otp: achilles heel

Title: hiding my heart away
Summary: Her words swayed him, her heart claimed him, but her eyes were his Achilles Heel.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: Achilles Heel
Rating: K
Warning(s): ANGST. A little swearing.
Comments: Who misses pre-shippuden? Because honestly these latest manga chapters are shit. WE GET IT OBITO IS EVIL AND CANNOT BE REDEEMED, CAN YOU FUCKING MOVE ON TO FIGHTING NOW AND SOME WINNING BECAUSE HE’S TOO MARY SUE RIGHT NOW. Agree? Here, have some pre-shippuden SasuSaku.

Her eyes were his weakness.

He had always known, since the Forest of Death, how powerless he was against them.

They made him increasingly aware of his state of mind, made him realize how far he’d gone; they made him forget his fury, forget the darkness, forget everything else but the love that was in her eyes. A love that calmed him, reassured him, made him breathe. They portrayed everything she felt about him: love, fear, worry, affection, anger, sadness, happiness and trust. He was able to understand her feelings and interpret her actions with a single look.

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Achilles was the son of the goddess Thetis and mortal Peleus. When he was an infant, Thetis dipped him in the River Styx so that he could be immortal. However, she held him by the heel, where the tendon was- so this was the only part of him that remained immortal, and thus vulnerable.

He grew up to become the bravest hero in the Trojan War, choosing a short life with eternal glory as opposed to a longer life with no heroic status. The central theme of Homer’s The Iliad is based around Achilles’ wrath of Patroclus’ death.

Although Achilles fought in the Trojan War, he was eventually killed by Paris, who shot him with an arrow through the part of his heel which had been untouched by the River Styx.

This is where we get the term ‘Achilles tendon’ from; referring to the tendon that connects the calf muscles with the heel bone, and this is very painful when injured!  

The term ‘Achilles heel’ also refers to any weak point someone has, too. For example, Kim Kardashian’s ‘Achilles heel’ would be stardom, at any cost of her dignity. 

Why am I crying? I thought I finally got over us, but I’m lying. You were spear words that cut through my tendons like the arrow shot in Achilles’ heel. I thought I could heal myself, I’m trying. These drugs don’t work anymore. They are as useless as these poems. We have nothing left to hold on to. I could write you a poem or two, but you’ll get a million of these woes. For all of the holes you dug. Every single last one. You can hug onto these bleeding pieces of my fucking heart.
—  #625 - i thought you were the one