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Iron Heart, Chapter 6

Hello ^^ Recently read one of my favorite fanfiction’s newest chapters, ‘Iron Heart’ by Spikerr. Big fan of this story and hope they continue it. This scene is from chapter 6 (or at least the best I could visualize it while reading it) anyway hope you love it Spikerr ^U^ Hopefully I can get around to coloring it, but until then I give permission to whoever wants to color it AS LONG as you give me credit for the sketch. PLEASE AND THANK YOU! (let me know if you wanna color it too!)

Here is one of the scenes from chapter 6 that inspired me to draw:

She wondered if her heart would just jump out her chest and dance on the floor in front of them. It certainly hadn’t stopped since they took off, and she doubted that it would anytime soon. Especially now as she sat next to him, her shoulder flush against his arm. It was still pouring outside, but she didn’t mind as much with the dragon at their backs, warming her now that she was out of her sopping jacket. It hung next to his, having been rung out as much as possible.

Their clothes were still a bit damp, but there wasn’t much they could do about that. At least, when they finally found a place to rest, there was promise of a hot fire and food, and possibly a bed. Though she definitely wouldn’t mind staying here for a bit longer.

A soft gust of wind brushed her damp locks, and she shivered, gulping as she hugged her knees tighter. It wouldn’t do to get sick now, especially when they were supposed to continue flying tomorrow. It was a death wish to do so, anyone who flew sick risked fire-head, a dangerous illness that often afflicted riders more than commoners. Still, she didn’t want to take any risk of falling ill, wanting to be more useful than she felt at the moment. She leaned closer to Gajeel, hoping that he didn’t mind her cuddling close to get warmer.

She nearly jumped in surprise when his arm lifted, and wrapped itself around her shoulders, hugging her tightly. She was sure that her cheeks had been set ablaze, they felt so hot. She resisted looking up at him for the umpteenth time, grateful that he couldn’t see her embarrassment. He sighed slowly, his chest rising and falling against her made that resistance crumble, and she sneaked a peek at him. His head was resting against the dragon’s side, his eyes closed in what seemed to be an attempt to sleep while waiting for the storm to pass. It wasn’t a bad idea, she mused as she softly snuggled next to him, not wanting to disturb him. But she couldn’t relax, not when her nerves were shot and her blood pounded in her ears.

She was sure that he’d be upset earlier, having failed to even find Perion in the storm. She barely made it halfway down main street before ducking under an awning, nearly despairing as she gazed in the direction that the dragon master had gone. But in the rain, it was difficult to even recognize his figure, and there were other, larger people rushing around as well. To make matters even more difficult, she wasn’t sure where the inn even was, forcing her to give up and turn around.

To her utter shock, the Rider was far gentler than she anticipated, even supported her. She had just caught her breath to have it stolen away when he hugged her, sending her heart racing when he beamed at her. And it was all she could do to keep from swaying as he began helping her out of her jacket, sending Panther indignant glares.

Lectured by the dragon? Why, it was endearing, and she couldn’t help the smile she flashed at the black dragon as Gajeel guided her to him, pointing out the warmest spot to rest on while he took care of her soaked jacket.

Panther was indeed warmer than she expected, but she partially blamed that on the chilly rain. She definitely hadn’t expected Gajeel to be even warmer once he plunked down next to her, his shoulder brushing hers. Then, Panther had wrapped his giant wing around the pair, blanketing them against most of the chill air. But for the most part, she was cozier here than she was in her own bed!

She could feel her head begin to grow heavy, refusing to stay upright. Her eyes were sliding shut easier and staying shut as time went on, lulled by the rain on the roof. Her head finally rested on his shoulder, and she could feel herself relaxing.

She didn’t remember falling asleep, only the last thought before finally succumbing to the pull was that she’d rather be nowhere else but here.

He Knew When She Knew


Throughout training, Cassian had been uncharacteristically quiet.
Intentionally quiet.

His brothers knew the reason, whatever it was, must be weighing him down.
Cassian had always been better with dealing with his emotions physically, rather than verbally.
Today, they wouldn’t allow him that option.
“So,” Rhys began, knowing exactly what would make Cassian tick, “Are you going to tell us what’s going on, or are Az and I going to have to beat it out of you?”
“I say we beat first ask questions later,” Azriel joked and gave a wicked smirk. Okay…maybe he wasn’t entirely kidding.
Rhys twirled the iron training staff in his hands and began stalking toward Cassian, “You are the expert interrogator, Azriel.”
Knowing his brothers would very likely attempt to beat his suspicions and thoughts out of him, he decided to give in instead.
“I think Nesta…could be pregnant.” Cassian admitted, his voice barely above a whisper but louder than any words he had ever said before.
The silence and tension was palpable.
For a long moment, no one even moved.
“She doesn’t smell any different.” Rhys observed quietly.
“No. She doesn’t smell different, she doesn’t look different. She tastes the same, acts the same…” Cassian glared at the ground.
Rhys crossed his arms, looking equally pensive and confused. “Why do you think she’s pregnant?”
Cassian didn’t know how to describe the feeling, the uncertainty…It was cloudy in his sea of confusion, but he could swear he was right. “I have this feeling. In my gut, in my bones. When I’m with her…Especially when I’m not with her.” He ran a hand through his hair and continued, “How..? What-?”
“Did you take…precautions?” Azriel tentatively asked, not meaning any insult.
“Precautions? What, like closing the door?” Even in this serious situation, Cassian wouldn’t miss an opportunity to sass his brother.
Rhys threw his head back and laughed. He knew what it was like to be with an Archeron woman.
Azriel, however, blanched.
“Yes to the first,” Cassian drawled. “And no to the second,” he added with a wink and ducked away from Azriel’s attempt to smack his head.


All at once, he felt it.
The difference was as stark as night and day. It felt like looking directly into the sun.
A white hot brand down the bond, his confusion- which he realized had not entirely been his own- was replaced with clarity.
Pure, blinding clarity.
Cassian dropped to his knees and roared so loud that the snow on the mountains began tumbling down.
Nesta, Nesta, Nesta
Rhys and Azriel were immediately at his side, ready to shield him or fight by his side at this unseen force that made this great man stumble.
Without looking up, Cassian sobbed. He barely found the words and choked, “Mine.” His shoulders shook and wings were fully unfurled and quaking.
A quiet understanding swept between Rhys and Azriel, and they lifted their brother back to his feet.
Putting his hands on his shoulders, Rhys looked Cassian squarely in the eyes. “Go,” he commanded.
Instantaneously, Cassian shook his brother’s hands free, and shot towards the sky.


