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what to do if you feel like your life is so unfulfilling and you have so much you wanna do and you wanna be successful but literally have no motivation and you see all of the people you love and admire becoming so incredibly successful and enjoying life and you've got nothing to show for it anymore?

Personally, I’ve struggled a lot with this because I know so many really amazing, inspiring, creative, intelligent people - and I always, always feel like I don’t measure up. But I think (in my less self-deprecating moments) that the idea of being successful, or having something “to show” for your own creativity and ideas can be more harmful than good, especially because you’re always going to compare yourself to the people you’re otherwise super proud of. 

It still comes and goes, but one thing that I like to remind myself of is that everything comes with time. The people you see who are successful in your eyes have had an experience that was either fortunate, very well deserved, or some combination of both. It’s not about waiting your turn, but about finding the things you love and persevering to get to a place you can be proud of. And then still going. 

The countless hours I’ve poured into drawing still don’t seem to measure up against the artists who are also my age (or younger!!) that I admire, but I have no idea what their experience was - what made them as skilled as  they are. But if I keep working towards a version of my own skills and goals that I can accomplish and be proud of, then that counts as success in my eyes. 

I believe in progress. Firmly. Which means I also believe in your progress. I don’t think you have nothing to show for it - I think that you have plenty, and it just hasn’t been shown yet. Opportunity will strike if you  keep at it. 

I believe in you! 

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hi kate, I suffer with depression, anxiety and paranoia, my doctor who I’ve been seeing all my life has just retired. I’ve only ever trusted him with all my problems and now I have to find a new doctor and I’m terrified of tell them everything and them not understanding like him did, what do I do?

Thanks, B

I’m sorry to hear that you suffer with depression, anxiety and paranoia, that totally sucks and is super intense. i’ve never suffered with depression,  i have bouts of feeling depressed but i know how to get myself out of them eventually. i do suffer with anxiety and i also used to get terrible anxiety attacks about 5 years ago which hardly ever happen now, there is light at the end of the tunnel! stay strong <3 

hmmm trusting new people can be really tough when you feel vulnerable and also starting over can just be like, wtf, really??!? i have to start from the bottom again, can’t i just be like drake and get ‘here’ already. i’m kind of going through a situation that is in no way similar to yours but that i can totally relate to you on. i am currently seeking new management, and while i know there are great people out there and i’m excited about new things in my life, i’m also scared because like i’ve been screwed over before and i just feel exhausted by having to do this again and starting fresh. i feel you.

i think you just have to kind of brace yourself & put yourself out there & be vulnerable. it’s actually one of the only things in life i’m sure of; that being vulnerable is important. take risks. unfortunately it kind of comes with this guarantee that you will get hurt :/ but it’s also truly the only way to fully experience things and grow and soak up life. the only way to feel. you might come across a couple of doctors who are not right for you at all and that will suck because you’ll feel a little bit lost for a while, but there ARE other great people out there, and maybe you will find them immediately, you won’t know until you try. i had a terrible doctor once that asked me if i had been a ‘naughty girl’ because i had a yeast infection. wtf gross u werido. years later i had a doctor who i basically fell in love with because he truly cared about my well being and even though he was short and balding and in his 50s i had a crush on him because he was so there for me during a rough time.  basically there’s a lot of people out there, some awesome, some not so awesome, some a real bag o crap, but there’s not just one person for anyone. and there are more good people than you think. 

i can compare it to love because i’ve been in love before, had my heart broken, and then felt like i would never love again, EVER. EVER EVER AGAIN. like hated love for a bit. then i fell in love AGAIN!! ?? and then i had it broken AGAIN after that and then felt love feelings AGAIN after that!! like whuuuuut life? okaaay. i can compare it to friendship; i was on tour for a while and had a couple relationships that didn’t feel right and i ended up depressed on the road, then i got a new band and these girls injected new life into me and i loved what i did again and became a better performer and a more enthusiastic musician. then i ended up needing to get a new guitarist even though i was so happy with my new band and i was scared again and then i found linda who i can’t imagine life without and i only just met my drummer alicia warrington last year and i feel like i’ve known her my whole (lives) and can’t imagine life without her either.

