stomach.

As more fireworks exploded above them, he slipped his hand under her shirt, and his touch settled on her belly. Her skin was so warm there.

She covered his hand with hers and slid her thumb underneath so they were linked. He thought for the millionth time that she was the softest thing he had ever felt. 

Then he felt something even softer – as the baby fluttered under his hand. Owen gasped. He propped himself up on his elbow and looked into Amelia’s eyes to make sure he hadn’t imagined it.

“Our butterfly,” she said.

“…And I see colors in a different way
You make what doesn’t matter fade to grey
Life is good and that’s the way it should be…”

Owen kissed her gently, without moving his hand. The baby fluttered again, and he was overwhelmed with emotion. Amelia watched Owen’s tears reflecting the colors of the sky. Their next kiss deepened, sealing this moment, holding it in.

“I never want to let go,” he told her.

“You never have to,” she promised.

Broken Road

Happy Birthday, my dear little sister and sock monkey trina-deckers!!!!  You know how much I love you, girl, so here is a little Outlaw Queen something I decided to write just for you. I hope you like it!  Based on this prompt: 

Admittedly, I sort of worked it so it is one half of my otp meeting the other half rather than protagonist/antagonist. Forgive me. And with that, I’ll leave you to the story. :)

It’s her.

There’s no denying it—can be no mistake. He can never forget that face, those eyes, the feel of her pressed up against him, the sting of hot tears dripping on to his chest. Then the acrid smell of smoke and destruction wafts through his nostrils, leaving a taste in the back of his throat that strands him paralyzed in time.

“Mr. Locksley?”

Her voice snaps him out of his trance, and he blinks repeatedly, squeezing Roland’s hand a bit too tightly for the boy’s comfort.

“Ow, Daddy,” Roland protests, pulling his hand from his father’s grasp, the principal quirking her head to see if something is wrong.

“I’m sorry,” he mutters, rubbing the back of his neck. “It’s just…”

Sirens blare in his memory, muted tones muffled by debris and brick.

“It’s difficult to let go, isn’t it?”

Her voice is soothing, her expression serene, so very different than what he remembers, worlds apart from the broken woman whose memory is pressed into his soul. He then looks down at his boy, eyes alight with excitement as he stares down the hallway leading to the Kindergarten wing.

“It is,” he returns, and she smiles at him, a smile that lifts her eyes and cheeks as she offers her hand to Roland. “They grow up too fast.”

“That they do,” she agrees. “My son just turned nine not long ago. He’ll be in the fourth grade this year.”

“Here at this school?” Roland asks, gazing at her as if she were his fairy godmother.

“Here at this school,” she answers, her smile doing something to his heart—wringing it, caressing it—he’s not certain what, exactly, but it hurts and soothes at the same time. Her child is alright—a son, a boy of nine.

Thank God. He’d wondered about her child for nearly a decade.

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5sos Paranormal Series 3: Angel!5sos


You continued to stare into the sun, your vision nearly completely gone as you waited for the world around you to fade into oblivion. This was a dream, that much was obvious considering you’d woken up in the middle of a huge, beautiful field filled with honeysuckle and baby’s breath. Tall, green grass was all you could see, stretching for miles under the deep blue sky that had not a single cloud. 

“You shouldn’t stare into the sun, you know,” Your peace is disturbed by an angelic voice, your head turning slowly to take in the blurry image of an ethereal boy with golden curls atop his dimpled face. Though you could barely see through the sunspots blurring your vision, you could tell his smile was heavenly. “Who are you?”

You turn to stare back into the sun as he sits beside you, his knees tucked into his chest. You can feel a tickle on your arm as he moves but you can’t be bothered to look, the beautiful sky captivating your attention once again. “(Y/N), and you?” You hum in reply, breathing in the floral scent around you.

“I’m Ashton, do you know how you got here (Y/N)?” You shake your head at him, doesn’t he know this is a dream? After all, he is simply a creation of your subconscious. “(Y/N) you’re dying, and I’m here to help you choose your fate.” At that you finally sit up, turning to look at the insane boy in shock when your mouth falls agape. Huge, gorgeous, white, feathered wings flow from Ashton’s back and a golden ring rests softly in his golden curls.


Calum moaned in pain, his lips dry and cracked and his face caked with blood. He looked around in confusion, sirens blaring and lights flashing all around him but they sounded like they were miles away. His best friend lay in the driver’s seat of the car, the metal of the door crumpled around his lean frame. “Ashton, w-wake up,” He rasped, reaching out to shake his friend’s shoulder only to cry out in shock at the sharp pain in his shoulder. 

“He’s dead,” A voice that sounded like the soft jingle of Christmas bells stated, tears filling Calum’s eyes at the harsh words. His best friend was dead. He tried to move again, yelping in pain once again only for tiny hands to push him back down. “Stop, you idiot. You’re dying, you need to stop moving.”

Calum didn’t want to die, he thought as he looked up at the girl who’d spoken. Her hair fell around her face perfectly and her eyes made him feel like he was looking at the world’s most prized jewels. “Who are you?” He asked, his voice barely heard over the sounds around him.

“I’m (Y/N), your guardian angel.” She replied, suddenly disappearing with the wind as a firefighter ran through her. Not into her, through her. Calum watched in pained silence as the colors of her presence faded into the blue oblivion of the sky and left him to lay beside his dead best friend as he could feel the life slowly leaving his body.


You never really understood why bad things happen to good people until you met Luke. Luke Hemmings was the definition of perfection, with a voice like honey and a face sweeter than any sugary treat. Of course, everyone has their fatal flaw and Luke’s just happened the worst thing he could possibly do. He fell in love, with you.

Angels were not meant to love humans, they were not meant to interact with humans unless commanded to and Luke was a curious creature who just couldn’t resist. So, he knocked on your door with an innocent smile on his face and eyes like a doe’s. “Hello! I’m Luke, I just moved in down the hall.” He points down the hall of your apartment complex, indicating where he lived.

