otp: all i wanted was you


there’s so much amazing development going on in this new chapter, especially with misawa. like damn, Miyuki personally wants Sawamura to learn curveballs and sliders. like he could have said for the team Sawamura should also learn these new pitches but he it’s something Miyuki would like to see from Sawamura. plus Sawamura worrying about the condition of Miyuki’s body since his injury was a nice touch. i love the looks on everyone’s faces when Sawamura hits and gets the run, they look so awed and that they can rely on Sawamura, like he’s shaping up to be the Ace. (also the combination of Miyuki’s smile and his concern is just… im speechless.) Sawamura’s silent declaration of “never forget you have me” is so strong that it’s displayed in his body language in a way that screams “LOOK AT ME, I WILL BE YOUR ACE”.


Ruelle – The Other Side 

– All I ask is a kiss.

– You want one of us to kiss you?

– The game isn’t for me. It’s for you, Alec. The kiss that will set them free is the kiss you most desire. I suggest you move quickly. Once the vines reach their necks, the boys will be dead, dead, dead.

– Why are the vines still here?

–  Why do you think?

– I did what you asked! I kissed Magnus, I love him, what more do you want?

– You can fool yourself, but not the vitis veritas. 


Do you believe you could change me, the way I’ve changed you? I a l r e a d y  d i d .


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Hi~ I'm not a fan of the couple RedMC x 707, but i don't even dislike them... it's just my otp is Jumin x RedMC ahahahah Btw, i love your doujin ❤❤❤ Keep with the amazing job you're doing 😆❤ Bye~ ♡

I think its very common ship? Like Mc1 x 707, mc2 x Zen, mc 3 x Jumin… and I dont tend to follow the common ship (see Saehee for example I invented that ship) so I like Mc3 with 707 so much even when I dont like him Im all for the ship. Then again, ship and let ship, ship all we want. Thank you for reading my work!!!!

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"What is the name of the pic that is Lauren g!p and Camila cheats on Shawn with Lauren and Lauren cheats on lucy? It starts off with a smut scene during a thunderstorm where all the girls live in a shared 5h apartment. Thanks." 'Wanting You Forever'

“Can someone rec amazing Laurinah fics please?? #thebestship #otp ”

“Someone please help me find the fic where Camila loses her memory I believe from a fire and wakes up married to Lauren. I think it is g!p. Lauren races cars too! Please help me find it! ”

“What happened to the sequel of Wishes?? Dreams i think?? That was so good! Plus, I was super looking forward to the smut haha. Please update! ”

“Does anyone remember the name of the fic where Lauren is a spy who was kidnaped and tortured. Then Camila comes and she trains her and they end up doing it in a dojo. Anyone know what I’m talking about ? Lol ” - That sounds like ‘Undone’.

“Everybody should read The Iceberd Method becauae it’s sooo bloody good and so bloody underrated!! Its author is great with words so go check it outtt!! ”

“Can the writer of "An unfortunate fortunate coincident” continue with the fic ? “


#Can we talk about this kiss in the promo for just one sec? #Bc I know we’ve gotten some fluff in the last eps but this right here… #He’s actually kissing her like it’s the last time #It’s not a peck, it’s not too passionate but still is #His little reassuring smile before the kiss #The way he cups her face and brings her closer #The way he lifts his head up #I think it’s before his secret is revealed though #Just one more kiss before everything changes #Just one last kiss before he finds out who he was on Daxam #Just one last kiss before the storm #I’m not crying yOU ARE


waiting here, for evermore. (x)


Are you ready to go? 


                                                       Anywhere? Everywhere.


Even if you could do all those things, but how could you be someone who could do that? The world would know that you were the one that betrayed every last one of our partners. Betray the memory of Charles Vane. 

Charles Vane is dead. I’d do it for us. It’s how it started. It’s how it’s going to end.