Without looking back, he flew as fast as his wings would carry him to his new future.
“Nesta, Nesta, Nesta,” he said her name aloud, repeating it like a holy mantra.
I’m coming.


Not to be bothered trying to open their door with his muddied hands, he crashed it open.
He couldn’t stop staring at her. Nor she at him.
“She’s so beautiful,” he thought. She was already glowing.
He had to touch her, had to feel for himself the truth of what was growing in her body.
Barely grazing his fingertips on her stomach, he could feel it.
He was fire, Nesta was ice…
This was lightning.
Just conceived weeks ago, but the power was already there…
“Tell me…” His heartbeat was audible as it was pounding as loud as any war drum.
She knew his question, knew he had known the answer before seeing for himself and touching it. He felt the truth, now he needed to hear it.

With their love, they had created something special.


Day 20 - Favourite kiss

I get so happy every time two men or two women kiss on TV, so inevitably it wasn’t going to be an m/f couple that won Best Kiss, though there are some really great straight kisses out there. 90% of the reason I started watching Wynonna Earp is that I heard there was quality non-tragic f/f content, and it did not disappoint. Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught are well on their way to being my favorite same-gender ship and one of my favorite ships period, and this is their first kiss. And their second kiss. The first kiss of any romance like this, where there’s chemistry but they’re holding back from becoming a couple until they give in and kiss, is always a joy (assuming I like the couple, of course). It’s a common trope, come to think of it. My actual OTP’s first kiss was sort of like that. But it’s especially magical when at least one of the members is just coming to terms with their sexuality.

Besides the gaiety of it all and my overall affection for this couple, another thing that distinguishes the WayHaught kiss is how nervous Waverly is. She herds Nicole into the sheriff’s office, hurries to close the blinds, and throws herself at Nicole while Nicole is talking, as if she might not do it if she hesitates. She kisses her so powerfully that Nicole, who is larger than Waverly, stumbles backward and falls onto the couch. But the reluctance that causes this urgency comes exclusively from nerves, not from doubt about her feelings; she makes it very clear that this is something she’s doing because she wants to. Like many great fictional romances (including, again, my OTP) Waverly’s decision to go after Nicole is inseparable from her character development. After kissing Nicole, Waverly talks about several experiences she would like to have, such as parachuting out of a plane. But above all, “When I think about what I want to do most in this world, it’s you.” Waverly’s attraction to Nicole is so powerful, it induces her to stop holding back from doing the things she dreams of.

Earlier in the episode (1x09), Waverly is walking down the street alone after that disastrous conversation where she and Nicole are talking about completely different things. (Is there a name for that trope? There must be.) Nicole pulls up alongside her and insists on giving Waverly a ride back into town. Waverly is clearly upset about that awkward conversation, but that’s not all that’s upsetting her: “Gus is selling Shorty’s. She acts like she won’t, but she is. And everything’s changing around me but it’s all too fast, you know, and it’s like nobody ever asks me if I’m okay with it. Like, could everybody just stand still for one fricking minute?” Nicole responds by comforting her and putting her hand on Waverly’s. Look how Waverly reacts to that contact: 

The way her eyes are slowly drawn toward Nicole reminds me of that scene in Nicole’s first episode when they Look at each other. Nicole has had a magnetic pull on Waverly from day 1 and when Waverly throws herself at her, she’s giving in to that pull. Of course, her growing chemistry with Nicole is one of the ways her world is changing, and it frightens her. When Nicole says “I think you’ve just been dating too many shitheads” and Waverly snaps “We’re not dating,” it strikes me as a “the lady doth protest too much” moment. Nicole didn’t imply that they were dating. Waverly brought that assumption and lashes out at Nicole rather than confront her own desires. But her chemistry with Nicole is not comparable to Gus selling Shorty’s. Nicole is kind, considerate, supportive. She comforts Waverly even after Waverly is rude to her. She “would never ask [Waverly] to be someone [she’s] not.” But if Waverly is open to taking the leap, Nicole is ready and willing to be a great girlfriend.

The next step toward getting them to kiss comes, funnily enough, from Gus, who reminds Waverly that change and surprises—“About what we want. Who we want”—can be good and that maybe it’s time to stop doing what others want and start doing what she wants. Who she wants. Gus connects Waverly’s love of Nicole to her overall character development when she shifts from encouraging Waverly to “spread those wings of [hers]” in general to alluding to Nicole in particular.

So that’s how we get Waverly barging into the Sheriff’s department, making sure Nedley is out, not even trying to make conversation, just rushing into the office and closing the blinds without giving Nicole a clue as to what’s going on. Nicole apparently thinks Waverly is still upset, as she starts to say, “What is your problem? I don’t understand why you—” KISS!!! After the kiss, Waverly doesn’t go straight into her feelings for Nicole. Instead she talks about how she wants to do things that scare her…such as Nicole, who seems to find it adorable that Waverly is scared of her. Nicole’s adoration makes it clear that, scary as it may be, Waverly is wise to pursue her. Then they make out, and it is so goshdarn passionate. It’s what I signed up for when I started watching Wynonna Earp.

I have to add that until 2x02, which is pretty clearly their first time, I assumed Waverly and Nicole had had sex right there on Nedley’s couch.

silverteresa  asked:

Prompt 9, Dianakko. Can Diana be the one who lost her memory :)

Yes she can be and thanks for requesting Tosca! :)


“I don’t know why, or how, but I know that I can trust you.”

Relief never fell so quickly on Akko as her body sagged a bit, loose from all the tension she’s been building up. She looks at Diana’s confused face once more before the grip on her hands tighten as Akko stands a bit straighter, holding back the urge to lean into her face as she always did. Diana may have been used to it before but this Diana won’t remember that and this Diana might be put off from such a close encounter.“So you trust me when I say you’re like this amazing witch and you can do amazing magic and everything?” She asks, trying not to show how much this scares her, that Diana Cavendish forgot all about magic, about herself, about how amazing she is.

