otp: and tender touches just to show you how i feel

Imagine the morning after Alec and Magnus had their first date. Alec stayed the night, even though he believed that it might be a bad idea. It is too early after all to stay a whole night at Magnus’. It all goes too fast. But he can’t help himself. So they are lying in bed. Magnus is still sleeping peacefully. He is lying on his stomach, half of his head buried in a pile of pillows, face towards Alec. Alec is wide awake. His head resting on his hand while he simply stares dreamily at Magnus. Magnus doesn’t wear any make-up and he is snoring a little. Alec smiles. A tiny smile at first. But it gets broader, he just can’t stop it. He can’t believe that he is in Magnus’ loft, lying next to Magnus, the most beautiful man he ever layed eyes on. Alec knows that he must look like a fool but he doesn’t care at all. He lifts his right hand and brushes through Magnus’ thick black hair. He is surprised how soft it is when it is not spiked up. Alec’s fingertips are wandering carefully along Magnus’ jawline, he doesn’t want to wake Magnus up. His thumb brushes over Magnus’ cheek. Magnus still doesn’t wake up under Alec’s gentle touches. And Alec? He is just smiling while the sun comes up and the first ray of light lightens up the bedroom. He closes his eyes for a second, his hand lingering over Magnus’ cheek. When he opens his eyes again, he notices that Magnus is awake. He looks bleary and it is so adorable that Alec has a lump in his throat. But the thing that shocks him the most are Magnus’ eyes. His cat eyes are showing and they are so beautiful that they instantly take Alec’s breath away. He swallows. It takes Magnus a bit to understand what is happening. He wants to turn away from Alec, ashamed. He needs to glamour his eyes again since it looks like they shocked Alec so much. He just hopes he is not that much disgusted by them. Or him. Alec grabs Magnus’ shoulder, silenty shaking his head. Magnus furrows his brows. Until Alec leans towards him, cupping Magnus’ face with both hands. Magnus closes his eyes, he can’t look at Alec any longer. It’s too much. He silently curses himself that he forgot about his warlock mark. But Alec just doesn’t care at all. He presses a featherlight kiss on Magnus’ left eyelid. He hears how Magnus inhales sharply. Then he kisses the right eyelid. It’s so soft and tender, Magnus feels like crying. It takes all of him to fight against the tears building behind his lids. When Alec presses another soft kiss against his forehead, Magnus opens his eyes. “Don’t hide your true self from me, Magnus. Ever. You’re beautiful. All of you.” And that is the moment when Magnus Bane falls even more in love with Alexander Gideon Lightwood. Not that Magnus will tell him about his feelings yet. It’s too early. Magnus knows that. But one day soon…

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Hello! I just started watching Voltron because your art finally helped me make the decision :) I was wondering, if you haven't already and don't mind sharing, why do you ship Sheith? They're quickly becoming my favorite but my friend said they aren't as popular but they just seem so amazing!

Thank you! Glad my art contributed! :D

I ship Sheith because:

  • I’m always a sucker for those best friends to lovers trope. That’s what the best OTPs are made of for me.
  • I love the angry-ball-small who turns all soft for sunshine-tall pairings.
  • Shiro is literally Keith’s world. FIGHT ME.
  • Shiro is Keith’s number priority and is the embodiment of his hopes and fears. Like DAMN, SON. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.
  • Sheith reminds me of my first love in college it’s scary and nice at the same time. tbh i haven’t decided which yet lmao
  • Shiro treats Keith so differently compared to the others? Shiro can let his guard down and be himself with Keith.
  • KEITH WILL SAVE SHIRO AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES DUDE THIS GUY IS IN LOVE IDK HOW ELSE TO INTERPRET THIS. Make Shiro a female here and we all know that’s a very romantic scene. It IS a romantic scene. End of discussion.
  • Have you seen how much they touch each other so tenderly? /clutches chest/ Like this is just too much for me. Idk how to handle it.
  • I’m just at lost at how much they are each other’s very important person? It’s so obvious in canon sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming it but I’m not? it’s literally out there. Spelled out for all of us to see?
  • They have the most established relationship in the show I’m honestly 75% sure they are going to be endgame. 25% is obviously for dreamworks being cowardly fools. 
  • THEIR DYNAMICS IS EVERYTHING I WANT IN A RELATIONSHIP. So much trust, so much love… they’re so soft and tender it’s turning me soft.
  • Pretty shallow but they are so aesthetically pleasing to look at. As an artist, their character designs are perfect to be drawn together and I love drawing them doing whatever the hell I can come up with.

I’m sure there are more reasons but I’m at work right now and this is what I can come up with at the moment during hard times HAHAHAHHA

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What kind of affection has Sarada seen between her parents that absolutely warms her heart?

They’re mostly affectionate in the way they look at each other, when she’s around. Papa’s eyes will go all tender and Mama’s eyes just brighten up with such love and happiness, she feels like she can just almost hear them say, “I love you,” to each other. It’s in moments like those that she really wonders how she could have doubted their love.

She’s seen them kiss, too, in incredibly rare times—and never while they knew she was within sight of them (she’d mostly just spot them from some other room). Thankfully, they were all really sweet kisses, too. 

Papa lets Mama lean on him while they sit on the couch and read or watch TV (Papa’s not much of a TV person, tho, so he might just solve crosswords while Mama watches her shows). He doesn’t really mind if Sarada sees them. Once she even saw them holding hands like this.

Mama likes to touch her hand to his chest a lot, sort of like a barely-there hug. Like if Papa is getting ready to leave the house for the day, or for a mission, Mama says goodbye by going up to him and just kinda leaning against him a little with her hand on his chest, just telling him to be careful/have a good day and whatnot. Papa doesn’t move to actually touch her affectionately or anything, but he usually smiles that little faint smile of his… or looks at her with all the words he can never say. Sarada loves it. 