“I’m (Y/N), nice to meet you.” If it weren’t for the fact that he was literal perfection you would have been disturbed by his enthusiasm. Luke, however, let his curiosity get the best of him and he indulged one more time. And then one more, and another, and another until he’d seen you everyday for a month and the two of you were inseparable. Then he just sort of disappeared for awhile, leaving without a goodbye and not returning.

Well, until now. You opened your door slowly only to gasp in shock, pulling a bruised and beaten Luke into your apartment quickly. He was crying softly, whimpering and mumbling how he was sorry under his breath. “They took them, (Y/N),” He cried out, leaving you to wonder what he meant. “They took my wings!” He turned his back to you, a squeal leaving your lips at the two long, bloody gashes that ran parallel down his shoulder blades.


All your life you had been able to see things that others hadn’t, which definitely proved to cause problems for you. Like, now, you were sitting in class and trying to listen to your teacher’s lecture when a glimmer in the corner caught your eye. Growing increasingly curious, your eyes trained on the shimmering light and you watched in horror as it grew and grew until suddenly you were staring at the most beautiful person you’d ever seen.

His green eyes trained on yours almost immediately, watching you closely as if he knew you could see him and he didn’t like it. He opened his mouth, making you think he was going to speak when the fire alarms went off and he smirked proudly. People ran, filing out of the school rapidly as the sprinklers turned on but you were paralyzed in your seat.

Who was he, or better yet, what was he? “Hello, love,” He was arrogant. You could tell that almost immediately, a smirk gracing his pink lips as he neared you. “I’m Michael, your savior,” You scoffed, raising your eyebrows at him. Savior? You didn’t think so.

“Bull-” You tried to object, when he was picking you up from your chair and holding you tightly. The light glimmered at your feet, a fiery burn searing your toes and slowly consuming your body until you were engulfed in an awkwardly pleasant burning sensation. And then you were in a different place, a place you’d never been where the ceilings were high and everything was crafted in gold. “Who the hell are you?”

“I told you, I’m Michael, your guardian angel. You’re in danger and I’ve been ordered to protect you whatever means necessary. You’re a very important girl, (Y/N).” You felt confused. You? Important? Since when?

Review: A Court of Mist and Fury (Book #2) by Sarah J Maas

My Rating: 5/5

This review contains semi-spoilers for A Court of Mist and Fury (with major ones hidden). Do not read if you haven’t already read A Court of Thorns and Roses.

But I met his stare as I clinked my glass against his, the crystal ringing clear and bright over the crashing sea far below, and said, “To the people who look at the stars and wish, Rhys.”

He picked up his glass, his gaze so piercing that I wondered why I had bothered blushing at all for Tarquin.

Rhys clinked his glass against mine. “To the stars who listen— and the dreams that are answered.”

And to me, the dumbass who locked herself in her bedroom for 48 hours without sunlight or food just so she could finish this book only to feel guilty once I realized I’d have to wait a year for the third installment…so perhaps I shouldn’t have devoured it so quickly.

I truly don’t know how to properly review this book, what with all the turmoil and ravaging emotions and throwing shit across my room at 2am, so I’ve decided to break it down into categories, starting with the most important.

I Transition

A Court of Mist and Fury, in the same regard to A Court of Thorns and Roses, is a slight spinoff on a classical tale. Whereas the first book takes certain themes from Beauty and the Beast, this sequel is full of the Hades and Persephone mythology— complete with raining stars, a hidden city, and a vicious romance. We follow our heroine huntress, Feyre, in book one as she tries to free Prythian from Amarantha’s curse while also saving the High Lord of the Spring Court and reclaiming her heart. However, through many traumatic trials, Feyre shatters more than just her bones as she winds up breaking her own heart. After being forced to murder two Fae youths, watch as her lover looks on in defiant ignorance, and beat the agonizing tasks set forth by those seemingly much stronger than she, Feyre is becomes the savior of Prythian, and a High Fae, but at the cost of her own sanity…and heart.

We begin A Court of Mist and Fury three months after the events in the preliminary book, where Tamlin and Feyre are about to be wedded as a symbolic gesture for the rebuilding of the Courts. Everything is supposedly wonderful, but Feyre is nothing more than a husk of her previous self. Gifted with abilities beyond her control, and a body she doesn’t feel comfortable merely walking in, Feyre finds that she is isolated from the rest of the world, in more ways than one. Not only is she struggling to adapt psychically, but the overbearing actions of her fiance, Tamlin, are driving her mad. Distressed, she silently wishes for someone to save her…and who better than to make a dramatic appearance on her wedding day than the High Lord of the Night Court? A mere few chapters in, and we’ve got what we’ve been theorizing since book one.

Enter— Rhysand.

Many fans have been quick to assume that the last encounter between Rhysand and Feyre will be incredibly vital to their development in this book…and we were all right. In fact, that small moment between the pair at the end of book one has become a major plot device for this sequel (not to mention it explains why we jumped three months ahead of time). All that we’ve been nervously awaiting has come alive in this ferocious second installment. We get the answers we desperately needed—and then some. Prepare yourselves. If it’s a Maas book, you know your heart is about to be wrecked.

II Plot

The plot in this second book was very steady. Unlike the first book where we jump back and forth between turmoil and travesty, this type of heartache was consistent from the prologue to the epilogue. We follow Feyre as she is taken to the Night Court and faced with the devastating truths that Tamlin and Lucien had been hiding from her, truths that she had secretly known to be real.

Rhys jerked his chin towards the map on the wall.

“What do you see?”

“A World divided in two.”

Ah, yes. And there it is. With everything that has happened in the first book, it’s no wonder that the King of Hybern will be looking to make an appearance in this sequel. If we thought Amarantha was bad, and she was merely his general, you can imagine how awful this encounter is going to be. How terrifying it actually was to read. All of those creatures that had been Amarantha’s servants Under the Mountain will return to invoke their leader’s wrath once more, but this time Feyre has more than just strong will and a few jagged Wyrm bones to defeat them. As we had theorized the brewing romance between Rhysand and Feyre, we’ve also entertained the thought that Feyre, who’d been resurrected by the power of all seven Lords of Prythian, will also harbor a small amount of each individual Lord’s abilities. And we were correct.