Diana looks around, her blue eyes intaking everything she sees, from the sprites hiding in their places to the distant flying witches seen from the window pane before she turns her head to Akko nodding in still slight confusion. Akko laughs a bit, a laugh of relief as she looks to the ground with a smile on her face before it falters and twitches to a somber line on her lips, the next question plaguing her mind with worries and what ifs.

Diana stares at her, lost in the sudden change of atmosphere, of the silence fit to mourn the dead. Did she say the wrong thing? Did she made her sad for being confused or just because she lost he memories? Diana doesn’t know this girl, this Akko Kagari whose been here with her and something inside her screams that she should know about her. She bit her lower lip, distraught that she doesn’t know this girl, that she doesn’t know what to do to help her. She rakes her mind for memories of this girl, of this face or at least the reason why seeing her like this, sad alone and broken breaks her heart over and over again the longer she does nothing but watch. She squeezes her hand, holding it close and her eyes jump the way Akko jumps back into her senses as her body breathes, moving slowly as if she breathed life into a statue. “Ak…ko,” she pronounced, the name being a contradiction on her tongue. It’s a foreign in her mind but it had a familiar taste and rhythm on her tongue.

“Do you trust me?” Akko pounced, startling Diana as her head moves back in the instant Akko brought her head forward. Akko tries to say the words, the question she needs to ask but she’s scared for the answer she needs to hear. Her tongue searches for the words inside as she opens her mouth and closes it. Her defeated sigh shudders as her eyes no longer find the courage to look at Diana’s, instead, they find solace in their hands holding so tightly together. “Do you trust me…” she begins again, taking in another deep breath, she looks dead into Diana’s eyes.“ When I say that we’re together, but in secret.” Akko quickly adds, watching Diana’s grow wide in astonishment and not horror.

“I want to…” Diana confesses as her brain is searched over and over again for anything! Anything about Akko, anything about what she said, anything to prove to her that this was real cause out of everything she learnt today, this was the most unbelievable thing she heard. “I just-” she tries to explain, lost for words and she can’t help but stare at Akko’s face in distress and have guilt plunge a dagger to her chest. “I can’t see why you wanted to be with me, I must’ve been an idiot if I got myself into having amnesia and from the moment I met you Akko you’ve been so caring and sweet and-”

“No Diana!” Akko interjects, squeezing her hands tighter as she pushes herself even more closer to Diana. “You got it all wrong, I’m the one whose the idiot between us, I’m the lucky one always asking you why you chose me out of all people. You’re Diana Cavendish! The most smartest, beautiful and kindest person that I know! You can read a language no one in this school can read, you can fly so fast in record breaking speed and you even have a unicorn as your familiar because you’re that great! That’s why I say that we dated in secret because people would’ve freaked out because we’re so different and-”

Akko stops there, her breathing heavy from her non stop talking and maybe, possibly sadness. She pulls back slightly, holding Diana’s hands to her forehead as her eyes shut in desperation. “So do you trust me,” she whispers, in a voice so quiet Diana wouldn’t hear it if the room’s breath wasn’t held in anticipation like hers. “When I say that I love you and you love me back?”

So many reason jump at Diana on why she shouldn’t trust her, that she’s making all of this up. That she doesn’t love her and only saying this to use her and exploit her amnesia to become better. However, Diana doesn’t trust those thoughts, she doesn’t trust whatever dark things lurk in the hollow memories of her brain. She trusts how her heart reacts, beating like the wings of a humming bird, how heat spreads across her cheeks and face like the flames of a wildfire. She trusts the emotions Akko portrays, the desperation in her eyes as they and her hands on hers tighten as the silence between becomes longer. Diana takes a deep breath, hands shaking, lips trembling as she edges closer and listens to her heart. She trust that this is the right thing to do despite every part of her is so scared that it isn’t.

Her eyes close as she kisses Akko’s lips softly, her body relaxing as Akko kisses back. In reality, it lasted for a few seconds, in her mind however, this new formed memory lasted for eternities. She pulls back, eyes fluttering slowly as she revels in the new but famously sensation Akko gives her. They open to the happy tears of Akko as she looks at Diana with a teary smile. Diana laughs as she moves her hand to caress her cheek, thumb moving in slow circles as she smiles. “I trust you.”

How do you describe your children?

Hinata: Boruto and Himawari are always playful and a helping hand! They are cheerful and they are so adorable to me. I love them with all my heart! I will protect them no matter what cause!

Naruto: Yes, I agree! My children always smiling and it warms my heart to be lucky to have them in my life! THey will be way stronger than me when they grow up and I can’t wait to see Boruto become the hero of the Hiddem Leaf Vilage.

Boruto: Cut the crap, stupid old man!

Himawari: For five minutes, SHUT UP, big brother!

Boruto: …..ok


Sakura: Sarada is my beautifl girl! She’s strong, smart and a good cooker! I love her so much! I have so much faith in her! Her dream is too become Hokage! I believe in her too! The first Uchiha to become Hokage! I’ll be on her side!

Sasuke: I agree! From her training, I believe she will become stronger and revive the Uchiha clan! She’ll make the whole Uchiha clan proud of her. Even me. JUST PROMISE ME THAT I WON’T BE RELATED TO THAT STUPID UZUMAKI! I DON’T WANT YOU MARRY BANANA SHAPED UZUMAKI. Even if he is my student….


Sakura: Not again….


Orochimaru: Yes, Mitsuki is an experment that has successfully showed me his strength! As a parent, I am proud to raise a young, fine, strong little snake. I believe he will be stronger than his team mates and possibly me.

Mitsuki: ….Experiment?….You mean…

Orochimaru: I’m a fabulous parent!


Temari: Even though I know my son is even more lazy than my husband, which is

Shikamaru: a drag…

Temari: Tsk! Shikadai is a much clever person and with that skill, he will be even more stronger than my husband!

Shikamaru: Yeah..even stronger…

Shikadai: Ugh…this interview..again? What a drag….


Karui: My beautiful butterly will show her true side and fight her stronger enemies! She’ll beat the crap outta them! Just watch when my baby kicks their asses! I will be screaming on top of my lungs and supporting my child!

Choji: My chocolate pudding will be more stronger and bigger than me! It’ll show her beauty! She’s so beautiful and she’s even this strong! I’m grateful that my daughter has opened her wings to us!

Chocho: *eating potato chips* Thanks mama and papa!