But one of her most favorite gesture of affection she’s ever witnessed from them would probably be in those times she manages to catch Papa kissing Mama’s forehead. He always does it when she’s not around, and somehow it feels even more intimate than an actual kiss. Like she always finds herself blushing after, all pleased and happy that her parents could love each other so much. It’s cute and tender as fuck. 

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Hi. I'm so worried I'm asking too much of you but after I saw your wish prompts, I couldn't resist. I enjoy mutual pining and I wish you'd write a fic about that. Please? And thankyou.

Hi there. Since you didn’t specify a ship, I went with my default otp setting, which is Shieldshock. Hope that’s okay and hope you enjoy this ficlet. :)

It had become a habit of sorts, Steve seeking her after missions. Darcy didn’t know when it started, but she liked it, liked being the first person on Steve’s mind when he returned home from the field.

He didn’t ask for much, just sat there listening to her tell him about her day, or fell asleep on the couch if he was too tired to talk. He had nightmares often but they never spoke about them. Darcy let him set the pace, never pushing him into sharing more than he wanted to, never once forcing physical comfort on him. She was happy with just being someone who was a regular part of his life. She didn’t need more.

Then, one day he hugged her and she realized how wrong she was.

It wasn’t the first time he had touched her, but it was definitely the first time he had felt the need to bury his face in the crook of her neck and forget about real life. He held onto her for long minutes, breathing steadily into her hair while she murmured assurances in his ear.

“It’s okay… everything’s okay… you’re fine… you saved the day again…” Her words seemed to calm him and, after a while, his arms around her loosened and he pulled back with a shy smile.

“What’s for dinner?”

He caught her by surprise. He never stayed for dinner.

“Um,” Darcy said, thinking fast. “Spaghetti.”


She had always thought, when she fell in love with someone, it’d be a complicated relationship full of compromises. No guy would be able to appreciate or tolerate the work she did in Avengers Tower, constantly surrounded by genius scientists, self-sacrificing superheroes and the very real danger of occasional attacks.

But when she fell in love with Steve, it was nothing but simple. She didn’t have to lie to him about her work life, wasn’t worried he’d hide things from her (because she almost always knew what he was up to) and she definitely didn’t feel like they had a complicated relationship. He had started coming over nearly every day now. They hung out, watched movies, ate dinner and, sometimes, he spent the night.

The first time he asked if he could stay with her, he had returned from a mission with a bullet hole in his gut. He stumbled through her door and right into her waiting arms.

“Darcy.” The desperation with which he whispered her name sent her heart racing. “Let me stay here tonight.”

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Pillow Talk #6: Magic ~

PS: This PT inspired a whole fanfic that will try and fix season 7′s mess. Soon to be published in about a week.

His chick had worked magic on him tonight. 

Just half an hour ago, he had been the most tired he has ever felt, but the second her lips moved in that slow and soft way of hers to tell him she wanted him, all of it was gone and his desire for her had worked them out nicely to the point he couldn’t stop smiling.

Jackie was panting beside him, sweating even if she would never admit it, and Hyde looked at her. Her perfect hair was also a mess, but the wide of her smile took his attention immediately and he had to roll over, kiss her and breathe her in again.

“You know, people it’s going to notice we aren’t up there…” He said, carefully lying over her without letting his whole weight crush her. “Not that I care, but… I thought you liked that stuff.”

“Oh, I do!” Her hands went to his cheeks, and she caressed his face softly. Hyde closed his eyes, knowing he was smiling as she kept loving him tender. “But I like it more here. Don’t you?”

“Way better than anywhere else.”

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Would- Loggerhead - Uncommon aggression - for the Red-Haired Pirates crew be okay, please? (Also, I love how you really flesh out the characters in your stories. Imagine my surprise trying to look up a 'Doc' in Shanks' crew only to find out he isn't canon.)

KNOW WHEN TO FOLD // Loggerhead; uncommon aggression // Red-Haired Pirates (& Shanks x Makino because I can’t help myself, also thank you for reducing me to a blubbering mess with one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received on one of my few but very dear OCs!)

He has an easygoing crew.

It’s always been the way of things, ever since he first started putting it together, fresh into his captaincy and, to be perfectly honest, eager to find people who’d appreciate a good party more than loot and fame.

(of course, the loot came later, as did the fame, and he’s not about to discredit the importance of either one of them – he’s a pirate, after all)

But personal proclivities notwithstanding, there’s always been an air of ease around his men, wholly different men that they are. There’s Ben, staggeringly calm when things go tits-up (which can’t always be said about Shanks, but that’s beside the point), and too pragmatic for melodrama (which also can’t be said about Shanks, but again, beside the point). Lucky will find time to eat in the middle of a crisis, and the whole damn world could be ending and Yasopp would still be cracking jokes between shots. And Doc – well. Doc treated his amputation and endured his painkiller-induced amorousness without tossing him overboard in the process, which says something about his patience.

The point is, it takes a lot to shake any of them. Although Shanks doesn’t know why he’s surprised that this should be what finally does the trick.

“I say we just take him out,” Yasopp declares calmly, without even glancing up from his cards. “Blackbeard.”

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A LuNyx fanfic set in my Kingsglaive AU where Nyx works as a bodyguard for Luna regularly unless ordered to battle.

Summary: A beginning, a middle and an end of how a glaive copes in situations where he can’t rely on his sight.

Author’s Note: This idea started out in one of my chats with @fabulanova-ffxv. I was like “I need to write angst.” and she was like “Yeah, you’ve been writing too much fluff.” And then this idea popped up. Since I feel like I’m out of practice with the angst, I mixed fluff into it lol.

Word count: 6,300+

Nyx could only see black.

The cloth fitted around his head nicely that no light was leaking in. Even so, He pulled the knot tighter behind his head for good measure.

