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“Rapunzel, from the moment I first met you and you knocked me out with that frying pan, I knew it was love. You’re my light, you’re my best friend and I want to be your partner in all things […] I love you Rapunzel, and I wanna spend the rest of our lives here together.”


Because you don’t care about getting hurt. But you know how i’ll feel? i’ll be d e v a s t a t e d. and if you die; i will literally go out of my f r e a k i n g  m i n d.


Adult! Ladynoir (including Thomas Astruc’s new Ladybug design ;v;)

I love the adult ladybug designs so much ahhhhh and look what my hand went and did v////v oh man… so sinful  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Art is mine~ ( Insta: Lilaeleaf )

“Don’t go, Cas,” Dean whispers, a soft plea in the dark, his lips pressed against Cas’s.  “Please.  Just stay.  I just got you back.”  I just learned to love you, he wants to say.  Dean clings to him tighter, pulls his warmth closer.  His fingers stake real estate in Cas’s hips, pinning the angel against him.  He changes his mind, and slips his hand up Cas’s back, letting himself drink in the hills and valleys of Cas’s muscles.  

“I’m sorry, Dean,” Cas whispers, cutting himself off with a kiss.  Dean hates that it’s Crowley who’s pulling Cas away from him.  He hates everything about the situation.  He has to fight the bitterness rising in his throat at the thought of Cas and Crowley working together again.  “I have to.  I have a lead.”  Cas buries his fingers in Dean’s hair, and Dean wants to lose himself that feeling again and again.  The heat of Cas’s skin against him where they lay - chest-to-chest beneath Dean’s covers; the slide of Cas’s lips on his… it’s incendiary, and Dean doesn’t want to douse the flame.  Watching Cas nearly die in front of him; hearing those words that have been on the tip of his tongue for years… all at once it was too much and not enough, and he’s terrified of letting go of it.  “We have to find Kelly before it’s too late.”  Dean exhales slowly, dragging Cas in for another long, lingering kiss.

“I know,” Dean whispers, pulling his hands up to Cas’s face.  “But every time you leave, I’m scared something’s gonna happen.  To you.  To all of it.  I’m scared I’m never gonna see you again.  Especially now, after–”

“I’ll come back to you, Dean,” Cas says, rocking back enough to look at Dean, their eyes meeting in dark.  His voice is soft and reassuring, and it makes Dean’s heart ache.  “I always do.”

Dean sits on the edge of his bed, still in his boxers, and watches Cas dress in silence; watching the soft amber light of the lamp dancing across him as he moves.  Always the adios, he thinks.  He knows, in the grand scheme of things, this is necessary.  What Cas is doing is important.  But for once, he wants to be selfish.  He wants to say fuck it all and disappear.  

“I’ll be back as soon as I can, Dean.”  Cas’s voice pulls him back.  Cas’s hand is on his cheek, and he leans into it, chasing the warmth.  “In the meantime… Keep busy.  Do what you do best.”  Cas smiles, and Dean inhales.  It’s a staggering - and rare - sight.  “Save people.  Hunt things.  The Winchester family business.”  

Dean huffs out a laugh and stands, surging forward to wrap Cas in his arms.  He pushes Cas back against the door and kisses him hard, burying his fingers in his hair.  “Be careful, please,” he whispers desperately.  “I love you, Cas. Please be careful.”  His voice breaks, and he hides his face in Cas’s shoulder.  It kills him, being vulnerable.  But if there’s one person in all of creation with whom he can be, it’s Cas.  

“Always,” Cas murmurs, pressing a kiss to Dean’s temple.  And then he’s gone, and Dean’s chest aches at the loss.  He crawls back under his covers and dreams of Cas until Sam wakes him with a case.  


e  m  o  t  i  o  n  a  l    t  e  t  h  e  r

“…for Lydia”

i gave Mettaton and Frisk matching outfits <3

“Hey, Cas.” Dean doesn’t bother hiding the smile in his voice when he answers. He hates that Cas is back out there so soon after Ramiel, but the job needs be done.

“Hello, Dean.” Dean’s smile widens when he hears it in Cas’s voice, too. They fall into a brief silence. Dean takes solace in hearing Cas breathing.

“You okay?” he asks finally.

“Of course. I just…” Cas hesitates, and Dean stands, pacing the room. “I wanted to…”

“I miss you, too, Cas.” He hears Cas huff out a soft laugh, and he grins. “You’re bein’ careful?”