Ino: Inojin is a reflection of me! He’s handsome and his eyes are blue just like mine! He is a flower to me! True beauty! I bet he gets all the girls.

Sai: My son..his techinques are improving and he is a little mini version of me. His smile is like mine. Even his sharp tongue….

Ino: …..

Inojin: Hehe…


Metal Lee’s mother (Tenten?): Metal Lee is my precious child! He won’t give up! He will fight until it’s over! I know that my son will be a hero of the Hidden Leaf!



Rock Lee: THAT’S MY BOY!


Tamaki: Kita is smart, ,independent, brave, strong, fearless and beautiful girl that I love to bits! Her future dream is to become Hokage and I will encourage her. I know she will become this strong to fight all her enemies!

Kiba: Haha! My daughter is a cheeky girl! She makes me happy all the time! She can take care of injuries and know how to fight her enimes From the bullies she met at school. She isn’t stubborn like me.


Kiba: I know she will protect anyone. Hehe.. my dreams to become Hokage didn’t come true but I have a feeling thay my puppy will. And even if she doesn’t become Hokage… she will become stronger than anyone else…That’s my baby…

Kita: Even if I don’t become Hokage and Sarada does, I’ll be stronger than the Seventh Hokage and protect the village as the Shadow Hokage and protect…..Sarada if I have to….*blush*

That Jennifer’s (Jackie’s) Body AU nobody asked for but now is too big to be ignored by me: Hyde’s backstory

LMAO, there is no escape for me now. Here have our favorite half-demon boy’s back story: (part I, part II, all the edits)

Born from a demon mother and a human father, Hyde grow up used to his mom bringing ‘uncles’ to their home… who never got to see the light of day. As a kid, seeing this every day, he never wondered if that was okay until he met Forman. The kid become his best friend, and his family’s home his new favorite place.

Fortunately for him, Kitty and Red never got the idea of what Edna truly did with the man that visited her, they only thought she nailed them and didn’t care of her kid. So when the parents showed concern about him and tried to talk to his mother, he knew something was about to go terribly wrong. 

Like an already written story, Edna manaced to kill him for putting her in a dangerous situation with two humans wanting to step in their house, and Hyde knew it was time to do something about it.

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Heaven and Hell and Everything Inbetween: Part V


Nesta woke with a start, looking down to find Cassian’s head resting on her stomach. His arms wrapped around her thickened thighs.

“Are you awake?” She whispered, not wanting to disturb him if he was.

Placing a kiss on her naked belly, he answered, “It’s hard to sleep when there’s someone kicking and hiccuping underneath you.”

“Restless kid. Like father, like-” She stopped, sighing and running her fingers through his damp hair.

Cassian chuckled. The vibrations inspired another kick. “Do you still think Elain knows?”

“I know she knows.” Nesta had no doubt in her sister’s visions​. Not after all this time. “She just refuses to tell me.”

Nesta could feel his smile on her skin. “The surprise will be well worth it.”

“If it’s a boy…” His hand feeling the kick that made Nesta gasp. “If it’s a boy, I hope to teach him everything I can.” He paused. “I’ll train him, if he wants. But I want him to have a full, happy childhood. I don’t want him to have the same childhood-”

“If it’s a girl…” He considered. “I’ll train her as well. Give her everything I can,love. Teach her everything I know.“ Pausing to kiss the belly once more, he continued. “When the little lady grows up, I hope that she will be just like her mother.”


Nesta couldn’t sleep. Perfect as the day had thus far been, there were a million thoughts running through her head.

“Cass?” She nudged him into semi-consciousness.

Food-? It was a combined effort and you’ll forgive me soon… Bathroom-? No, you didn’t pee, nor have you ever… Hair…? No, I really won’t… You’re beautiful and I love you.” Half awake, he knew the routine as well as any battle strategy.

Checking off her fingers and wanting to alert him, she responded. “I’m not hungry. It is all your fault. Also, I couldn’t make it in time, so I puked in your hair.” His head shot up at that and she grinned before continuing. “You promised to never bring it up. My hair is fine for now and yes you will, or I promise you I will. I love you too, by the way. And I suppose you’re not the worst thing to look at, either.“

Cassian groaned and hid his face in her bare chest. “What is it?”

Nesta was tentative as she asked her question. “Will they…be like you?”

“You mean ruggedly handsome with impeccable taste in women?”

“You know what I mean.” Quiet, but serious. He could hear the emotion that saturated her words.

“I thought- I thought you knew.” Cassian looked up at her. “Give me your hand,” he requested in the most gentle voice she ever heard him use.

Guiding Nesta’s hands, she could feel it…

The flutter.

Nesta gasped and spread her fingers, her eyes filled with wonder. “That’s what-? Those are it’s-?” She began sobbing, but her face lit up in a beam that would put the sun to shame.

Wings.” Cassian finished her thought and wiped fallen tears with his thumb. “You should be able to rest easy now, knowing that you’re not carrying a Rhys lookalike.”

Nesta sobbed even harder, but choked out a laugh despite herself. “If that’s your way of trying to lighten my mood-”

“Got you to laugh, didn’t I?“

She snorted. “Quite an accomplishment.”

“Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, sweetheart.” He smirked.

Shhhh…“ She shoved his face. “I’m trying to sleep.”


It was Cassian’s turn to break the silence with a question. “What do you think they’ll look like?”

Cupping his jaw, she lifted his face. “Dark hair…” Tucking an ebony lock behind his ear, she continued. “Dark eyes…” She smiled as Cassian’s own began welling with tears. “Strong wings, lovely skin, fantastic smile…They’ll be perfect.”

Staring at each other for a long moment, Cassian promised: “They will be safe.”

“High Lord and Lady as their aunt and uncle. You, the General Commander, as their father…” She trailed off. Cassian’s eyes lit up at the last word.

“All true.“ He nodded in agreement. “But you’re forgetting someone.”

“Who? Amren? The one who described babies as ‘roly-poly chubby-cheeked shit machines?’” The most unforgettable words Amren had ever uttered to either of them.

You.“ He pointed at her. “You are their mother. You protect those you love, no matter what. You’re brave and loyal and a force of nature. This kid is damn lucky to have you as it’s mother. Damn lucky to have you as their protector.”


Nesta blinked. “Oh.”

Oh?” Cassian mimicked, propping himself up with an elbow.

“Cass?” Her voice thick with exhaustion.

