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Teen Wolf 3B Spree: 3.13, "Anchors"
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This review is the first I’m doing in a series on the whump (especially the Stiles!whump) in Teen Wolf season 3B. So let’s start from the beginning, with the season opener - 3.13, “Anchors.”

The Plot, Put Simply: Everybody’s feeling the aftereffects of their choice at the end of 3.12. Scott’s lost control over his turning; Allison’s shooting hand is permanently shaky; and Stiles is suffering an Inception-like sleep paralysis which makes it nigh impossible to tell when he’s truly awake. On the vague advice of the Vet, they all attempt to “close the doors in their minds” which were opened as a consequence of their “sacrifice.”

SPOILER WARNING: These reviews will necessarily contain spoilers for 3B. Only hit the jump if you’re cool with that!

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