He tilted his head side to side, stretching the muscles and bones of his neck. After that, the shoulders moved in circular motion, easing any amount of tension that was left in them. He continued to perform quick stretches for joints and muscle until he reached to the routine where his feet were doing the bouncy steps.

When the bodily preparations finished, he tuned into his other senses.

He felt the hilts of the kukris in his hands - their familiar weight, their balance in his grip. The faint breeze touched his bare skin of his back and torso, reminding him of the window he had left open. The heel of his boot hit the floor and the sound of it echoed across the room, which gave him a sense of how big the training area was as it had always been. He inhaled deeply and picked up a light floral scent which he thought was odd and familiar at the same time.

And then he heard an electronic beep – a signal from a timer to make ready.

He made a stance, bending forward, stretching one of his legs back, holding the kukris in a certain way – one blade pointing upward, the other downward.

He waited.

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detvardet  asked:

First thing they surprised us with was Jace/random girl in bed. Then Climon's [endless] scenes which made me disgusted(and you know why). now as the new promo dropped hints at us, we're going to see Climon in bed as well.. when we didnt even get to see malec's proper kiss. Every. Freaking. Time. They barely put their hands on each others waists. They haven't kissed like in the first season since the second one started. I'm exchaused from these shy, lips-barely-touching kisses. So disrespectful.

I dunno how to explain this, pumpkin, but I am kinda chill? Like… let me get this straight: Of course the whole Climon thing and how the promotion team tries to desperately shove that couple in our faces? I mean… do they actually know their audience??? Because 99,9% of the fandom does not want this. AT ALL. I do get that once they started to go down that road they need to finish it but can they just stop acting like this is a fandom fave and we all want it? No, thank you very much.

And that aside, we all wouldn’t be so annoyed with this couple (it’s super boring and I personally feel uncomfortable watching their scenes like..duh…Clary and Simon are brother and sister, bye!; it also adds to the fact that apparently a girl and a boy can’t be just friends for once) if they just stopped showing us all these intimate scenes but on the other hand neglect their canon interracial lgbt+ couple. That’s the problem and why so many fans are just simply annoyed. Same with Jace and that random sex scene in 2x07. (Again, 2x07 was a mess from start to end, but yeah….)

That being said, I am actually fine with them not showing much of Malec. Maybe they learned to not spill everything. Or give away the only scene of Malec in the first ep. Sorry, I am a bit salty again, I apologize. 

Anyway, right now, as I said, I am chill. I somehow hope they have all learned from their mistakes, at least from 2x14 (?) on. Plus, this was a first teaser. That lasted for about 10 seconds. That’s what? 1/10000 of the whole season 2b? Then again, it had that 0.3 second long Malec kiss and I am sorry… that was so soft and tender and showed so much love like Climon never could and will. There’s that. 

What I am trying to say. As much as Climon and the pr attempts at trying to make this so cute and awesome and a fandom fave annoy me, there is always Malec. And I take every soft kiss and hand holding, face touching, forehead kiss or just them being domestic af over half-naked Climon who really give me nothing. At all. Besides, who knows what else they have in store for Malec? If they are again trying to sideline them, fandom will tell them. And not in a nice way, I assure you. But until then, let’s wait and see. ;)


Title: Goodbye.
Prompt: One Last Time.
Genre: Angst.
Rating: M
Summary: His last night in the village, locked in her arms, at home. /Pre-gaiden sasusaku fanfiction.
He could feel it. Her sweet scent, her heavenly warmth, the pulse of her heart, and most importantly, her love. Even though he could feel just how broken she was at the moment, she never failed to make him feel at home.

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Strands of Light

A LuNyx Fanfic inspired by this prompt posted by @otpprompts  

Kingsglaive AU: Everyone’s alive and Nyx works as bodyguard for Luna regularly

Summary: Nyx reacts to Luna’s new hairdo.

He never thought he could adore it so much until he saw a ray of morning light hit it once.

The golden locks glowed like it was the princess’ halo, giving his heart no rest from speaking about the attraction that he seldom expressed. And when he did express it, she had let his sights feast on its beauty. He had witnessed the waves and layers fall gracefully to her shoulders as she untangled the braid and the pins on one occasion. He had often caught a glimpse of how it moved through the wind during those nights where she faced the view from the balcony.

To his delight, he knew how soft it was.

Once, an accidental tumble had caused her to land on top of him. The impact on the floor hurt his back a bit but pain was forgotten when the ribbon on her head became loose. Down came the hair like silky curtains, touching his face unintentionally, tingling the scarred skin. It had taken him a few moments before his fingers hooked a delicate chunk of it behind her ear. 

He could only wear a smile that masked his fluster on that day. He still wore that smile now as he waited for her to come out of her quarters.

The Tenebraean princess had promised a surprise before they head out into the garden. 

A new look, she had said.

Imagination had given guesses but he chose to keep himself from expecting anything. Whatever she was prepared to proudly show, he’d accept it in all honesty. After all, nothing could seem to tarnish her grace and beauty.

Nothing so far and, as the glaive confidently believed, nothing would.

Hearing the door open, he turned around.

The princess stood at the opening. The dimmed sunlight from the windows revealed enough of her graceful silhouette. She wore a sun dress with soft ruffles at the ends that touched her knees. Her hands were shyly placed behind her. Her baby blues stare at him expectantly and it took him a second to see what she was trying to showcase.

The golden locks he had always adored was now… 

A short bob.

Nyx caught his breath in shock.

“Well?” she urged, tilting her head, “What do you think?”

He was at a loss of words while an inner turmoil brewed. The soft hair. The elegant braids. The long, wavy strands that he had stroked with his fingers. It was all gone. And what replaced it was a hairdo that ended just below her jawline. No abundance of that silky gold. No more of those locks that would dance into the wind.


He snapped back to his name being called to inquiry.