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“I’m-” she started, but didn’t finish her thought. “I’m tired.”

“I know it, sweetheart. Me too.” He smoothed her hair. “What can I do?”

“Can we do our thing?”

He nodded and gave a sleepy smile. “Come here.” Opening his arms, she crawled in. Legs on either side of his waist as she laid on top of him.

“Thank you.” She kissed his neck before nuzzling into it. Already falling asleep due to the comfort of their skin-to-skin contact and the fact that out of all positions, this one was the one she always felt safest in.

“I love you.” His eyes closed as he began to drift into unconsciousness. This was the position that he felt safest in, too. His wife and mate in his arms. Knowing that they will protect each other no matter what. Protect their child no matter what.

I love both of you.


- Chapter 4 of the “Act the Part” series

A LuNyx fanfic set in my Kingsglaive AU where Nyx works as a bodyguard for Luna regularly unless ordered to battle. He also helps her sneak out of the palace to explore the city when she wants to.

Summary: Luna drags Nyx into the a party he wasn’t in the mood for. 

Author’s Note: After such a long time and a bout with a writer’s block I finally have the mood and the time to write this. It’s not my original plan and I kinda struggled with it because I think there was a little bit left of that block, but I kinda like it. It’s the last chapter for this series and I’ll just probably write drabbles referencing this universe for future oneshots. I have some ideas for more fics, I hope I can write more soon. Special thanks to @fabulanova-ffxv​ for being my beta reader. And I credit @loveiscosmicsin for Luna’s nickname I used here other than “Your Highness” and “Princess.” xD

I hope you guys like it!

Word Count: 4,500+

Previous chapters:

  • Chapter 1 - “Act the Part”
  • Chapter 2 - “Meddling Rumors and Hidden Truths.”
  • Chapter 3 - “Something More.”

You can search those chapters by their titles on my blog (this website doesn’t seem to want me to add links to them -_-)

“It itches.”

“Does it really?”

“Well, on my neck it does.”

Nyx watched Luna skip steps to the pile of unusual clothes at the corner of the shop. She was busy again, trying to find another costume that would fit him. He brought up a hand on his neck, stubbornly scratched on the skin and subsequently caught a glimpse of himself on the mirror.

He looked silly, which may be the point of all this. The glaive had only a few instances to dress up. For the job, for a date and for rare occasions such as the one he had revealed to her earlier. Though, he didn’t intend to ever go to such party. In all honesty, he found it silly. Like the brown fur suit and the bear ears he now wore.

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listen, @naberiie​ and @evaceratops​ brought Rabé/Fives to my attention and now I have to Make Content, but I can’t really form a proper fic rn??? So??? I’m sorry guys, have this instead.

They meet when Echo is still alive, and he and Echo are contracted out to Senator Amidala’s visit to Naboo, even though he finds it really weird and not normal. Echo doesn’t think much of it, and that’s enough for Fives to not really argue or say anything about it.

Padmé tells them to explore the palace, while she’s in a meeting. Fives is excited; he and Echo never had official leave time before, and he always thought Naboo was a beautiful planet. Echo walks towards a wing, and he’s eager to follow.

They find Padmé’s former handmaidens, though they don’t know they were that, in an open courtyard outside. They’re sparring, and Echo immediately asks if they can join them; “might as well learn to fight a smaller opponent, right, Fives?”

Fives meets Rabé because she’s his sparring partner. He thinks she’s pretty, and he fumbles with talking because kriff, he’s never met anyone this pretty? Sure, he’s admired others before, but this is different. He feels like he shouldn’t be around her at all, let alone fighting her. Sure, it’s a spar, but still, he feels like that.

Still, he prides himself in being a vod of his word, so he puts his all in it.

He never lands a single hit, and by the time someone calls time, they’ve drawn a crowd around them. Fives pays them no mind, Rabé just went toe-to-toe with an ARC Trooper, and not only matched him evenly, but she had knocked him on the ground a few times, landing hits that Fives never thought would ever be landed.

Every bit of free time Senator Amidala gives him after that, he spends seeking her out. Sometimes she’ll be free, and she’ll teach him about Naboo, or he’ll teach her about growing up on Kamino. She gets very, very angry about how they were raised, and Fives learns that she was Senator Amidala’s former handmaiden, and now worked as a spy for the new Queen of Naboo.

When it’s time for him and Echo to part, he doesn’t want to go. Echo just smiles at him, amused, when Fives talks about his time with Rabé, about how he wanted to do nothing but make sure she’s happy, and safe, and how passionate she now was about helping the clones gain their rights and freedom.

It isn’t until he’s talking to General Skywalker and General Kenobi about it, that he can finally put a word to what he’s feeling, and it’s only because of General Kenobi.

“My word, Fives, I do believe you sound quite like a man in love.”

When he meets her again, Echo is gone, and his only words were desperate, pleading, wanting her to know what she meant to him, because Fives knew there was nobody who would ever make him feel like she made him feel, even if she didn’t understand the words he said to her.

“Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar'tome, mhi me'dinui an, mhi ba'juri verde.”

Your Common Room or Mine? (Part I)

OTP: Baekyeol

Genre: HogwartsAu!, fluff, smut

Word Count: 8979

Sypnosis: It’s really hard for Park Chanyeol not to hate Byun Baekhyun.

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

~Part 1~


“Chanyeol, if you don’t get your lazy hippogriff-looking butt off your bed—”

“I don’t look like a Hippogriff, you Squib!”

A loud gasp rang through the room as a neatly dressed sixth year spun around in the middle of the Gryffindor dormitory, mouth agape with shock.

“I—am—not—a—Squib, Chanyeol!”                                                               The dark-haired buffoon lying facedown on his bed briefly poked up his head, examined his friend’s elegant attire and then plopped his face back down into the sheets, drinking in the fragrant scent.