my point being, i’ve had many experiences like you where i’m scared that i have to stick to what i know because nothing will ever be as good as it was before and most times it has turned out better than i could have imagined. you will find another doctor, don’t settle for one you don’t feel comfortable with. the right one is out there! good luck x

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of starting a youtube account in the theme of a sort of agony aunt. Where people ask for advice on situations and I will try and give help if I can. Any situation whether it be family, friends, bullies, tumblr itself or even just to share your opinion on a certain thing I would like to hear about.

Don’t worry for me anonimity is key and I will keep whatever means you use to contact me blurred out so the haters can’t find you.

To get in touch, comment on my tumblr, follow me on G+, email me (my gmail is h.quinn1999@gmail.com) or skype me if that’s even possible (really don’t know but if it is then my name is Valkerie Lawliet).

Again I would like to hear from you guys and please no hate. I don’t like bullies/trolls and I’m genuinely trying to help.


The Agony Aunt Sessions Episode #1 feat. Sarah Solemani.

Relationship Advice 


Dove Real Beauty -No wonder our perception of Beauty is distorted

This video just shows exactly why you should never compare your selves to model’s in magazines and advertisments!

Now, I’m no relationships expert, but I’d say that’s a bit of a red flag, right there.

I feel like I should put this in my ‘about’ or something, but seriously, if any of you ever needs someone to talk to, I’m always willing to listen? It doesn’t matter if we’re not mutuals, and it doesn’t matter how Serious and Dark it is, I’m not going to judge you, and I’ve seen some shit in my days, so you don’t have to worry about scaring me off or traumatizing me with your issues or whatever.

Send me messages, or long submissions.  Tell me your life story, or what’s been making you cry at 3:30 in the morning.  I might not always reply (although if you specifically ask, I’ll try my hardest!) or reply right away, but if that does ever happen, it’s because socializing doesn’t always come easy to me, not because I don’t like you or care about you or anything.  <3

You deserve to know someone cares about you.  You deserve to be able to talk to someone, to vent your feelings and know someone at least read it and cared. Hotlines are good, and therapy is great (…and expensive…), but sometimes it helps to write out your feelings, or to have a face to connect with the person you’re talking to?  And if you’re ever intimidated by anon being off, you could also like, create a sideblog real quick and post there and tag me in it…

I just don’t want anyone to feel alone. <3 <3 <3

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[Text] Mr. Stilinski-McCall, it's Alpha Megere. Could we chat? I'm a little unnerved by recent events.

[Text:] With all do respect, Alpha, if a sex scandal and a little blood is enough to unnerve you, we aren’t a pack you can run with.

Ebony Aunt

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Dear Ripped by Christmas,

For the past couple years, I’ve been having problems with my mum. It started when she got herself into thousands of pounds in debt and at the last minute told us we were on the verge of losing the house & that she needed help paying the bills. We had no choice but to agree. I was begrudgingly giving her close to £500 a month. (I’m disabled so get an extra allowance.)

Mid 2011 the debts were paid off. In Sept 2011, mum was made redundant and is still unemployed. She’s been using her redundancy money to pay the bills whilst looking for work. The money has almost gone, yet she’s making no attempt to save money. She smokes, drinks every night, has her hair done once a week & goes out socially.

I’ve made it clear to her that if the house gets repossessed, I’m not bailing her out again. My dilemma is that if I don’t, my brother could be homeless. I don’t know what to do.

Yours, Up to my Eyeballs of Ealing.

Dear Eyeballs,

I notice that you do not mention your exercise regime in the main body of text and maybe this could be your real problem?

I knew a guy once who was having trouble with the ladies too, and a simple combination of HIIT and weights improved his body confidence, tone and self-esteem within months, banishing those problems that once plagued him.

Hope this helps.