“I… ” he started

Should he lie? Was he even really repulsed by it? Should he give it a chance?

When his voice faded into the internal uncertainty, she approached him as if he had spoken too softly that her ear hadn’t caught it.

That was when he saw it.

The ray of light shining down from a window nearby and landing onto the perfectly smooth surface of the blonde hair. 

The shape of the cut framed her tender face just right to reveal it fully. The bangs that sloped to one side had a small wave that made the whole look very interesting. Certainly, it was new. But it grew in him faster than he had expected. 

Another obsession for his sights. Because, ultimately, she looked charming with it. 

Exquisitely charming.

“You don’t like it?” she uttered

A breath escaped from him just as he felt the need to remedy her question. 

“No, your highness, I…”

He reached out to touch the delicate edge of her bangs and hanged it behind her ear. Without letting go of the feel of the soft strands, his palm lightly cupped her rosy cheek.

“I love it.”

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As a narusasu shipper, I think I'd much rather be a "miniority ship" over a non-existent one like sasusaku anyday. There hasn't been a legit heartfelt sasusaku moment since the stone ages, ya'll are salty as fuck lmao. Stay masturbating to that one panel in over 300 chapters LOL. This whole manga is narusasu, I don't even understand how one can ship sasusaku, hate narusasu/narusasku/sasukarin and still read the manga. Just read SS fanfiction, you guys don't belong in this fandom lol

What was that about masturbating anon? You give me hate, I give you smut. 

In hindsight, he probably should have knocked. Because that was the polite thing to do. That was how he was raised. That was what normal people did—they knocked to announce their presence and to avoid situations like…

…well like this.

What the fuck had he done? He was going to be in so much trouble. This—this wasn’t…

“Mmm…” she moaned, eyes squeezed shut as she traced a hand along her stomach, while the other kept working south in slow, gentle strokes.

Jesus shit. He swallowed tightly, feeling a hot blush creeping over his neck as he watched her through the cracked open door. Even if he couldn’t see where exactly she touched down there—it was fairly obvious what she was doing. Fuck. Shit.

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RivaMika Week Day 5 - Calor, Dolor, Rubor,Tumor, Functio laesa

Title: Calor, Dolor, Rubor, Tumor, Functio laesa
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin
Rivaille x Mikasa Ackerman
Not for minors okay. I mean really no don’t read it they are doing it. The whole time. [Rated R]
Mikasa loves training in the middle of the night, when there is no one to watch her, but this time she had a visitor. Her mentor Rivaille who does not only correct her fighting stance, but also teach her entirely different things.

A/N: Okay guys, I finally did it. I finished my first smut ever. And let me tell you I went through hell and came back with new magical powers. In short I got the OTP feels and then the high you get when you are so goddamn proud of something you created.
So I goddamn hope you like it. (and I hope I did this right,… fulfilling the promt requirement and all…)

It was midnight when they met in the training hall. It was just the two of them, barely any light, but the moonlight that shone through the big open windows.

“It’s late Ackerman.” he said. Watching her vigorously beating, kicking and punching the training dummies in the hall. She did not react. Not even when he stood behind her, correcting her fighting stance. She felt his breath against her neck, instead of verbally instructing her like he normally did, he used his hands to guide her.

“You are off balance.” he whispered into her ear, sending shivers down her spine. Rivaille slid his hands under her loose shirt, gliding over her abs, enjoying the feeling of her sculpted stomach. “Your center of gravity is here.” To accentuate where exactly, he firmly pressed his hand on the area. “And you need to push it a bit back.” he explained and pushed her stomach and her hips backwards.

With that there was not a single inch left between them. Mikasa took a deep breath, trying to control the sudden increase of her heartbeat. Both dared not to say a thing, exactly knowing what they both desired in this very moment.

“Heichou?” Mikasa broke the silence. But she was quickly shushed by the man, who now gently but firmly turned her around, so they were facing each other. He put his right index finger on her lips, smirking. Mikasa slowly breathed out, relishing in the moment. They just stood there looking into each others eyes, silently asking for permission to what was following next.

Rivaille slid his finger slowly down to her chin, down her throat, resting his slender fingers at her collarbone. Mikasa’s breathing slightly increased, she felt her whole body shuffling it’s weight towards Rivaille and his fingers, as if he was pulling invisible strings. Obediently she turned her head to the side a bit, to grant him access to the crook of her neck.

He smiled. “So obedient.” he mumbled, making her blush. She knew she was giving in to the temptation, but she did not hate it. Not now, she wanted to be owned by him completely. He superseded his fingers with his lips and started to slowly place tender kisses along her collarbone, moving upwards. He rested long on each spot, pressing his lips gently against her hot skin. This caused Mikasa to adjust her breathing to his kissing pace. When he dipped in for another kiss, she breathed in, when he stayed on the spot, she held her breath and only when he moved to kiss another spot she dared to breath out.

But something was bothering her. He was at her neck, almost below her earlobe, but he couldn’t kiss any higher due to the height difference. Rivaille, who was painfully aware of this, was about to kiss his way down again, but was interrupted by Mikasa uttering “Shorty.” harshly. His reaction was easy but had a great impact. He kicked one of her feet away, causing her to fall onto the blue mats. It still hurt her, even if they cushioned the blow to some extend, but she had no time to think about the pain, since Rivaille was already on top of her, pressing his lips onto hers.

She felt the world disappear around her. Nothing else mattered. No one else existed. It was just the two of them alone in the universe. His experienced kisses, were firm but at the same time very passionate and soft. She wrapped her hands around his neck, pulling him closer. Rivaille then took her lower lip between his and gently sucked them, before he broke the kiss to look at Mikasa.

She wanted him, she wanted him so bad, she was slowly getting angry that he was so gentle with her. Mikasa enjoyed the attention from him, but she needed him to be rough, to show her her place like he used to do so many times. And this is exactly what he was able to read in her mischievous glance.