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Beauty and the Beast vs The Force Awakens

• “Far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise”; i. e. Takodana, Starkiller Base, Ach-To; lightsaber duels; the Force; Kylo Ren is technically a prince, since Leia is a princess

• “Here’s where she meets Prince Charming, but she won’t discover that it’s him til chapter 3”; Prince Charming, as I said above, is Kylo; won’t discover until chapter 3, i. e. Ep IX, the third “chapter” of the sequel trilogy, possibly when Kylo’s redemption begins and Rey begins to fall in love with him

• The way Belle looks at the Beast when he steps into the light in the dungeon and she’s frightened by his appearance is reminiscent of Kylo stepping from behind the rocks on Takodana and letting Rey see him for the first time, and she’s frightened by his mask and lightsaber

• As the Beast leads Belle to her chambers, she begins to cry, like Rey did in the interrogation scene. The Beast grows empathetic, and awkwardly attempts to speak to her, much like we see Kylo empathize with Rey’s memories of loneliness and isolation

• “But if the master doesn’t learn to control his temper, he’ll never break the spell”; we see Kylo throw several temper tantrums throughout the film, and he won’t be able to turn to the Light before he learns to let go of/control his anger. Remember, anger is the path to the Dark side.

• “She’s not a prisoner, she’s our guest” vs “You’re my guest”

• The broken furniture in the West Wing of the Beast’s castle, very likely the murdered employees of the castle the Beast killed when the curse was first cast, reminds me of the ashes Kylo keeps, supposedly of his “enemies” that he’s killed. Presumably he wouldn’t want Rey to know that’s what they are, and would try to hide the truth of it from her, much like the Beast forbids Belle from going to the West Wing.

• When Belle first sees the true face of the Beast in a tattered portrait in the West Wing, she looks confused and intrigued, almost the exact same expression on Rey’s face when Kylo removes his mask.

• Belle and Rey both escape from their respective captors into a snowy landscape

• The scene where the Beast rescues Belle from the wolves and a corresponding scene between Kylo and Rey will likely happen either in ep 8 or ep 9; my guess is in 8; afterward, Rey’s feelings about Kylo will begin to change, just as Belle’s did for the Beast

• The Beast collapses, gravely wounded on his arm, into the snow…do I really need to explain this one?

I believe we’ve caught up to where TFA ends, with the Beast/Kylo wounded in the snow and Belle/Rey looking back at them. The rest of the movie is the developing of the romantic relationship between the Beast and Belle, and we haven’t reached that point in the sequel trilogy with Kylo and Rey just yet.

Now, disclaimer: I think a lot of these parallels, if not all of them, are unintentional. However, while the specific parallels might be unintentional, I believe the story of the Beauty and the Beast trope between Kylo and Rey is not unintentional, and in playing into this trope they subconsciously borrowed from one of Disney’s most memorable stories.

for @magnuslikedwhathesaw who has a birthday today! the request was for fluff and i think this has it in spades L O L. also thanks to janoda who looked this over for me (any mistakes are my own though! also any crappy bits lol) it’s like 5k of …. birthday stuff that happens. happy birthday, love, and enjoy! :D

Alec leans against the bench at the back of the room, stares down at his shoes. “I need to get some things for cooking - for a meal thing for Magnus.”

“‘A meal thing’?” Clary says, a grin tugging at her mouth. “You mean dinner, right?”

Rolling his eyes, Alec shrugs. One day he’ll understand why everyone is so invested in his relationship with Magnus. Today is not that day. “Will you help me?”

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Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley - Moments We Never See

A super duper belated Christmas gift for imightevenfly’s OTP. I decided to do ABC vignettes, but it’s more like something out of a disorganized photo album, showcasing little moments of their lives in and out of Hogwarts.

Definitely stepped out of my comfort-zone for this one, so I hope it pays off!


A - Amber - Her eyes, when caught in the right light of a summer morning, shine with a kind of yellow that takes over the brown, showing Harry her inner aura. The color is amber, like stones that have been polished into perfect spheres. Looking at them is the same as getting punched in the gut, leaving him laying on the floor, winded.

B - Brothers - It’s hard to intimidate a girl like Ginny, especially after she had been raised in a house with nothing but older brothers. Conversely, it’s very easy to intimidate any person looking to break her heart because then said offender must watch his back, for Fred and George do not forgive nor do they forget easily. Harry’s just glad he doesn’t plan on breaking her heart.

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The Mark - Gabriel Edition (Crossfire AU Drabble)

Author: somemaycallmesunshine
Pairing: Young John!Michael x Prophet!Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1k
Warnings: crack, swearing, Crossfire AU (you may want to read Crossfire first), implied Sabriel if you squint really hard

A/N:Happy New Year, my wonderful friends and followers! I wanted to give you all something fun for New Years but since I didn’t have much time, I’m going to be putting Crossfire on hold to write my tiny drabble series and other Michael one shot. Hope you enjoy and happy 2016, my lovelies! (Internal thoughts are in italics)

Summary: Takes place during season 5. Crossfire AU (in which Gabriel didn’t die). Gabriel finds out that Y/N and Michael have mated and he gets carried away with his ship.

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A Long-Ass Message to the SNK Shippers (Contains Spoilers)

Before Chapter 82 comes out (I’M TOO DEPRESSED TO TALK ABOUT ARMIN, I’M SO SORRY, GUYS), I would like to address the topic concerning the ships. I will only rant about 3, excluding the ones being less hated on and even Yumikuri because come on, it’s already canon.



To the Ereri haters,

Its alright for you not to ship or hate on Ereri because you are uncomfortable with the age gap (still not pedophilic though) and imbalance of power between Eren and Levi, but before you state that the ship is abusive, please let me remind you that:

1. Eren is a Titan shifter. Of course some people would be scared shitless. Of course Levi would take the initiative to watch over Eren should the boy go rogue. Of course he would act on the orders given to him to ensure that Eren can be controlled, thus saving his life, and the two put the beating past themselves quickly. In a way, Levi made Eren’s dream of joining the Survey Corps come true. The court room scene argument has been resolved ages ago.

2. Levi may possibly be the first person besides Grisha to let Eren choose his options freely without being talked down. He even gives him advice on it, knowing that Eren has yet to release the caged beast within him, which is why he is surprised when Eren chooses to place his trust in the Special Ops Squad during the forest scene. And when Eren mourns the death of the squad, Levi doesn’t blame him. Instead, he cracks a poop joke to ease the tension and Eren CHUCKLES. But when Eren turns serious again after seeing that Levi is still physically injured and apologizes for everything that went wrong, Levi repeats what he said at the forest and assures Eren that he wouldn’t have seen the results coming. It’s a very sort of intimate moment between them.

