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      Bex just gave a calm smile as if she’d known this moment was coming ever since the day the Blackthorne Boys walked through the front doors—like it was inevitable that the Gallagher Girls would eventually bring at least one of them to their knees.

Always checking up on you 💞

I hate the feeling of loneliness and insecurity, it’s honestly dreadful & I hate it even more if I know you guys (people I care for) feel that way ❤️

So If I go through my feed and see someone I’m following feeling down there is a 110% chance I’ll send an ask them anonymously checking if they’re okay.

If someone on my feed (re)posts anything about being insecure or a compliment time related thing you bet my ass will be there picking up my babies and smothering them with love.

If a follower messages me expressing insecurities or loneliness or wanting advice I’ll try my best to support them and let them know they’re not alone💞

I’m not on tumblr all the time but when I
am and I see someone I’m following (or a mutual) feeling unhappy I’ll try to cheer them up and let them know they’re not alone ❤️

Reasons why I do it anonymously: I’m still an anxious person that’s scared of the reply 😅

possiblymichaeljones  asked:

Hello! I've another knitting question if you don't mind ^^ I've recently moved on from scarves to hats, and I've noticed that a lot of patterns suggest starting on circular needles and moving to double pointed when you start decreasing. Couldn't you technically do the whole project on double pointed needles? Is it just a matter of preference? (Also, I want to thank you again for the last advice you gave me! The websites you linked to are fantastic)

Hi!! I am always going to be here to answer your questions, don’t fret! I’m so happy for you!! Hats are probably my favorite thing to knit and I’m so glad you’ve decided to jump into them!!

You technically could yes! Usually when you start a hat, a typical worsted weight pattern will have you start with somewhere between 90-180 stitches, which split across three needles is a lot! Even with four needles (as I tend to do when I knit with double pointed needles), you run the risk of stitches sliding off the other end when you’re not noticing. Most of the needles I own too are rather short, meant for a smaller amount of stitches (such as when you’re decreasing for the crown…) However!! Don’t let that deter you. I knit my first ten-ish hats on double pointed needles (DPNs for short) because that’s what I was comfortable using at the time. And I know people who continue to knit their hats on just DPNs.

For my hands, holding the DPNs is difficult, and I’ve switched over to using just circular needles. There’s an incredible method called the Magic Loop which allows you to knit a small amount of stitches on circular needles. This is my preference because you don’t need to switch and worry about dropping stitches during the switch AND dropping them when your needles are just chilling in your bag.

 Another reason to just use circular, is the risk of ladders decreases. Ladders are these gaps that’ll appear in your knitting between the two needles due to tension changes when you switch between needles, shown below:

This one’s a really nasty example of a rather large ladder, but it can also just deform the stitches, like this picture:

Because you’re only using two needles in a circular needle set up, it’s much easier to prevent ladders. 

Now this got rather long, but my final advice is stick with what you’re happy with! I love circular needles and the magic loop because my hands are angry and this makes it easier. But if you love DPNs, go for it!! 


Read in 2016 » The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

     "The job is mine, Shortcake,” Joshua’s voice says.
     To stop myself from standing up and punching him in the gut I’m counting one, two, three, four …
     “Funny, that’s what Helene just told me.” I watch his backside walk away in the glossed surface of my desk, and vow that Joshua Templeman is going to lose the most important game we’ve ever played.

Happy birthday to the snapchat queen, a PS wizard and a great friend @cobaltcharlie ;*

“You’re a store clerk and oh shit I just spotted my ex please let me hide behind your desk-thing” AU

I saw this prompt earlier and I HAD to do it for Zutara!

The thing about hearing your name being called out is that it’s almost automatic to look around, even if - like Katara - you knew the voice calling it and didn’t want to. The thing about having a name like Katara’s was that ignoring it wasn’t much of an option, either - how many other Kataras were likely to be walking around? The shock of dark brown hair heading her way was, even from this distance, unmistakeable.

Crap,” she hissed, jerking her head back around and quickening her pace, even as she knew it would do no good - Jet was on the track team. This isn’t hiding, she thought to herself as she slipped into the nearest store, some tiny teashop. This is a tactical retreat.

The empty shop was small and quaint and - most importantly - completely devoid of places to hide: it was all tiny tables and squashy chairs. The only possible place was the desk at the back where the cash register was, and she hurried across to it, ducking under the door flap to find, to her dismay, a mess of cardboard boxes on the floor behind the desk. It seemed there was only room for one person to stand, so, grimacing, she started clearing the boxes away when she heard someone clear his throat.

“Is this… a robbery?” asked the guy looking at her, who must have just emerged from a door she hadn’t noticed before - a store room, probably. “Because if it is, it’s a really bad one. I could hear you all the way from the back.”

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1x01 “A Study In Pink”

Greg Lestrade: “Sherlock Holmes is a great man, and I think one day, if we’re very, very lucky, he might even be a good one.”

4x03 “The Final Problem”

Someone: “Sherlock Holmes is a great man.”
Greg: “…He is a good one.”

anonymous asked:

Something that is honestly kind of disturbing me a bit is the people who say that Colleen deserves someone better than Danny. Like... what? Danny treats Colleen with respect, tells her how amazing she, asks for her consent when he is having his first time, doesn't want her in danger but is not too overprotective, and validates her feelings of betrayal about the Hand. People can ship who they want to ship but I am confused with what they want.

(you’re probably getting a longer response than you wanted, but here you go)

I’ve seen people saying that he didn’t respect her or was condescending towards her, and when people say that I’m pretty sure we weren’t watching the same show, but. There’s like, one moment I can think of - the scene in the dojo when Danny is with her students and hits one of them, which i think might be what people are referencing?? What they seem to be ignoring, however, is that Colleen had exactly none of that crap and Danny did apologize, and he left without an argument when she told him to. He respected her there, respected her through the whole thing. 

I think the other one I’ve seen talked about was their sparring scene (bless this scene honestly) and said it was “condescending” like uhm no??? It was fun and interesting to see because they have different styles, it’s completely reasonable for Danny to have wanted to teach her stuff because he’s really enthusiastic about it and it wasn’t intended in a “condescending” way. And she enjoyed it, so. 

He’s protective of her, sure, but he doesn’t try and stop her from fighting. He recognizes that she is an amazing fighter. 

Honestly I’m not sure what people think that they want. I think the whole “she deserves someone better than danny” is mostly coming from the fact that apparently people don’t want the asian female lead to be in a relationship with the white male lead. I’ve seen that argument so many times around here, and it’s a crap argument like. 

ignore all that for a minute. maybe, just maybe, you could look at the fact that they’re good for each other. look at the positives of their relationship (and there’s a lot of positives) and just see how they are with each other. like i said, pretty sure these people weren’t watching the same show. by all means, people, ship what you want but i’m confused by this “she deserves someone better than him” stuff