As Rhysand trains her to control her mental abilities, new characters will step in to help Feyre train to wield blades and hone her body into a weapon. All of this is in preparation for the upcoming war, however it is hinted that Hybern may not be their only enemy to watch out for. Seeing as the King of Hybern wishes to tear down the Wall between the mortal and Fae realm, the quickest way to do so would be to march through the Spring Court. The news doesn’t sit well with anyone, but after officially leaving Spring due to her awful treatment there, Feyre begins to understand why Rhysand and Tamlin have hated each other so deeply.

Betrayal, amongst other nefarious things, is a huge affair in this book.

While studying and growing stronger, Feyre begins the slow progress towards rehabilitation with the help of Rhysand and his friends. As she stars to develop many new emotions, we get to see a side of characters in the first book that we perhaps didn’t think possibly existed. At the heart of it all is a city kept untouched for five thousand years, and a realm that Feyre can finally consider home. But just as she mends her broken soul, the plot takes a steep curve and we are once more thrown into the sways of warfare and fury. Nothing is safe, no one is true, and there’s more blood and wings than flowers and laughter in this second installment of the trilogy. Needless to say, A Court of Mist and Fury will leave you with such an agonizing plot twist, fans of Mass’ other series will think that this book surpasses the suspense at the end of Crown of Midnight. I certainly feel that way.

III Relationships

I supposed I’d been granted that fit once—and had used it up and fought for it and broken it. And I supposed that Rhysand, for all he had sacrificed and done…He deserved it as much as Cresseida.

Even if…even if for a moment, I wanted it.

I wanted to feel like that again.

And…I was lonely.

I had been lonely, realized, for a very, very long time.

Let me start off this section by disclaiming that, as you can tell from my first review of A Court of Thorns and Roses, I’d been a hardcore fan of Tamlin and Feyre’s relationship. So much so that I had even proclaimed it my “Mother of All OTPs.” So, as a prior captain of that armada, I can say without any shame that, through reading this book and coming to understand many terrible and exciting things, I’m definitely no longer a part of that ship.

All I ever want for a female book character is for her to find happiness, and even before I had wanted Rhysand and Feyre to come together, I knew that Tamlin could no longer be an option for her. She’d be better off without any man, in fact, rather than staying with him and suffering as the pliant wife. As for Tamlin…well, I’ll mention what I feel about him in the section below (character development at it’s strangest). Although I adore the compatible relationship between our two main characters, I must include that the other sprouting romances had me quite tantalized as well. (In other words, Mass clearly knows how to really fuck over someone’s heart).

What I loved most about Rhysand and Feyre’s relationship was how he would always allow her to take the lead and make her own decisions while also encouraging her. He wasn’t controlling in the slightest, and he would always make certain that Feyre was treated the way she deserved. His concern for her while she’d return from Spring frail and thin made my heart clench. And Feyre’s concern for him, as she soothed him admit his nightmares, practically solidified my love for this coupling. They compliment each other so nicely, and although he is the strongest High Lord in Prythian’s history, I never saw him as more than her. Those two are wicked together, and their understanding of good and evil will make them a feral sight to behold when they revolutionize the realm together, as equals. They’re both dreamers, hence why it makes sense that they will rule the Court of Dreams as a united front.

(View spoiler on Goodreads–link below)

Along with our new characters comes new relationships, and I mean that in more ways than just romance. For starters, and simply because I need to get it off my chest immediately, Lucien finally finds himself a mate…and it’s with someone we’d suspected! I was over the moon because of my unexplainable adoration for his character since book one. While Feyre’s sisters remerge into this story, both of them seemingly get paired off with characters I’ve come to love. I really can’t wait to see where that leads, especially since one of their relationship’s will most likely become a plot device in the third book.


Also, and somewhat irrelevant, I’m dying to find out what happens between one of our new characters, Amren, and her (what I like to call) platonic-playmate in the Summer Court, Varian. They’re both very distant and aloof with everyone around them, even their families, and yet they’re always seen toying with one another like a cat and a mouse. It’s quite adorable, but also terrifying all considering.

IV Character Development

The character development in this story was the very essence of revolutionary. To begin with, Feyre makes a complete transformation from the gloomy carcass she had been in the first few chapters. Since the events from Under the Mountain in book one, Feyre had been slowly deteriorating. In this book we see her replenishing her mind, body, and soul through mystifying ceremonies. She is the same character we fell in love with, but it’s as though she’d been a coin and someone (Rhysand, mostly) polished off the coverage of dust and grime from months of mistreatment and now she’s brighter and happier than ever before. Which leads me to my second favorite transition…Rhysand!

He is still the sarcastic, somewhat narcissistic man that we were introduced to, however we finally get to remove his many carefully crafted masks to reveal the person beneath. He is just as broken as Feyre, and his treatment towards her once she arrives at his Court is anything but what most of us had expected. Instead of being distant and calculating, Rhysand is upfront about (most) of his emotions, especially the ones regarding how strongly it enrages him to see her being cast aside and left to rot in Spring. Of course the two bicker, mainly in regards to their well-beings, but throughout the length of this novel, they help one another reach a climatic development.

Tamlin, on the other hand, shows his true self in this installment. Whereas he was slightly pushy and passive aggressive in the first book (even I noted that, and I still adored him and Feyre together), he’s beyond overwhelming in this second book. His “protectivness” over Feyre ensures that she essentially becomes the silent, cowardly wife who is locked away inside his manor and is expected only to breed children and plan festivities. At one point, Feyre even notes that the person she’d been before Under the Mountain would have roared in outrage at such treatment. Although this does occur, in Tamlin’s mind he is doing the right thing. This doesn’t excuse what is happening, but I feel as though it leaves room for potential development in another direction. It’s as though those tiny scars we’d seen in the first book have been ripped open to reveal a massive void of depravity that has become Tamlin. He is turning into his beast, and I wonder if he knows it. However, I don’t neccissarly believe he is completely “gone” just yet.