A playful huff passed his lips as he dived down to nibble on her earlobe. Mikasa let out moan, but quickly regained her control and kept silent. She provoked him purposely to make him show his fangs. And he did. He roughly bit into the crook of her neck, making her scream in excitement. “Don’t challenge me Ackerman.” he said in his husky voice licking the place he bit before.

Mikasa closed her eyes and tried to catch her breath again, the sensation flooded her whole brain, making her unable to think of anything else than him, and how he would feel like between her legs. She wanted to touch him, feel him, but at the same time she wanted to be touched more, wanting him to look at her and only at her. She needed to possess him but wanted to be owned equally. Mikasa moved her hands from his neck down to his shoulders, clumsily tugging at the fabric of his shirt. He immediately understood and raised his upper body to remove it. Now that he sat on her lap, she got aware of his hard member.

But her attention soon was drawn to his naked sculpted chest in front of her. The moonlight perfectly accentuated every muscle. She couldn’t resist and ran her fingers over it, obviously fascinated even if she saw him shirtless countless times already. “It must be the moonlight,” she thought, absentmindedly caressing his chest. Rivaille forcefully grabbed her wrists and pulled them over hear head, to pin her down. It bothered him that she was not paying attention to him, but his looks.

His head close to her ear again he whispered: “Look only at me, think of only me and only concentrate on the pleasure I give you.” Steady hands slid under her shirt, fulfilling the promise, making their way to her bra to cup her breast. “Rivaille.”, Mikasa moaned pushing him to hurry up. She already arched her back upwards to grant him access to the closure of the bra. He smirked. “I don’t think so.”

“Rivaille!”, Mikasa was outraged, she needed him. Now. Mikasa ferociously flipped him over, so that she was on top now. She breathed heavily now, only getting angrier hearing his wholehearted laugh. Only now she realized that it was too easy to get him off her. Her confused face was too cute to bear, he thought, so that he couldn’t help but cup her face with one of his hands and pulling her down to kiss her. It took her breath away. She wondered how he became such a good kisser. Rivaille growled against her lips. “Mikasa, here I am.”

This brought her back to the situation, rather than wondering what woman had him already. She took her shirt off and vigorously threw it aside, shortly followed by the bra. This was the moment he waited for. He imagined it so many times, but reality was sweeter than his imagination ever was. Her breasts were firm and nicely shaped, fitting exactly to the rest of her body. Under the uniform he could guess what she might look like, but actually seeing her waist and breasts bare before him was worth a thousand deaths.

He was still smirking, which aggravated Mikasa to a point, where she just wanted to hurt him, so he looses that smirk. Still in her sitting position, realization struck her. She sat right on his lap, his already hard member pressing against her. Now it was her time to smirk. She leaned down to kiss Rivaille, but not without unnecessarily grinding her hips against his lap. With every kiss she pushed her center against him, making him growl. She smirked between the kisses, playfully liking his lips teasing him up to the point of almost making him forgot, who initially was the master in this little game.

Almost. He pushed her down, hovering above her. A low throaty growl rolled up from Rivaille’s chest and parted his lips as they abused the flesh of Mikasa’s neck. He’d wanted this for so long – he wanted her for long, and now he wasn’t going to wait another moment. Especially because Mikasa made it pretty clear that she shared the feelings. Impatient hands gripped at the woman’s legs, tugging her up before moving to remove her pants and undergarments.

Mikasa shivered in excitement. He finally dipped down between her legs licking her so slowly she almost came from the anticipation only. He circled around her clit only to occasionally flick it with his tongue, making her twitch. Mikasa was loosing her mind, but did not let a single moan escape her mouth.

“I can’t hear you baby.” he said before sucking on her nub, which made her scream out in pleasure. He chuckled a little bit, before putting his tongue in front of her entrance, slowly licking up. Mikasa’s breath became heavier. She needed something inside her now, but he did not yet grant her that pleasure, first he made sure to make her beg for it.

He continued the teasing until he realized that she was very close to her orgasm. That was when he stopped the teasing immediately, instead rubbed her clit with his thumb, so that he could watch her. She was so close now. Her hands were roaming his body, finally gripping his shoulders. “Come for me baby.”, he whispered into her ear, increasing the pace of his thumb, until she came screaming his name. He removed his hand and brought it up to her lips, gently putting the thumb he just used, onto her lips. Mikasa immediately understood and it thrilled her to suck on his thumb, making him imagine entirely different things.

The sensation made him roll onto his back, Mikasa still sucked at his finger, when he commanded her to please him. She smirked and leaned in for a kiss before she kissed her way down. From his lips, along his jawline, down his neck and chest. Stopping shortly to suck on his nipple, but quickly moving on to kiss down his stomach. Mikasa smiled wickedly, hovering over Rivaille. She let out a soft huff of air while leaning down and pressing her lips to his exposed stomach, her hand gripping at the hem of his pants and dragging them slowly downward.

As soon as he were naked in front of her, she started to lick his erected penis. Passionately from the bottom up to the top. Rivaille was not afraid to show his excitement and let out a deep groan. Encouraged by it Mikasa took the tip into her mouth, sliding it slowly deeper inside. Suddenly though, she started to bob her head up and down quickly, driving the man crazy. In response he grabbed her by hair yanking her up, so that they’d look each other into the eye. And both knew the moment was here.

He quickly turned onto his stomach, pushing himself up with his strong arms, so that he was able to grab Mikasa at her hips. His movements were wild and demanding. Her heart was going so fast, she had troubles breathing. She was excited, thrilled and there was nothing that could stop her from welcoming that man. Obediently she threw herself onto her back, spreading her legs.

