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Could you do 1. soulmates for kagehina pleasssse

1. soulmates au for kagehina

For most people, soulmates are an urban myth. For Tobio, they’re reality.

Being half of a fated pair is strange. Sometimes he gets impressions, like his day is going really well or really poorly for no reason at all. Sometimes he feels things that aren’t there, like a hand on his forehead or a bruise. Most of the time, though, he is just trying to hide the marks that tell him the story of his soulmate’s life so people won’t ask.

They’re like tattoos that move and live on their own, evolving. When he’s five his soulmate gets a dog for New Years and a puppy lives on his skin. It grows up and when Tobio is eleven it disappears along with a gut wrenching wave of sadness that leaves him foul tempered for weeks. There’s a red haired little girl that likes hiding in his armpit and making faces at him in the shower. Tobio’s favorite, by far, is the volleyball that bounces around his skin. Sometimes it rests still in the small of his back or in his palm like his soulmate has put it down and other times it flies from his shoulder to his hip to his calf to his wrist as if someone is passing it from place to place. Tobio likes those times best.

Tobio imagines that when he meets his soulmate they’ll play volleyball together. Maybe at Shiratorizawa, the best school in the prefecture, or at one of the top universities. Maybe they’ll meet playing for the Olympic team. Tobio does not go to Shiratorizawa. They loose in middle school because Tobio is too focused, too driven, and his team rejects him. He dreams of an orange haired boy who has the raw talent and drive to do anything and a team loved him anyway and wakes up wanting.

In the spring he goes to Karasuno and meets that orange haired boy again and he’s angry. It feels like his anger is amplified, like it’s coming from every direction. He’s so angry that he doesn’t notice until that night that a crow has appeared on his skin. It likes sitting on the volleyball but sometimes it flies in sweeping arcs and Tobio watches it and thinks of an orange haired little girl who laughs at the crow from the inside of his elbow.

“You,” Tobio says the next morning at the crack of dawn and he feels a jolt of something that isn’t his. It’s like anger or fear or maybe sadness.

“Whadya want?” Hinata asks, getting right into Tobio’s space.

“Do you have a soulmate?”

“What?” Hinata says, suddenly flustered and backing away. He looks anxious and Tobio’s soulmate has such a raw throb of panic that Tobio knows that Hinata is it. “Why would you ask something like that?”

No one is here yet so Tobio pulls his shirt over his head and watches the volleyball bounce on his belly button like it’s been dropped there. He looks up and Hinata is staring at it too. Hinata’s eyes travel over Tobio’s skin, watching the crow that showed up yesterday caw soundlessly. From under Tobio’s right arm a redheaded little girl, probably around three now, peeks out and smiles at Hinata.

Hinata swallows hard. “You think we’re soulmates?” Hinata asks and he sounds nervous.

Tobio looks down at himself. “I think it’s pretty clear that we are.”

Hinata lifts a hand up like he wants to touch them but then he doesn’t. Instead he turns it into ruffling the back of his own hair and laughs awkwardly. “Nah, you’re just jumping to conclusions.”

Tobio glares. “Don’t lie to me, dumbass.”

With a sigh Hinata deflates. “Yeah, okay so we’re soulmates.”

“You knew?” Tobio asks, angry. All those dreams where he thought he wanted what Hinata had but instead he just wanted Hinata. This could all have been avoided if Hinata had just told him. 

“I didn’t want to tell you until we can play together on the same level,” Hinata insists but that does nothing to stop Tobio’s rage.

“How long?” Hinata glares back at him, as if Tobio’s anger is boiling over into him. “How long?” Tobio repeats when Hinata doesn’t say anything. 

“Since this happened,” Hinata says and he jerks his shirt up.

Resting just below Hinata’s bellybutton is a broken, tarnished crown. It looks like someone dropped it a lot time ago and left it there. Instantly Tobio knows what it is, what it represents, and he nearly jerks back at the sight of it.

“Kageyama.” Hinata’s voice is softer than Tobio’s ever heard it as he runs his fingers over the crown like he can feel it. “Why did this happen?”

Tobio tears his eyes away from the crown, his crown, and looks at Hinata’s face. Hinata is already looking at him. He seems curious and sad and Tobio opens his mouth to respond. He’s not sure what he’s going to say, maybe explain what happened or try to comfort Hinata’s concerned look away? Before he can, though, he’s interrupted.

“What the hell are you guys doing?” Tanaka cries out, running up to them. “You can’t just stand around with your shirt off Kageyama, that’s no way to- holy crap are those soulmate marks? Whoa, that’s so cool.”

Tobio and Hinata both blush at the proof of their connection on full display and Tobio scrambles to put his shirt back on.

Later that week when Tobio finally tosses to Hinata, helps Hinata feel like he’s proved himself, his fingers turn the color of a sunset. For the rest of his life they are streaked in oranges and purples and blues and he uses them to trace the sun that tracks its way across Hinata’s shoulder blades as if they are the sky.

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Lucifer — I’m not exactly sure what you’re all doing here, but I…imagine it’s something to do with the fact that I wasn’t. And the truth is…I… went to Las Vegas. And even though it was for a very good reason, I didn’t tell you because…last time I went on a Vegas jaunt, there were some very unpleasant feelings involved for both of us. And, well, I didn’t want to dredge any of those up again. So, I… bluffed. But I’ve come to realize that perhaps bluffing is the same as lying and that’s, as you know, something I never want to do. Especially to you.

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have you watched sailor moon? if so, thoughts on mamoru/usagi and haruka/michiru?

I love sailor moon it owns

usagi/mamoru is pretty good, I guess? they never did a ton for me either way but they’re cute.

I typically read Usagi as poly and bi and in love with all her inner senshi girls but especially Rei, so thats kinda where im at there. 
Sometimes Rei is ace in my head, sometimes she’s into usagi and minako.

Chibiusa and Hotaru are otp but like in a childhood best friends way where i want them to grow up and be happy together. they’re gay but also too young to really think about shipping yanno? 

Haruka/Michiru is the otp to end all otps and whenever i post about them they’re likely to have a character tag. they’re like up there with my hall of fame ships: Utena/Anthy, DirkJake, Davekat, every other canon HS ship…they vibe with vrisrezi and rosemary in a particularly interesting way for me i guess? 

anyway michiru’s probably a mage of void, haruka’s a thief of breath, they’re in fucking love and im gay about it 

Dance Meme

Ok thank you @menollywanderer because i actually really wanted to do this one haha…ALTHOUGH NOW ALL THE BEST GIFS ARE TAKEN :’(

I’m gonna do it for Arcann/Ailis since that is my only ‘fandom’ OTP anymore lol

awww this makes me really want to finish intensity (haha don’t get your hopes up it ain’t happening any time soon)

and now I’m scared to not tag people so I’m probably retagging but here we go @carterashofficial @cystemic @sapphic-sith @jediserenity82 @cactuarkitty @greyias @auurea

Y’all may see me do this again because I have 2 days off and I am gonna comb through youtubes of slow dances and make my own damn gif thank you

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do you have any science bro fic recs? Platonic or shippy. both are fine, I'm looking through the tag and so many don't seem to have them as the central pair :/

sure bro I got ur back

have fun! :D


What do you think a Cophine wedding would look like? Would it be traditional or the complete opposite?


waiting here, for evermore. (x)