Judging by his reaction to certain events at the end of the book (view spoiler on Goodreads– link below) I have a feeling that we are going to see him redeem himself in the third book…or becoming what everyone has feared. Worse than his own father. Not to mention, in regards to my theory about Tamlin being redeemed, (view spoiler on Goodreads—link below.)

Similar to Tamlin’s downward development, Lucien, who’d been one of my favorite characters, also shows a side of himself that had been hinted at in the first book, but never quite so firmly. He is, in the most basic regard, misunderstood. We all knew from the many happenings in AcoTaR that Lucien was a bit of a coward, and prone to running to Tamlin’s side when things got rough. Yet, that wasn’t the case for the entirety of the book, because he still remained a strong individual in my mind. Even from the first few chapters of AcoMaF, Lucien is seen to be wary of Tamlin…because it is finally stated that he fears his friend. My heart broke when I read that. Lucien is so terrified of Tamlin, of what his friend’s crumbing sanity will do, that he cannot help Feyre escape Spring, not even when Tamlin performs some pretty atrocious tasks that Lucien knows are awful. I’m hoping that with the establishment of his mate, and after seeing the outcome of the second book once leaving Hybern, Lucien will band together with Feyre to either help Tamlin regain his composure, or to leave for the Night Court and reunite with the people they deserve.

V Overall

After reading this book, I’m going to need to revisit the story a few more times before I can start theorizing for the third installment, simply because there was so much to take in. Overall, I’m incredibly pleased by the events in this story. No matter how long it was, I will always want more when it comes to Maas! The character were heartbreaking, the plot was terrifying, and the writing was, per usual, incredibly well done. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to make it until next spring for the last installment of this trilogy, specifically due to the cliffhanger ending in this book. Oh well, I figure that’s what Fanfiction is for?

If you for some reason haven’t read A Court of Thorns and Roses (and read this review for it’s sequel?) well then, get to it! Just be prepared for some massive plot twists. I have a feeling book three will be longer and more calamitous than anyone is ready for. It can’t arrive soon enough.

Read on Goodreads.

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any yoi fics in the HP universe?

I wrote one but I haven’t seen any others. You certainly won’t find any on FF.net. Try AO3.

Ch. 11 of Always My Soulmate

Pairing: Victuuri

Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice

Tags: AU, No skating, instead there is Quidditch, Fluff, the chapter on AO3 has more notes to read.

Sum: This is a Victuuri AU in the Harry Potter universe, where certain cultures believe that the Patronus(spirit guardian) can show you your soulmate if it matches another’s Patronus. Victor shares this belief because he has a mushy heart.

“We’re hosting a few students from Koldovstoretz?”

Yuuri and Yuuko shared a look, finding the news to be interesting. Rarely did they ever get visitors, and technically it would only the Americans or the English. So to get some visitors from a non-English speaking region would be lovely.

Nishigori wasn’t finished however. He pulled out a Quidditch magazine from seemingly nowhere and shoved it in their faces. “Victor Nikiforov of the Ramenskoye Rarógs is coming personally!”

Yuuri’s interest was caught immediately. He could tell that Yuuko was also ready to explode.

Victor Nikiforov was one of the best Quidditch players in the world and had been playing Seeker for his team for five years! Ever since he joined the team, Russia had yet to lose a game. He’d even lead his team to victory three years ago at the World Cup.

Yuuri himself was also a Quidditch player. He was Seeker for the Toyohashi Tengu. Had been Seeker for the past three years.

Unlike certain countries, they were not the sort to raise their standards for Quidditch players. If the person had the skill and their parents’ permission, then they could join the team if they were accepted. They didn’t have to be a certain age to join. Skill, not age, dictated entry.

Yuuri was considered the top Seeker in the Asian continent. Victor was considered the top Seeker in the European continent. Both of them would be sharing space for however long the Koldovstoretz students remained.

What could happen?

Yuuko giggled. “I can’t wait to go and tell everyone!”

Yuuri and Nishigori shared a look, but Yuuko was already gone.

Nishigori summoned his Tsunami and mounted it. “Alright Katsuki-san, there no time for playing around. Let’s train you up so if Nikiforov-san challenges you in any way, you can drill him into the water on your own turf.”

With a sigh, Yuuri hopped onto his Uzumaki and ascended into the stormy clouds.

Victor was so excited! Especially since unlike his classmates, he wasn’t going to be using a translation spell. He actually spoke Japanese, and English and Portuguese, not that those mattered at the moment.

Getting the Highmistress to even agree to an exchange program had been hard, but in the end, Victor had gotten what he wanted while letting the woman think she was benefitting more than he. It was all a part of the plan!

Victor got to travel to a new country for free, experience the culture for free, and meet his favorite Quidditch player for free!

Katsuki Yuuri had been on Victor’s mind for the past two years, and next year, Japan would make it to the World Cup where Russia would also be playing, and Victor could face the other in a real match finally.

He was looking forward to it! Mahoutokoro was said to reside at the top of a volcano after all!

Yuuri always regretted being one of the top students, simply because the color of his robes made him stand out. It was annoying.

Yes, gold was nice and it earned him a lot of respect as a top student, but too much attention made him uncomfortable. He already had enough fans from being a Quidditch player and having a cherry wood wand, he didn’t need any more fame.

“They’re here! They’re here!” Yuuko yelled, smacking Yuuri’s arm repeatedly in her excitement.

The skys were blue and cloudless for the first time in a long while. In the distance, they could see that a large, red creature that had a very rough likeness to a dragon, or maybe a hydra, was flying their way. Attached to it, were large golden reins that were being controlled by a very large man. Probably a half-giant if Yuuri was to guess.