“Ass up.”, he commanded roughly, making Mikasa shiver. She never saw him ferocious like that, he usually was furious and quite bold, but this time he seemed not as composed, to be precise he was beast-like. Mikasa’s heart beat fast against her chest as she turned around and slowly lifted her ass up, so he could enter her from behind.

He first only used his fingers. Two of them slid in easily, since she was dripping wet already. “Good Girl”, he growled. Rivaille slid his fingers in and out in a manner that made Mikasa whimper because it felt so incredibly good. She felt the pressure building up, but he made sure she was not coming. He wanted to please her with his dick, making her regret she every called him a midget. “Rivaille,… please!”, she muttered not being able to stand the teasing anymore. “Tell me Mikasa.”

[A/N: sorry to interrupt ya guys but for some reason there is a part missing here. will edit asap! edit the 2nd… i wanna die my original document is broken as well and i cannot remember what i wrote for god’s sake I wanan cry…]

He slowed down a bit, using his strength to suck on Mikasa’s neck, trying hard to leave a mark. “Don’t.” she uttered. Rivaille continued anyway, needing to visibly mark her.

“Rivaille they’ll see.”
He stopped for a moment but then he realized what she meant. He bit her earlobe, whispering: “Eren is going to see, you mean?”

Mikasa was immediately tensing up as the name of her brother fell, moaning.

“That’s how you work Ackerman.”, Rivaille teased. “Do you want him to see? That I fucked you? Honey he probably heard you already.”

Mikasa couldn’t contain her feelings anymore. Truth is, she really was often fantasized about Eren catching her while masturbating, but imagining that he could hear her right now, thinking of her naked body being pleasured. She was so close now.

Suddenly Rivaille put his hands around her throat and made Mikasa gasp in surprise. He firmly tightened his grip around her neck. “It’s me you want Mikasa. Stop thinking about him while I fuck you.” He was angry, and jealous, but this only turned her on even more. In his eyes she saw nothing but pure lust and insanity. His grip around her neck loosened a bit, but still pressed air out of her lungs. “Yes Master.” she replied but was soon silenced by a rough kiss.

This was the moment when Rivaille decided he couldn’t go on for much longer, so he increased his speed only thinking about his own pleasure. She pushed her hips against his, so he’d be in her even deeper, being greatly turned on by his wild trusting. Mikasa’s body started to shake, her muscle tensed up around Rivaille’s penis, making it hard for him to concentrate on anything else. It made his head swirl, he had troubles keeping his strong trusts, when Mikasa screamed his name and scratched his back so bad it already drew blood. This is when he allowed himself to release himself in her.

Both trembled in the aftermath, but soon Rivaille got up, bothered by the sweat and body fluids sticking onto his body. “Let’s go clean up.”

Without another word he lifted her up. She instinctively wrapped her long legs around his hips, to make it easier for him to carry her. Together they made their way into the showers, still hungry for more.

Chanbaek in the V app

Chanbaek v app 12/6

Aha! Finally I stayed up long enough to actually watch Exo live! But seriously can my time please match up with Korea’s because I don’t want to do that again, but it was worth it because of the Chanbaek I say. I was so tired I almost cried because I was so happy. I’ll show you why.

When I just found out they were just sitting next to each other in the car I almost died, because it reminded me of…

Exo showtime ep 5 (sitting next to each other)

And in Exo xoxo sitting close to each other as well. There is lot more times like the fan taken ones that are adorable but it’s harder to see them so I’ll just put these little examples.

The stares again…

How Chanyeol looks at him, I can’t <3

Stolen glances. I find it funny how one would look at the other then look away then the other would look back when the other isn’t looking. Like seriously just make eye contact. Don’t worry tho, they do make eye contact.

*sigh* so cute, at least Chanyeol held his gaze this time.

Then Baek. 

They always make each other laugh. (Suho looks so lonely lol. Well that’s his fault for choosing the Chanbaek car)

I love how they always agree with each other and answer each others questions (when they can).

Chanyeol’s so excited when someone (or Baekhyun *ahem*) got the write answer. 

I love how Baekhyun is always able to make Chanyeol laugh so hysterically. *sigh* my favorite parts of chanbaek.

Plus singing tender love is legit a Chanbaek thing, and in the car too. 

Mmhmm definitely Baekhyun. Just so you know the video of them singing tender love is somewhere on Chanyeol’s Instagram, posting them singing together (like months ago but still gives me feels) is so adorable.  

Exo v app 11/27

Look at how happy they looked.

A somewhat of an adorable backhug (you can do better Park Chanyeol!)

Look at how Chanyeol was looking at Chen’s shoulder touching Baek’s its probably my delusional mind seeing this tho. Chan’s probably glad his hand was there. 

*nom* *nom* Chan wants a bite of Baek, lol look at how surprised Baek looked XD.

I remember looking at Instagram and some people were sad that Baek didn’t post a happy birthday to Chan, but when we all saw this update or whatever they call it they were probably most satisfied. I definitely was :).

Very clever Byun Baekhyun, very clever. Trying to say ‘I love you’ in the least suspicious way…very clever.

   Anyway that’s it for now ya’ll can watch these chanbaek filled videos on the v app if you already haven’t died like me from the cuteness go watch it now (not trying to threaten).  Still is it just me or is Chanbaek getting stronger like every time I ‘see’ them? It’s probably just me XD.

   Stay tuned for the next blog/rant/thing!

Tell me what you hate of yourself, so I may kiss it sweetly

One shot:

The sun sank, disappearing in the pink and orange hues of the skyline, scattered with the large spruce trees of the forest.

“Naruto you can’t come with me…I have to do this alone… ”

It felt like déjà vu no doubt.

Sasuke almost shoveled his feet, a habit that died along with his clan but still somehow always came about in conversations with this o n e particular boy.

Said boy who was currently glaring into him with all the fervent stubbornness one would expect.

