otp: all yours sweetie

Today is the birthday of someone really dear to me, in case you don’t know who i am talking he is 1/8 of the ot8 and ½ of the boys of the OT8. Today is Daniel McPumpkin’s birthday (son-of-rome) Happy birthday friend, i hope you’re having an amazing day and i hope you like your present.

They really don’t talk about their first kiss, they like to pretend it never happened, because it was awful. It was after their first capture the flag, the first one since Percy got kidnaped. Piper and Jason were in the same team as Athena and Hephaestus. This game was made for Annabeth, to distract her, and distract her they did because they end up winning. It was after the bonfire when the kiss happen. Jason and Piper were really hyped on Adrenaline, they were still near the bonfire but almost everybody had gone to bed. Jason was looking at Piper laughing at something Annabeth said before saying goodbye to them, from the corner of his eye he saw Annabeth walked towards Poseidon’s cabin, not Athena’s.

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