otp: america x maxon


                                                      I smiled to myself, thinking of America,
                                                                   her against the other girls.
                                                    She was pretty, if a bit rough on the edges.
                                                      It was an uncommon type of beauty,
                                                     and I could tell she wasn’t aware of it.

I’m reading The Elite by Kiera Cass and I got to a part where something bad happened to someone and America went psycho on Maxon (and Maxon may be having feelings for someone else *crying*), I would probably scream this at the author:

Trying to sink my ship, eh? Not going to work!!!

These gifs make sense too because Maxon dressed as a pirate…argh!


“I’m not so stupid as to believe that you’ve completely forgotten about your former boyfriend. I know what you’ve gone through and that you’re not exactly here under the normal circumstances. I know you think there are others here more suited for me and this life, and I wouldn’t want you to rush into trying to be happy with any of this. I just… I just want to know if it’s possible…” It was a hard question to answer. Would I be willing to live a life I’d never wanted? Would I be willing to watch as he kindly tried to date the others to be sure he wasn’t making a mistake? Would I be willing to take on the responsibility that he had as a prince? Would I be willing to love him? “Yes, Maxon,” I whispered. “It’s possible.


   “Did you ever love me?”

Maxon looked into my eyes, and I wondered if he could see it there. All the emotions I’d fought because I thought he was something he wasn’t, all the feelings I never wanted to put a name on. I ducked my head. 

     “I know that when I thought you were responsible for hurting Marlee, it crushed me. Not just because it happened, but because I didn’t want to think of you as that kind of person. I know that when you talk about Kriss or when I think about you kissing Celeste… I’m so jealous I can hardly breathe. And I know that when we talked on Halloween, I was thinking about our future. And I was happy. I know if you had asked, I would have said yes.” Those last words were a whisper, almost too difficult to think about. “I also know that I never knew how to feel about you dating other people or being a prince. Even with everything you told me tonight, I think there are pieces of yourself that you will always guard… But, with all that …”

 I nodded. I couldn’t say the words aloud. If I did, how would I be able to leave?

  “Thank you,” he whispered. “At least I can know for certain that, for one brief moment of our time together, you and I felt the same thing.”


“I really hope so. Partly because, yes, we’re duty bound to produce heirs. But also … I want everything with you, America. I want the holidays and the birthdays, the busy seasons and lazy weekends. I want peanut butter fingerprints on my desk. I want inside jokes and fights and everything. I want a life with you.

Just as he is on the brink of winning a senate seat, up-and-coming politician Maxon Schreave meets a concert violinist named America Singer. Though he is instantly smitten, mysterious men conspire to keep him away from her. Maxon learns that he is facing the powerful agents of fate itself, and glimpsing the future laid out for him, must either accept a predetermined path that does not include America, or else defy fate to be with her.

Just remember, we tried to reason with you.