The carriage connected to the creature was enormous. The size of a house even. Yuuri was sure that the inside was enchanted to make it even larger. It was lovely, decorated in shades of gold and silver, with intricate carvings. It was like a miniature Western castle on wheels.

An entire strip of rock had been cleared at the top of the mountain, in order to allow them to land. Yurri had a feeling that the landing would probably shake the foundations of the castle.

His assumption was proven to be correct. Also, the former idea turned out to be right, as about one hundred students stepped out of the carriage. They all looked perfectly comfortable, and no one seemed to be tired. Or irritable form long travel.

He could easily see Victor Nikiforov in the very front of the large group, smiling widely up at the white jade castle that Yuuri currently called home.

Victor was as attractive in person as he was in his photographs. Yuuri couldn’t help but sigh with delight.

The grandmistress of Mahoutokoro stood front and center of her gathered students, her arms folded as she bowed. The Highmistress of the other school, returned the respect given, and smiled. The two clasped hands in greeting.

They were polar opposites.

Yagiri-O-Sensei was small and thin, with long black hair that she merely kept back in a top knot. Her fringe was cut around her face perfectly, not one hair out of place. She was the no-nonsense sort, but did have a soft side here and there. Her eyes were as black as the night.

The other woman, whom Yuuri was informed was named Zlata Petrova, was long. It was the only way he could describe her. Not just tall. Every limb just seemed to be incredibly long. Her hair was golden, and he couldn’t see her eyes from his position, but he knew that they were light in color, otherwise they would stand out more.

Yuuri was lined up with his friends and fellow schoolmates.

They made twenty lines of almost ten each, the best students taking the front position, so their golden robes were perfectly on display.

It was always reputation first. Sometimes Yuuri just wanted to hide in a hole and sleep. Where no one gave a shit about his reputation or skills. Just peace and quiet.


Yuuri blinked and looked up, finding none other than Victor Nikiforov leaning over him.

Yuuri had been reclined on the grassy slope on the western side of the castle, in a small place he liked to go when things became too loud. Sometimes it was hard to force himself to communicate with people. He needed regular breaks from becoming overloaded far too quickly.

Only Yuuko knew about this place, but somehow Nikiforov-san had found it anyway.

“Hello,” the smaller Seeker murmured carefully.

“I’ve been wanting to meet you for a long time, and now we can talk without being stalked!”

Victor plopped down on the grass right beside Yuuri, a grin on his attractive face.

Yuuri sat up then, looking the Russian over. His hair was grey. He’d actually been born with grey hair, which wasn’t that unusual in the wizarding world. Yuri’s sister was part Metamorph and had a purple streak in her hair when she was born. It happened.

Last time he’d seen her, she’d riddled her hair with blonde highlights because ‘why not?’.

“What did you want to talk about?”


He found himself bombarded with many questions in which he struggled to answer quickly so he didn’t forget the answer to the next question.

“Gold is a status symbol. It shows that you are at the top of your studies and magical prowess. It usually takes until the second to last year to reach gold, especially for the hardworking students.

“The robes are enchanted to change color as you grow in magical ability. White is a shameful color for those who betray the magical society of Japan.

"The volcanoes do erupt on a yearly basis, though not at the same time or in a specific order. We are safe here, worry not.

"I do not have a girlfriend and I don’t want one. Why do you need to know?”

Victor smiled. “Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No. Despite the much lighter views here than in some other places - especially because of soulmates and all - we aren’t so open with relationships here. No one at the school would really mind, but even opposite sex couples aren’t overly affectionate in Japan’s magical community. That’s a private thing. Usually. Circumstances depend.”

Victor hummed. “I’ve had many girlfriends and boyfriends. They were kind of… lacking, I guess.”

“Are you looking for your soulmate?” asked Yuuri. “You do know that the chance of you actually meeting your perfect match in incredibly low, right?”

“I know! But that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up! Besides, I have a Patronus!”

“A what?”

Victor blinked. “We adapted the Latin version of the word. Hold on.” The other stared off into the distance for a moment, before his eyes lit up once again. “Shugo Seishin!”

Oh. In some magical communities, it was a belief that if two people had matching spirit guardians, then they were soulmates. It was supposedly one of the ways that people could tell if they were meant for each other. Another was sexual intercourse. Some other methods were wrong and not legal in Japan.

He wouldn’t even consider them.

“Do you have one?” asked Victor.

“No. That kind of magic is harder to do for those of us who’ve had relatively good lives. No joyful memory we use is ever good enough.”

Victor scoffed. “You don’t need memories, you need emotion!” He stood then, clasping a hand around Yuuri’s arm and pulling him up as well. “I don’t use memories because no memory will last forever. But happiness can be eternal. Come, let us try now!”

Yuuri stuttered and tried to pull away, but Victor was insistent, pulling out his wand and taking a familiar stance.

A few seconds later, a silvery figure leapt forth from the end of the wand, and galloped about the small knoll that Yuuri loved sleeping on.

Victor’s Shugo Seishin was an Abraxan. It was beautiful, with long wings that stretched out, and a perfect main of silver hair.

“Abraxans stand for beauty and quiet strength, according to my people. I like to think that it holds special meaning.”

Victor gestured for Yuuri to come and try.

The brunet stepped forward, only to be drawn into a light embrace, where Victor gripped his wand arm with one hand, and his hip with the other.

“You need to think of something happy. Something that could make you fly without magic even.”

Yuuri shivered, but closed his eyes to concentrate anyway. His current predicament was nice enough, and when he let his mind wander, it got even better.

Waving his wand and thinking really hard, Yuuri tried to cast the spell that had eluded him for so long.

Opening his eyes, he could see a small funnel of silver sprouting from the tip of his wand. Nothing grandiose or amazing, but for he who had never managed anything of the sort before, it was a big deal.

Unable to help himself, he turned around and embraced the Russian in his excitement.

“All you need to do is detail the thought that made this possible,” Victor whispered in his ear, making Yuuri shiver again.

That thought probably shouldn’t be publicized. Ever.