“Then stay here, but …”

….Don’t leave me…. Please.

Don’t go again, not when I just got you back…

Too soft, too thoughtful to word. The expression was left loose but it hung in the air, it’s scent potent with its hidden meanings.

The translation was not lost to once
“nuke nin.”

Now hero?

He could scoff.

;The silence stretched on. Two powerful bodies facing each other, the only thing passing between them was the autumn air. Beneath, a cooling tension, arisen to flames by angry gusts of wind.

Here he was again, dragging everything from him.

"Naruto…” He sighed around the name, like a caress.

How many times had he…

It was a blush that formed across his high cheek bones, Naruto wondered at it curiously but said nothing.

Of course, the amount of times Sasuke had whispered the others name in silent prayer was going to be an embarrassing thought.

Not that Naruto wouldn’t understand. All Naruto could do during Sasuke’s absence was whisper his name, shout it, declare to stand by it always. If their names became a prayer, Naruto had certainty been the one to make this religion.

Sasuke had tried hard to put an end to it. Anything to stop the way Naruto would look at him. How his eyes would always soften when he stared. Why did he have to look at him like that? It served as the massive wounds in his reasons to stay and reasons to go;

Stay, because Naruto loves him.

Leave, because Naruto doesn’t love him the same.

Was that really why? And was that a good enough of a reason? Was it because he couldn’t stomach the idea of Naruto leaving him behind this time, of having his own family, marrying a girl. Surely he could.

Hm. Not like they could love as him. Naruto was… Everything.

"It’s not the same as last time. It’s not a danger to me or the village if I stay or if I go. I’m not your teammate, we are… Going to have to eventually go our separate paths. Wouldn’t you agree?”

The speech sounded ill on his own tongue.

How Naruto had been perceptive to that was unknown but his brows furrowed in frustration.

"Why would you think I would agree with something so stupid when I spent all those years chasing you down to bring you back home?


Unconsciously Sasuke’s fingers went to touch the headband he kept tucked at his side. The one Naruto kept all that time….all those years…

Sasuke smiled despite himself.

And there - there was that look again as Naruto gave a small smile of his own.

As blue eyes peeled over every inch of Sasuke’s pale features, the slight curve of his gentle lips.

Gentle did not fit. It looked gentle, angelic, even. Knowledge and experience told a different story. That was not the sculptured lips of any angel, but of a fallen God. Scrupulous of its new world. Eyes always a little suspicious.

But….Not now. Now, they were soft, a gleam which forbid the tenderness he felt.

“You did bring me home.” Sasuke let himself say it.

It was vague enough to convey just what he wanted without decking out any of his last cards.

True to Sasuke’s memory of him, the sentence made the sunshine boy grin broadly. Sasuke could groan at the brilliance of earning that smile from him, that one which rivaled the sun in its glory, it’s beauty, it’s ethereal and metaphorical connection to all that is grand and pure.

But it faded quicker now. Naruto had gotten smarter in some aspects. More keen on subtext.

“I don’t understand why then-“ He admitted, scratching the back of his head.

Apparently not that much brighter though, and Sasuke titled his head back slightly and laughed a little at him.

Blue eyes narrowed “What teme? What’s so damn funny? I’m being serious.”

“To be honest Naruto, that is part of what’s funny. You just really don’t get it do you… At all…

"Hn.” Sasuke mused, for all this boys cleverness, he was still a ditz.

Naruto almost smacked himself with his own hand.

“No I obviously do not get it. So why don’t you show me?”

Sasuke’s eyes widened at that.

Oh god, he thought. Why those words of all them?

Naruto was unconsciously the most self destructive person on this planet when it came to Sasuke.

The invitation in his words were true to form. Naruto didn’t know what to expect from Sasuke, ever. He didn’t assume to know his feelings anymore either.

Sasuke closed the distance so quickly it would have fallen short of even Itatchi’s senses had it been anyone other than Sasuke. As it was, Naruto could feel his heat shift closer, every nerve aware and on fire as the flame drew nearer.

It would be a perfect time to kiss him. To rip that blonde hair in his fingers and violently smack his lips into the others, so no misunderstanding could be made.

Yet Sasuke was met with his own hesitation.

The close proximity of their faces did nothing to their demeanor, they had always been at each other’s throats (quite literally) so it made no sense for this time to be different.

But shit, it was. And as such, Naruto could feel the same rush of heat crawl through his very being, as his heart began to stutter.

"Naruto … I want you to know. Above anyone. I want you to know how special…”

Instead of attempting to complete this declaration. Knowing impossibility of translating such a feeling. Sasuke opted out. Letting only the bare tips of his fingers trace along Naruto’s jaw.

He wasn’t one for the flowery words. But if he was going to leave he’d give himself this. He’d allow his hands the sweetness of tan skin.

The blondes eyes dilated, a shallow and caught breath lay deep in his chest. Sasuke’s hands felt so wonderfully…good and he was suddenly very selfish for more. Always more.

Sasuke could see this in Naruto, the contentment and still sheer ignorance of the act as he cuddled into the hand, welcoming the contact.

He hummed, happily as Sasuke let his fingers run through the golden array of hair.

Quite to Sasuke’s surprise Naruto gripped his wrists, harshly.

“I can’t, I don’t, I won’t watch you leave again. Not alone….”

Naruto gulped, but looked directly into his very first friends onyx eyes.

“What the hell do you have to do alone? If this is some redemption crap Sasuke… I’m never going to let you leave because of what this village did to you… To us. Stay and help me fix it. You saved this village even after it took everything from you and if you think I’m going to let you wander this world alone as some sort of self punishment then you’ll have to fight me -”

Naruto was caught off by the surprisingly warm lips of the ninja currently gripping at his shirt and dragging their chests together.

A wet tongue softly begged entrance and Naruto hungrily accepted.