3. Levi is harsh, but he’s like that to everyone. Eren is no exception. However, Levi is often shown to have a worried or sympathetic look on his face whenever Eren is worn out or doubtful of himself. Like Mikasa, Levi might have a knack for trying to swoop in to save Eren’s ass when things turn ugly. He goes as far as to become a mentor to Eren, helping him to grow. Note that Eren has become more rational compared to before he joined the Levi squad and even explicitly stated (to Historia, nonetheless) that as long as his captain is around, things are bearable.

To the Eruri haters,

Its alright for you not to ship or hate on Eruri because of the way Erwin blackmailed Levi, or what his true intentions were in chapter 80, but please let me remind you that:

1. Erwin is known for being several steps ahead of everyone. Levi was once an insubordinate, stubborn fuck. Therefore, Erwin had to use Isabel, Farlan, and Levi’s unpunished heists in the underground against the Capital to convince Levi to join the Survey Corps, for which Levi is riddled with murderous intent. The irony is that Erwin granted Levi the “wings” to leave the underground and be acknowledged as a strong soldier who demands respect. If it wasn’t for Erwin, Levi would still be seen as an underground thug instead of the strongest solider he is today. He also made sure to keep Erwin’s advice regarding “A choice with no regrets,” to heart, which was proven when he gave the same advice to Eren.

2. Levi’s feelings for Erwin have obviously changed, seeing the ultimate trust he places in the man. In return, Erwin values Levi as a fellow comrade and right-hand man next to Mike and Hange. In terms of friendship, they are surprisingly casual around each other. In my opinion, Levi fussing over Erwin while maintaining their banter is one of the funniest moments in the manga. Not to mention the way Levi speaks his mind when he’s wary of what Erwin’s up to. He’s that attached.

3. We can FEEL Levi’s distress at the thought of Erwin charging to his death. The moment Levi kneels down in front of Erwin as Erwin sits in defeat is the moment the two allow themselves to be vulnerable to the other, with already a shit ton of problems on their shoulders and the stress of watching people die at a high rate. The way they open up to each other in that time of difficulty is incredible.

To the Eremika haters,

Its alright for you not to ship or hate on Eremika because you feel that Mikasa is overprotective, or that she is way too motherly or sisterly for Eren to be considered as his love interest, certain that Eren has no inclination to return her feelings. Please let me remind you that:

1. Eren saved Mikasa from possibly being sold as a slave/prostitute and was the one who awakened her power to fight and avenge her murdered parents. And don’t forget the iconic scarf scene. Of course Eren would become the focus of her world, the very reason she lives on and fights for a good cause. Her will to stop at nothing to protect Eren is in fact heartwarming. As outlandish her actions might be in ensuring Eren’s safety, her affection and gratitude for him is one of the important key points in the story. Because we know that she will always open her arms for Eren, to be his rock, his shoulder to cry on. Even though it runs in the Ackerman clan, that kind of unwavering loyalty cannot be dismissed. Please acknowledge that Mikasa’s character doesn’t entirely revolve around Eren because recent chapters show that Mikasa no longer shows an obsessive nature and can have dreams outside of living a peaceful life with Eren.

2. Contrary to popular belief, Eren is not constantly annoyed with Mikasa for being too protective of him. Regardless of whether he sees her as a sibling or not, we can confirm that he also shows signs of having the same urge to protect her, likewise with Armin. While his reply to Mikasa’s confession wasn’t near as romantic as we expected, it was still satisfying to see that he did not push aside her feelings for him. Her confession led to Eren awakening his coordinate power. If you look closely, you’ll see the makings of a promise Eren has in store for Mikasa.

3. Despite currently having zero interest in romance, Eren’s feelings towards Mikasa CAN change. If Eren were to have a lover, it would have to be someone who can put up with his issues and if Mikasa is aware that she might not be the best person for Eren to confide in, she will at least try for Eren’s sake due to her love for him. Eren will eventually have to realize the extent of her feelings for him once the war will close to an end, which is still far away from happening, sadly.

Whew. Well that was tiring. The point is, I’m actually grateful that Isayama writes the relationships in the manga so well, which is why the ship wars are pointless for me. But I know that they’ll never end. Lessen the hate towards the shippers who don’t ship your OTP in general. No more accusations, and no more death threats. We’re all humans behind a computer screen, who knows what the heck we can or cannot do. If you can’t, then whatever. I’m saying that as a person who has been in a number of toxic fandoms like SNK, and let’s all enjoy the fact that some of our ships have development unlike in other fandoms. They have been progressed beautifully from day one, and no blind, ignorant antis of any form with no sense of what the line between fiction and reality is can take that away from us.

Keep shipping what you love losers.

"Kissing Bees" A Megstiel story

Meg lazily drapes herself across the steel bench.  On this gorgeous sunny day her angel is prancing along the roses.  She has her favorite magazine placed across her lap to keep her entertained.  Although, Castiel is a handful; he enjoys chasing the bees in the hospital gardens.  The demon caretaker occasionally raises her eyes from the celeb mag to check on her charge.

Suddenly, she notices that he has stopped dancing around and is focused on his arm.  Holding it gently, like a broken wing.  Tossing the magazine to the side, she approaches her tender angel to see what is up.  Meg kneels down beside him; taking his arm into her hands for examination.  She finds the appendage swollen.  Quickly assessing; that the likely culprit was the bee sting on the inside of his wrist.

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Bright (Quickening, part 1)

(Happy 4th of July. Happy Owelia. Sweetness for my loves.)

“Do I get a hint about where we’re going?” Amelia wanted to know.

Owen knew she didn’t like surprises.

He took one hand off the steering wheel to reach for hers.

“Do you trust me?” he asked, linking their fingers.

She looked down at their hands together.

“Yes,” she answered without hesitation.

He knew it was the truth, even before she said it.

She turned her body toward him and curled into the seat, resting her cheek against the seatback so she could watch him drive. A muscle in his jaw moved as he breathed. Amelia wanted to kiss him there. Instead she held onto his hand without letting go.

As the car moved along the highway, gentle vibrations traveled up from the road through Amelia’s body. She grew sleepy. Her eyes were closing when she felt a flutter inside her, like tiny wings whispering a secret. She remembered this sensation - from before - from years ago.

Owen saw her move her other hand to her stomach.

“Are you okay?” he worried.

She watched his face before she said the words, knowing they would change him. “…I feel her.”