News spread fast that Victor Nikiforov and Yuuri Katsuki were now friends. Where every one of Yuuri’s classmates expected a pompous ass who would start fights with their star Seeker, they instead found a kind-hearted young man with a desire for happiness and peace.

Victor was a breath of fresh air. He also inspired many to step up their training. His presence made them feel like they could accomplish anything. And with the way he spoke of never giving up and always trying, Yuuri could understand their astonishment.

He was still shocked, and he was the one that Victor had chosen to spend time with the most.

Of course Victor brought his own friends into the fold as well. Yuuri’s small group of friends got on with Victor’s friends well enough, and they had already made a study group that would go out into one of the courtyards at lunch and do assignments together.

Yuuko was the leader of the study group, so to speak. She had the most efficient study methods available and together, the groups helped one another excel.

Victor was very… clingy. He liked to touch and be touched. It seemed to be his thing, and Yuuri had to get used to it because it happened all the time.

There was a running joke going around that Victor wanted Yuuri as a lover, but no one was willing to say it to their faces. It was whispered in dark corners and among the most quiet places in the castle.

Victor knew all about the rumors and he did absolutely nothing to quell them. Eventually, Yuuri lost interest in starting arguments over it, so he just dropped it. If people wanted to think it, then who was he to care? It wasn’t like he and Victor were being disrespected. They didn’t have partners or anything so no one could really be offended.

Victor’s arm was casually thrown around Yuuri’s shoulders, the two were on their way toward the stables where they and several others would be taking some of the Giant Storm Petrels out for a bit of a fly. Usually they would be having Quidditch practice, but the skies were perfect, and Nishigori preferred to train during terrifying storms. More work, he claimed.

Victor was excited because he’d never ridden a bird before.

“At my school, we have the Zmey. They are a relation to dragons, but aren’t considered dragons by most magical societies because they have multiple heads. Some of the mothers will let me near their clutches, and some mothers let me play with their drakelings.”

“Are they the same as the creature that carried your group here?” Yuuri asked, remembering the large being.

“Exactly! We have many of them, but Rostislav is the largest and strongest. He doesn’t let anyone ride him however. Stubborn.”

Yuuri smiled and thought of the creature that had managed to annoy the keeper of the stables.

He was apparently very picky on what he preferred to eat, which made feeding him difficult.

“I’m excited! Do you ride bareback?”

Yuuri face flamed. “Excuse me?”

“For the Petrels? Do you bridle them and have saddles of some sort or do you simply sit there?” Victor clarified, his mind obviously not going where Yuuri’s had.

With deep shame at his own lecherous mind, Yuuri responded in a positive. “We have saddles. You’ll see.”

Yuuri endeavored to keep his mind clear for the rest of the day, even when Victor insisted they share a bird. Even when they actually shared the seat. Even when he was forced to ride up front because he was shorter and ‘should be able to see everything too’ according to Victor.

No, his mind did not wander once.

“Do you get snow around here during the Winter months?” Victor asked, curious about the current climate and the fact that it was in the middle of November and the temperature hadn’t changed yet.

Yuuri, who was busy sipping from a cup of tea, froze for a second. “Naturally, the islands do not get snow because the temperature stays around 22 °C year 'round. However, O-sensei takes ten days in December where she influences the weather and the atmosphere, to force snow to fall.

"The mahounashi at the nearby military base haven’t really noticed anything beyond the suddenness coming in December. O-sensei doesn’t keep the same dates every year, just so it can’t be tracked. So there will be snow, but only for a little while. She’ll tell us when.”

That was good. Victor loved the snow. “I hope it happens during my birthday.”

“When’s your birthday?”

“Christmas. When is yours?”

“The twenty-ninth of November.”

Victor would have to get him something then.

He’d heard some students talking about being allowed to have pets, and Yuuri didn’t have one at the school. And Yuuri also liked poodles.

Victor’s smile went wide.

He knew what to get Yuuri!

“Have you heard from Mari-chan lately?”

Yuuri shook his head. “She’s been really busy and I don’t want to get in the way.”

At Victor’s confused look, Yuuko explained. “She’s Yuuri-kun’s older sister. She’s away on a job right now, so she hasn’t been home in a while.”


Yuuri was smiling though. “She’s out there being awesome, so I can’t complain too much.”

Victor got him a puppy! It was tiny and cute and he loved it!

He also decided to name it Victor, but called it Vic-chan when around others. Vic-chan came from the same litter as Victor’s own poodle, Makka-chin.

This made getting Victor a good gift even more important. He just didn’t know what to get someone who seemed to have everything already.

“I just want you to manage to create a Shugo Seishin. That’s all I need.”

And so Yuuri applied himself more fastidiously to training. If only to see Victor smile at him like Yuuri lit up his world.

Unlike the westerners, the Japanese did not rely on words to convey their magic. Intent was the most important thing, which was why only rituals needed words.

Yuuri meditated more than he ever had before. He studied carefully, and tried to find the amount of happiness within himself in order to conjure a spirit guardian of his own.

Yagiri-O-sensei decided to surprise everyone directly on Christmas Eve, by beginning her ten days of snowfall. The courtyards could be seen covered in couples rolling around in the snow and having snowball fights.

Victor was obviously excited and had somehow gotten into Yuuri’s dorm - someone probably let him in - in order to wake him up early to 'go play’. Yuuri allowed himself to be convinced because it was a special day and he wasn’t going to ruin it for anyone. Let alone Victor.

“I learned that the Japanese don’t really celebrate Christmas, but I wanted to get you a gift anyway. It’s outside. I was afraid of shrinking it, for fear of possibly ruining it.”

Yuuri was dragged along to the common room where very few people resided. Most were reading by the fireplace. The dormitory was rarely ever full on Christmas Eve. Romance was too busy being spread to do anything else really.

“I was surprised not to see Yuuko-chan here! She’s usually awake already!”