Breaths turned harsh as hands tangled in hair, entire bodies flushed and pressed hard to each other.

Sasuke moaned in the kiss as Naruto backed him into a tree, hard. Tan hands sliding down his side to grip harshly at Sasuke’s hips, enough force to leave bruises surely, Naruto rubbed himself against him. The hardness of them both meeting, showing just how delicious this was to them both.

“Fuck… Naruto.” The ragged tone of Sasuke’s words sent the blonde ablaze.

Gripping his jaw, Naruto forced himself access to Sasuke’s neck, lapping at the flesh there, only to bite down and leave a trail of kisses up to his ear.

“I think now is a good time to reconsider your choice to leave me again, Baka.”

(To be continued maybe)

anonymous asked:

Can you write something about aokaga where aomine gets really frustrated by how oblivious kagami is to his advances, to other people advances and to how fucking charming he is

This is so freaking cute nonnie! ^^ I hope this is what you had in mind, enjoy!


“Wanna Netflix and chill?”


Aomine can feel his determination soar. Today’s the day. He’s finally going to tell Kagami and hopefully show him how he feels. (It pisses him off that Kagami still thinks Netflix and chill means nothing but watching Netflix and eating popcorn.)

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I honestly wish that we talked more about how Stein clearly gave Spirit PTSD. I mean, think about it: Stein committed an absolute atrocity against Spirit. He cut him open, violating him, for 5 years. Likely, he drugged him on the regular, and probably gaslighted him to make Spirit believe that his scars were the result of battles and not of Stein’s experimentation. Stein’s name ALONE had Spirit on tears, on the verge of a panic attack. 

Stein showed approx. 0 remorse for this, too. His first reaction when he sees Spirit is to joke that he switched his toes around and questioning how his relationship with his wife is, knowing damn well they divorced and Spirit is upset about it. Stein has very, VERY little care for Spirit’s wellbeing, and I love Stein, because he gets BETTER as the series progresses (and there are characters he shows genuine care and tenderness toward, like his students and of course Marie), but that’s still incredibly messed up.

Coincidently, it shows Spirit’s good sides EVEN more. Because despite all that abuse, Spirit is willing to, not forget, but to forgive (or, at least, to believe in Stein’s goodness), for the sake of the good of the world and the good of his daughter and the good of everyone around him. And so it’s framed as a joke. Spirit’s terror is swept under the rug. But do not be mistaken that Spirit is GENUINELY scared of Stein, and genuinely scared of what he will do. And yet he still CARES about him on some level. When Stein is framed for murder, despite knowing Stein had EVERY reason to be the killer, considering the man’s history, and the fact that Joe was going on a date with Marie, a woman Stein is particularly close to, Spirit still TRUSTED him. I feel like we don’t talk about that scene in the graveyard enough. Not just in regards to Stein seeing Marie, and the obvious love and affection he has for her, but in the way that Stein’s friends all believed in him, and defied their GOD so he could run and clear his name. Nygus and Sid and Spirit have every reason to doubt Stein, EVERY reason, and yet they don’t.

But, even still, it seems more as though Spirit cares for Stein in the way that a teacher would care for an unruly child, or a responsible sibling would care for their very destructive, both self and otherwise, sibling. Their friendship is rocky, and murky, and it has every reason to be. I know it’s easy, and I do it, too, to paint Stein and Spirit as this funny, goofy pair, where Stein is all pranks and morbid jokes and monotone, and Spirit is the class prince who is exasperated with his friend, but there is real fear in Spirit regarding Stein.

And, not to shoehorn my otp in here, but this is why Stein’s romantic relationship with Marie is SO important, because Stein never touches Marie with anything but tenderness. He has hurt, quite frankly, EVERYONE around him in some way. He literally beats up his students. He does it out of love. But still. He scares them and throws scalpels at people like TSUBAKI. He brought Sid back from the dead, KNOWING he would never be the same. He has done something to make Nygus warn Marie, concerned about her going with him. But, to Stein, hurting Marie is OFF LIMITS. He does not and cannot hurt her. He can hurt his students. He can hurt his friends. He can hurt his greatest friend, Spirit, in various horrible, sickening and sad ways, but showing Marie malice is unthinkable for him.

And that’s part of what makes Stein such an amazing, well-rounded, complex character, but he has done some awful stuff, honestly. I just wish we talked about how terrible he was to Spirit, and that, even in the end, the way Spirit regards Stein, more like his child than his friend (”I take care of you more than I take care of my own daughter”) is still not a healthy, comfortable friendship.

otpprompts prompt: An Alternate Universe (or AU) where Person A is a robot, and Person B is a mechanic. As Person B is walking through an alley they find Person A. They take Person A back to their home and fix them if necessary. Person B soon finds out that Person A escaped from an evil company, and Person B chooses to protect Person A. (Bonus points and kudos to you if Person B falls in love with Person A without realizing it.)

“As round the form his art had wrought
Pygmalion’s yearning arms were thrown,
Till life from love the statue caught,
And feeling glowed beneath the stone;
So, Nature, in my loving arms,
And with my young desire, I prest;
Till, warm’d to breath and living charms,
She kindled at my Poet’s breast.”
—”The Ideals,” Fredrick von Schiller (translation of E. Bulwer Lytton)

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Fandom: Free!
Pairing: HaruRin
Word Count: 2.107
Prompt: things you said when we were on top of the world, for @oikawasstooru​ ♡

AO3 Link

“When they ask you if you’ve got anyone you like, forget about saying water, you hear me? Wouldn’t want them locking you up right after your first medal.”

Haru rolls his eyes at the predictable jab, but he can’t find it in himself to feel affronted. At the contrary, he feels rather feather-light; an all too familiar thrill building up inside him and making the edges of his lips curl up with amusement and something else entirely.

And maybe that’s why he says it.

“Then, I’ll say Rin.”

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