“I am. I haven’t had much luck with any leads, but I am being careful. Thank you.”

Dean swallows. “Cas, I…” he sighs, running a hand over his face.

“I know, Dean. Hopefully I’ll be home soon.”

Dean swallows, trying to ignore the ache in his chest. They barely had any time to process before Cas was called away.  He knows it’ll never end, the emergencies and cases and big-bads, but then again… he, a hunter, fell in love with an angel. What did he really expect? He finds himself pacing the hallway. “Maybe,” he starts, taking a steadying breath. “Maybe when you come back we can try for real. No death bed confessions. Just… Y'know. You and me.” In the light of day, not clinging desperately to one another in the dark. “Hell, maybe I’ll even take you on a date,” he chuckles.

“I’d like that, Dean,” Cas answers, and Dean exhales, relieved. As if he thought Cas would actually turn him down. He hears Sam call him from the library, and he turns in that direction. He doesn’t think, and nearly says those words again, even as he steps into the library. Instead, he clears his throat. “Okay, well. Stay on it.” He panics.

“Dean, what–" 

"You get any leads, you let us know. And we’ll keep working on it from our end.”


"Thanks, Cas.” He ends the call and frowns, leaning against the table, chiding himself for his idiocy. “So, Kelly Kline is in the wind. No trace,” he announces, pulling up his texts.

I’m sorry. I panicked. Didn’t mean to be a dick. Just haven’t told Sam about us yet. I’ll call you later. Promise.

“Great,” Sam says. Dean’s half paying attention as Cas’s reply comes through.

I understand. I’ll talk to you soon.

Another message comes through almost immediately.

I’m counting the moments until we’re together again. Be safe, Dean.

  • raphael, harshly: valentine tried to *kill* you or have you already forgotten?
  • simon: but he didn't.
  • raphael: you're not safe here; you belong with your clan
  • simon: i literally just settled in here and now you wanna play nice?? why do you do this? why now? you don't even need me
  • raphael, softer: please
  • simon: *raphael's hand on his cheek* fuck

favorite books read in 2015: Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

“Have you ever asked yourself, do monsters make war, or does war make monsters?”


Turns out “two baby teenagers growing up” is an excellent reading of this show. Also, “baby’s first monster romance,” but that one goes without saying

  • Ash Ketchum (34) , gym leader, former champion.
  • Serena Zay (35), actress, TV hostess, designer.
  • Lara Ketchum (12), pokemon trainer, stager.
  • Ivan Ketchum (7), Oak’s Elementary School student.


By popular request through asks and to celebrate the end of my finals period, I introduce the Ketchum family to you ♥

Further questions about them are welcome!

telling you something you don’t know
words: 2,915
description: adult Pro Hero Deku gets sent back in time and accidentally meets his younger, ten-year-old self. Deku tries to avoid destroying the fabrication of time as best as possible.
warnings: foul language
idea given to me by @itacake whom i adore from the depths of my heart

Time-traveling quirks — born with the ability to travel through time and space itself, along with the ability to force others to travel through time. — are exceedingly rare, rarer than kin of the Luminescent Baby from China, but despite its rarity, Deku has seen one in his lifetime. When he came into contact with one, it hit him off course and into a state of vitiligo; he doesn’t remember much, mostly the after-effects, and it was a little more than just surprising that the timeline didn’t desperately to try and fix itself.

A time-traveling quirk does one of two things. The first option is that it creates a paradox, a statement or a hypothetical situation that proves itself to be logically unacceptable or self-contradictory. In the situation of a quirk that made a paradox, the timeline would destroy itself, and prove itself to be a false timeline. A timeline, a series of events, that never should have existed. Another option is that a time-traveling quirk can still threaten to be a paradox but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. The timeline, if proceeded with enough caution, could be kept safe if one is cautious of the butterfly effect.

The butterfly effect states that “small causes could have larger effects.” and “sensitive dependence on initial conditions.” A popular way to state the butterfly effect is that “the effect grants the power to cause a hurricane in China to a butterfly flapping its wings in New Mexico.” Essentially, if a butterfly flaps its wings — or another small, insignificant thing exists in one point of a timeline — it can cause a hurricane in another part of the country. — a larger, more significant and deeply important thing has changed in the timeline. — More significant happenings are dependent on smaller causes; if you change the input, you change the output.

That is why, when Pro Hero Deku is sent back in time, he is desperately attempting to avoid himself.

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