Yuuri yawned. “Yuuk-chan is a part of the Jizen group. She doesn’t have early morning classes today, so she’ll be sleeping in for now. Nishigori-san is a part of the Yuuki group. He had to wake up two hours ago for his classes. My group, Chugi, has no classes today.”


Victor pulled how in front of the fireplace and told him to wait. He then scampered off, leaving Yuuri standing in his pajamas.

There were a few snickers that he chose to ignore because he did not want to feed into their ideas.

“Here it is!”

Victor reappeared with a large box floating in front of him. It was wrapped in black paper and was sprinkled with glitter.

“Happy Christmas, Yuuri!” Victor exclaimed, throwing his arms around Yuuri and nuzzling his face into the brunet’s hair.

More snickers followed because Victor did not understand the significance of giving gifts on Christmas Eve. Still Yuuri was touched and resolved to complete his spirit guardian training as soon as possible.

With a wave of the hand, the wrapping vanished, leaving a simple, brown box and a lid. The lid levitated off the gift and was dropped on the floor so that Yuuri could look inside.


Yuuri’s mouth dropped open when his older sister popped out of the box to throw her arms around his shoulders.

Mari’s squad had been stationed over in Australia. They were supposed to be uncovering some kind of dangerous creature in one of the Australian deserts, at the behest of the Australian Ministry. Mari was a Magizoologist, and was considered one of the best in her field.

She had been gone for two years, and they’d only been able to Fire-Call one another a few times. Letters were even less frequent.

Yuuri took comfort in the lingering smell of tobacco in her hair. She hadn’t changed much, if at all. A little older and a little scarred on the one arm, but she was still the same.

And Victor had somehow brought her here.

Yuuri couldn’t help but send the other teen a grateful smile. This was the best gift he could have ever gotten!

Victor wasn’t expecting Yuuri to burst into his room. Rarely did the inhabitants of Mahoutokoro venture inside their visitors’ ship. But Yuuri looked insistent.

“Victor-kun, I wanted to give you a gift as well,” said the other, slightly out of breath.

Before Victor could even ask, Yuuri lifted his wand and made a small, circular motion with it. Immediately, a silver Abraxan shot forth, tiptoeing nearer to where Victor was seated in order to headbutt him.

The Russian gaped for a moment, before leaping off his bed and capturing Yuuri into his arms, kissing him soundly on the mouth.

From where they were peeking around the corner, Yuuko and Mari smiled.

“I don’t think they understand that the guardian’s only show who you love most. They don’t actually show soulmates,” Mari murmured, a small frown in place.

Yuuko tsked. “It’s adorable either way. And no one said soulmates have to get together anyhow.”

“True. Hey look, they’re tonguing now.”

Yuuko giggled.

{6 Months Later}

“I want a good, clean game,” the referee said sternly, eyeing up the players on both teams.

Victor and Yuuri shared a grin. There they both were, though it wasn’t as if no one expected it.

The Quidditch World Cup was held in Germany this year, and Victor’s team was up against Yuuri’s team, as many had predicted the former year.

Just because they were in a relationship, did not mean that they would not make each other work for the victory. If anything, this would just push both of them on to try even harder!

The Seekers both shook hands for good showmanship, and even shared a wink between them.

The players hunched over their brooms, and when the whistle sounded, they took off amidst the roars of the crowd.

Victor wouldn’t trade this for the world.

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Peace At Last

Summary: The war is officially over, the walls of thorns have come down, Aurora has just been named successor to the crown in the human kingdom, and there is finally peace between the faer-people and the humans. Yet, Maleficent and Aurora each have their own worries about the future.

Rating: PG

Part: 1/3

Also on ff.net x

A/N: Yay new fandom! And what an exciting new fandom it is. I hope you all enjoy the fic. It’s pretty fluffy :) The second part is in the works and will probably be more angsty.

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It's been a long time coming...

Woah…this is a genuine surprise. Like wow. I’ve only been here for nine months, and I started off pretty meager. But in this time, 450 of youmanaged to look at my blog and consider me quality enough to click the follow button. Not only that, but you’ve stayed all this time. And that means a lot to me. I never thought I’d ever see this number ever my time on here, so to see it now is not only humbling, but it makes me very happy. I’ve felt so welcomed here, and you’ve all made it possible for me to grow as a writer and a fellow rper, and I can say that you’ve made me confident in how I write Miranda. I used to be shy and awkward and harsh on myself, but your interactions and how much I’ve written over these 9 months have made me proud in what I write. So thank you so much.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I don’t have my favorites. Those who’ve personally touched me, who’ve made me smile (and cry) or who were there for me when I just felt awful. You’re the people I talk to on Skype (and fall asleep on…) and stay up at ungodly hours talking about headcanons or just chatting about nonsense. Regardless if it’s banter, headcanons, or slamming fingers on a keyboard and hitting enter, you’re the ones I hold closest to my heart.

To begin, then:


first of all how dare you

Here you are, the reason why I’m here in the first place. You talked me into this after months of looking at your blog from afar and commenting about various things. You tempted me, and I took the bait. I’ve always wanted to rp as Miranda, and it was through your encouragement that I set up this blog and take my place in the Mass Effect rp community as a distinguished Miranda Lawson among the inevitable numbers of others.

I actually owe a lot to you: you made me feel like I belonged here. You were the first person I threaded with so people would notice me. I initially had a place here with you. I could fall back to you if I wanted, and you helped me set my way. So I guess you helped me grow my wings, and I’m forever grateful to you.

We jokeship things (and then cry about because we never learn), we banter, we rant, we talk. You’ve been nothing but good to me, and so you earn a place in my book, and you earn a spot on here.

but most of all how dare you.


Oh, Kas. How can I articulate my adoration for you in a way that sounds in any way coherent? The short answer is I can’t, but I’m going to try anyways.

I’m so glad to have met you here. That’s understating everything. That doesn’t account for all the times I light up when I see you come on Skype. It doesn’t say anything about the times we text and the times we send each other little reminders of our importance to each other. In no way does this even touch the volumes of words we speak to each other, how much we banter, and how much you’ve actually made me cry because your headcanons are SO UPSETTING. But those tears are good. They make me feel all the better about them because of the emotional impact they have, and hell, if headcanons make me cry, then they’re damn good ones.

