otp: and they lived happily ever after


Under the same stars, there’s some guy and he’s with his girl. He thinks he’s got all the time in the world and he’s right. And I hate him.


Finchel Week 2017, Day 7: Alternate Ending
↳  In which Finn didn’t actually die and returns a couple of years later to get Rachel back after being in a witness protection program/ having suffered memory loss/ going on a secret mission with the US army/ [insert other/better scenario😆 ]

I just finished Howl’s Moving Castle and oh god guys I have so many feelings about this book

I could go on and on about how wise and funny and wonderful it is (and I might, at some point, but I’m sure people infinitely more eloquent than me have already shared their thoughts) but right now I need to talk about Sophie and Howl because HOW I LOVE THEM

Probably my ultimate weakness is those couples that you don’t see coming, the ones that sneak up on you. The problem with couples that are obviously endgame from the first is that (although there are some that are well written) the majority just end up being dull. When you know from the very first scene that two people are going to get together, there’s nothing to root for.  

When it comes to my OTPs, I need to be caught off guard. I need to fall in love with them slowly, even as they fall in love with each other.

And that’s where I think Howl’s Moving Castle shines. I watched the movie before I read the book, so I knew how it ends, but I really do believe that anyone who hadn’t already seen the film could make it through at least half the book without thinking, well, Howl and Sophie are definitely endgame. Their relationship up till then is a thing of beauty in and of itself, even without the factor of romance.

And, oh, god. Don’t even get me started on the snark. I adore snarky couples in any and every permutation. I read them. I watch them. I write them. When I die, bury me in wryly sarcastic OTPs. 

(Note that there is a world of difference between snarky and cruel. I do not need or want couples who are terrible to each other, but OTPs who bat conversation back and forth between them like a ping-pong ball, who keep each other on their toes - ah, they are my catnip and kryptonite. See also: Jeff/Annie, Merlin/Arthur)

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Zodiacs dating a kpop idol.

Aries : I.. *Dies*

Taurus : Accepts the fact and lives happily ever after..

Gemini : Is never hungry because they eat away all the awkwardness.

Cancer : The over protective ones who need someone to take care of them…

Leo : The cute , savage girlfriend / boyfriend

Virgo : They are very shy at first but they love each other  lot.

Libra : The OTP couple. Actually is lowkey addicted to each other. Which might cause heavy sad moments.

Scorpio : The funny one who is cute in the relationship.

Sagittarius : I… *Idol dies* They are this cute.

Capricorn : The introverted scary shit that are so cute. And lowkey sexy.

Aquarius : The *give zero fucks* couple. Chilled and the couple that has a lot of trust issues but they last forever. 

Pisces : That only one couple every one supports. 

Reverse Romeo & Juliet AU

Character A is the soon to be head of a mob/mafia/yakuza family and Character B is their political-betrothed and yeah, it would’ve worked out great since they already have feelings for each other - except it’s never that easy. Their families are suddenly at each other’s throats and their betrothal is on the verge of being dissolved. What better way to solve this than to run away and elope? (Bonus OT4: Character C is a person from Character B’s ‘family’ that helps them run away, and Character D is a bodyguard for Character A that gets roped into shenanigans. They all end up living happily ever after in a polyamorous relationship far, far away from territory war drama.)

I can't even enjoy the little things like...

*Spencer buying Toby’s old truck.

*Spoby playing scrabble.


*Spoby’s child, Bashful the horse. (Who knows exactly who his parents are and loves them.)

*”He loves Spencer.”

*Toby recalls that Spencer used to always write notes in her favorite book.

*Toby figuring out which twin was Spencer by remembering what her favorite poem was.

*Spencer reciting her favorite poem to Toby with tears in her eyes.

*Toby staying in Rosewood to be near Spencer.

*Emily saying that she always liked Spencer and Toby together.

*The ending being left open, even though we all know that they get back together and live happily ever after.


Roadrat Tangled AU

Jamie is the lost prince who was stolen and locked up in a tower for his “treasure”.

Mako is a thief with a grudge against the kingdom for giving away his land and home as part of a treaty.

Things go as expected, Mako ends up in Jamie’s tower after stealing the missing Prince’s crown, which wouldn’t be a problem if Jamie hadn’t been spending decades learning how to build bombs and traps while locked up. Now Mako has a choice, get blown up or take Jamie to see all the sights around the Kingdom that he’s only heard about but never seen.

Cue a few months of them riding around the kingdom on Mako’s trusty steed while evading the authorities and those who locked Jamie in the tower in the first place. Over time, Mako and Jamie start to know each other better. Mako starts to tell Jamie about his grudge against the kingdom and the life he lived before. Jamie tells Mako about his magic hair (it’s still pretty long, but not 60 feet long, he can’t cut it, but no one said anything about burning some of it off)

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