A smile crept up his cheeks slowly, with awareness. It lit up everything, like the sunset. It made her feel powerful, magical even. It was better than surgery.

“Amelia…” was all he could say at first. His glance passed from her stomach to her eyes and then quickly back to the road. He squeezed her hand tighter.

“It’s hard to believe she’s real, but she’s helping me believe.” Amelia said.

Owen wanted all of this. He had waited so long. “How does she… feel? Can you tell me?”

She thought for a moment. “I’ll show you.”

She leaned toward him and fluttered her eyelashes against the side of his neck. Then she kissed him there lightly before pulling away.

“Like a butterfly,” he said.

With tears in her eyes, Amelia nodded.


Traffic was heavy as they pulled off the highway. The road led to a park where there would be a fireworks display tonight. Owen left the flow of traffic, steered them down a side street, and parked the car.

Not wanting to wait another second, he turned toward Amelia and held her face in his hands. He kissed her softly, thinking of the flutter. He rested his forehead against hers and they stayed that way for a while, just breathing.

“So, you brought me outside of Seattle to kiss me in the dark? We could have done this at home in bed,” she teased.

“As much as I’d love to just stay here and kiss you, we do have some other plans too.” He reluctantly let her go and reached behind his seat. He pulled out a blanket. Then he opened the car door and stepped out into the evening. Amelia followed.

The sun was below the horizon, and the sky held a faint tinge of pink fading to blue. The night was warm.

Owen led them down a driveway toward a tall chain link fence. As they approached, Amelia could see beyond it was a football stadium. The field lights were off, and the school was clearly closed for the summer. At the end of the driveway, the gate was shut tightly with a padlock and chain.

“I used to come here on the 4th of July when I was a kid. This gate was always open then, and people would go down to the field.” He pointed to the other side. “The park where they launch the fireworks shares that fence with this stadium. I came here the first summer after I moved back to Seattle, and I learned that the school keeps the gate locked now. But I spent enough time here as a kid to know another way in.”

“This is a little bit Mission Impossible, eh Mr. Hunt?” Amelia played with him.

“Just a little bit.” Owen smiled as he took her hand again.

He led her along the fence line though the landscaping. They curved around the stadium. At the far corner, he squeezed through a gap between the fence and a shed.

“In another month or so I won’t be able to fit through here,” Amelia mentioned as she followed him, “You can’t suck in a baby.”

“Well then, it’s lucky for us that fireworks happen in July not August or September.”

As they walked onto the field, the air was filled with the fragrance of crushed grass.

Owen laid out their blanket, and they lay down together. The sky was clear, and the first stars were already visible.

“I’ve always watched fireworks over water, whether it was in New York, Boston, Baltimore, LA, or Seattle. But I like this already,” she said, moving close to him.

“I’ve heard enough explosions to last me a lifetime,” Owen shuddered slightly, “But this is good. I’ll never get tired of this. This makes me remember the summers when days were long, and I still wanted to grow up.”

Her fingers found his this time.

“I think the universe is on my side
Heaven and Earth have finally aligned
Days are good and that’s the way it should be…”

A firework exploded huge above them. Amelia’s mouth dropped open. She had never watched from so close to the launch.

“Oh my God, Owen. Are you sure this is safe?”

“I’d never put you in danger,” he assured her. He rolled onto his side facing her and rested his free hand on her stomach.

As more fireworks exploded above them, he slipped his hand under her shirt, and his touch settled on her belly. Her skin was so warm there.

She covered his hand with hers and slid her thumb underneath so they were linked. He thought for the millionth time that she was the softest thing he had ever felt. 

Then he felt something even softer – as the baby fluttered under his hand. Owen gasped. He propped himself up on his elbow and looked into Amelia’s eyes to make sure he hadn’t imagined it.

“Our butterfly,” she said.

“…And I see colors in a different way
You make what doesn’t matter fade to grey
Life is good and that’s the way it should be…”

Owen kissed her gently, without moving his hand. The baby fluttered again, and he was overwhelmed with emotion. Amelia watched Owen’s tears reflecting the colors of the sky. Their next kiss deepened, sealing this moment, holding it in.

“I never want to let go,” he told her.

“You never have to,” she promised.

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Aurora gets her heart broken by Philip and Maleficent comforts her. Bonus points if Maleficent wants to destroy Philip and Aurora has to convince her not to.

Hi. I’m sorry. I’m beginning to think I’m completely incapable of writing Malora without angst. I’m also definitely incapable of writing anything short. Ah well. I hope you enjoy a healthy dose of angst with your fluffy Malora moments because that’s what you’re getting. This is probably only the first part of something longer.

Title: A Different Sort of Love

Pairing: Malora

Length: 4000 words

Summary: Even if Aurora knows she should be happy with Phillip, he isn’t quite the man of her dreams. Without Maleficent by her side, she tries her best to love him, but trust is a fragile thing. 

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365 Days

Fandom: Big Hero 6
Summary: GoGo Tomago knows Tadashi Hamada for 365 days before he is ripped from her life. 
Pairing: tomadashi (Tadashi/GoGo)
Words: 12 396 

Disclaimer: All recognizable characters and places belong to Disney and/or Marvel.

A/N: One last story before exams.

Day 1

Leiko Tanaka has always had a need for speed, and it’s because of it that she gets accepted into the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology – she’s accepted for a bike that she’s been working on as of late, one that she’s hoping will be the fastest ever invented. But it’s really all thanks to her friend Honey, because Honey’s the one who, after hearing about her project, suggests auditioning for SFIT.

That’s where she meets him. Professor Callaghan introduces him, Tadashi Hamada, to her as his best student and she wants to laugh at the blush that rises on his cheeks. Instead, she snaps her gum and gives him an unimpressed look before following Callaghan to see the next student’s project.

Their relationship isn’t one of those love-at-first-sight, sparks-fly kind of things; they don’t start off as anything resembling even friendship, really. He is just one of the “other people” in the lab, one of Honey Lemon’s friends – maybe even her boyfriend – the same as Fred and Wasabi, because she likes to keep to herself. Honey Lemon is as far as she wants to expand her social circle.  

So for a while, they exist completely independent of one another – there’s Tadashi and there’s Leiko, but never Tadashi and Leiko together. And she thinks that suits her just fine, because she likes the rush and adrenaline, and as far as she’s concerned, having friends will only slow her down.

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