Out of everyone, I owe you the most in terms of voice. You’re the reason why I feel so confident about Miranda and how I write her. The countless times we turn to banter, how many times it’s made me sit down and think about what Miranda would do or say, it’s improved my voice by immeasurable bounds. Our Skype chats have made me write the most in-character and well-constructed voices I’ve ever conjured up.

And I think that’s pretty awesome.

And, of course, you’re the other half to my rarepair OTP. How can I not love you. You humble the shit out of me and always remind me that I’m important and that I matter. And I can say the same as much to you. I adore you endlessly.

But you probably already know that. I just love to remind you ♥

cothurnas, circumscribedvoid, with-knives


Joking side, man oh man, do I love you all SO MUCH. You’re my main characters in Dishonored rp, and you’re all just…super sweet? You three have been my introduction into the Dishonored-verse (even if my entrance into it was rather misguided…shut up ok). I walked into that fandom feeling super intimidated by everyone and everything, and I’ve been nothing but welcome because of you three. Even when I didn’t play the game before and even when I didn’t get to certain parts yet, I always super excited when you reply to me, and our threads have been nothing but detailed and wonderful. And I can’t believe I’ve made Miranda a prominent figure in the Dishonored verse like wow.

But someone’s gonna have to put those boys in line amirite.

I love our group chats. I love our individual conversations. And I love everything we do, whether it’s serious discussions or just plain trash because we’re all trash. But goddamn if we aren’t trash that makes us all feel safe, included, and unafraid to speak our minds. I love you all so, so much. You mean the world to be.

To put it simply
and this is jackass

eerue, xducere

Kisses you ok.

No matter who you’re on, I adore you. I adore your Jane, I adore your Claire, and you are just the loveliest person. You’re much too hard on yourself, and I think it’s so sad because you are such a genuinely friendly and warm person. Even if we don’t talk a lot on Skype, I still have you around. Our interactions might be limited with circumstances, but I adore rping with you. I love Miranda getting intimate with Shepard or eyeing down Claire. And It’s personally my duty to make Miranda be like “damn” with every of your characters. I can’t help it. They just click no matter what. I love our instantaneous chemistry that we have. It’s such an honor to have you in my life, whether on rp, or skype, or text. You do mean a lot to me, and I don’t think I say it enough. I should get to that more, shouldn’t I?

You’re the world to me. Never forget that.


Actually Kelly Chambers?????? Like wow. You’ve been nothing but positive to me, and I think that’s wonderful. I don’t have as much to say about you unfortunately, but you’re a very positive person I can turn to and that’s wonderful. You have awesome headcanons and mother!Miranda is the most important thing to me EVER so bless you for baby Kelly and a very happy Miranda. Yes. A++++++++ cutie ilu ok.


*points at Akane* Luv this Shepard……..

Seriously though, I’m so glad we met and added each other. Your Shepard is wonderful because she’s a renegade and not the sterotypical asshole-because-I-can renegade, and she does show depth of emotions and she actually does care which is awesome because wow it’s like renegades can be three-dimensional oh my god. No matter which account you’re on, I always enjoy talking to you, and I’m glad I made you ship a thing. It’s my job. Your doneness fuels me B)


HEYA BUDDY. I’m adding you on here because you’re just???? an AMAZING person even though we’ve known each other for approximately 5 minutes but ALSO because I convinced you to be here in the first place. I am so proud. You’re just super sweet and lovely and I’m so glad you’re here. You rock and you’ve been nothing but nice to me. Marry me tbh.


Oh Liara. The Liara. My Liara tbh. You’re the first one I followed and wow your Liara voice is nailed down to a T. I’m super glad we took such a liking with each other because you are lovely and even though we’ve been a bit out of touch I always support you no matter what. You’re a lovely person and I’m gonna knock all those hardships out of your life and right on their ass, okay? Too sweet to go through that. You’re a very lovely person. Just a joy to talk to. And not helping any of my shipping.

And now some people I want to give a shoutout to because I love seeing them on my dash!

codenamearchangel, reluctxr, resxrata, otwilightprincess, brutalblood, brutalsurvivor, keepyourhairshort, keptmyhairshort, slxnderman, feedinglungs, is2keelah, alliancemarinevega. ltpendejo, ltashleywilliams, doctorliara, hornedbeauty, xamelixrate, wolfkiin, archxngelus, artomisia, heymickeyxo, xcroft, ameliaxpace, xhighbeams, xlivestogo, ofavarice, ofmouldedclay, lutecea, baneofcolumbia, iamnotaliberator, iwasgoingtobringmusic, ifindyousofascinating, hisbrokenwatch, vindictive-virus, asymptomatiic, heiiiress, ambitiouskaldwin, elementedxn, imanopenbookboss, changeinmanagement, doubletxp, armsxmaster, undauntedxspirit, spectrewolf, spectrevasir, wrexofurdnot, assholeinahoodie, theoxtsider, piranhaprincess, subject-zero-zero-bullshit, mostlyfleshandsteel, optimizefiringalgorithms, kai-m-shepard, ori-lawson, ruthlessrenegade, gasmxsk, quietux, stilltoday, krepusko, thracixn, isabellashepard, bigndbad, cautuslupus, alpha-of-omega, cmdr-blackjack-shepard

Thank you all for making this such a wonderful experience. You’ve been all amazing. Keep it up!

I have been toying with the idea of writing a post about Tony and Zoe and my thinking about what this means if/when Ziva shows up again for however-long and I kept deciding not to because it’s nothing but pure speculation on my part really, but after watching this week’s ep I’ve decided I will. I want to talk a bit about the episode specifically in relation to Tony and where he’s at but also throw in my own thoughts/theories about where it’s all going. It’s under the read more so I’m sorry if you’re on a mobile device and have to scroll past it all.

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