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“Sometimes you meet someone, and it’s so clear that the two of you, on some level belong together. As lovers, or as friends, or as family, or as something entirely different. You just work, whether you understand one another or you’re in love or you’re partners in crime. You meet these people throughout your life, out of nowhere, under the strangest circumstances, and they help you feel alive. I don’t know if that makes me believe in coincidence, or fate, or sheer blind luck, but it definitely makes me believe in something.”

‘He loved you.’

She nodded, “Yes, he did. But, he didn’t love himself. He saw himself as a bad guy, a guy who destroyed the good and ruined everything in his path. So, he forced himself to do just that. To ruin us, destroy what we had.’

‘Would you go back?’

'Yes.’ Because as sick as it was, even if he chose to break her again, she would do anything to have him one more time.

‘You have to let me in.’ Her hands ran up his arms. 'I want this. I want you, but I won’t let you shut me out. If you do, we don’t stand a chance of surviving.’

He tried to turn his head away, 'I’m a monster, why can’t you see that?’

'Because you have never been a monster to me. You have always been a man. A man that has taken care of me and always made sure I was safe.’ His body was tensing up and she was afraid she had pushed too far. She turned to walk away, but he grabbed her wrist, pulling her close to him. 

'I love you.’ He whispered into her hair, breathing in her scent and letting it calm him.

SHIPPING INFO // Answer the following for your muse(s) so people know how shipping works on your blog. REPOST. Don’t reblog.

What’s your OTP for your Muse?: Oh, I am fond of Aloy x Nil. And I am not really secretive about it. Nil is open to other ships, of course, and I play him as a fairly easy-going go when it comes to his attraction (when, if ever, it happens).

What are you willing to RP when it comes to shipping?:  Anything at all. I feel like Nil would be just as happy tearing-off-clothes to being a more cerebral or slow burn relationship. I am a fanfiction writer for the Niloy ship, and I tend to write Nil as a mix of sweet and violence for my own interpretation. I think he is capable of fluff, but it would have to be with a particular person. Also note, I play Nil as a psychopath, so I have a hard time seeing him as a good ‘long-term’ partner, or one with a happy ending. I am always open to a chemistry that makes sense, though. Also, I play Nil as pansexual with a preference for women, so men aren’t off the table either, just more unlikely.  

How large does the age gap have to be to make it uncomfortable?:   Ha. Well, Aloy is nineteen, and I imagine Nil at least ten years older than her. So age gaps don’t bother me at all.

Are you selective when shipping?: Not at all. I really enjoy roleplaying different chemistry with others, and every Aloy is different. Some Aloys consider Nil as a kind of creepy older brother, and I dig. Nil has maybe fifteen minutes of dialogue in the game, all of which are with Aloy, so I am pretty sure Nil can be opened up for other possibilities in shipping.

How far do steamy moments have to go before they’re considered NS.FW?:  Anything that would remotely make anyone uncomfortable. Anything more than kissing I put under a cut.

Who are other muses you ship your muse with?: Women that are frankly terrifying or deadly. I think Nil is a 'thrill of the hunt’ kinda dude, and so I see him falling for someone that could kick his ass. If I could pick anyone from HZD, however, I would choose Vanasha. Even though Nil and her never meet, I think they would be so very interesting.

Does one have to ask to ship with you?: Just give me a heads up. And maybe a plot?

How often do you like to ship?: Whatever comes organically. I am also fond of non-romantic ships, and am so thrilled when I run across those.

Are you multiship?:  Sure.

Are you ship obsessed or ship more-or-less?: I like chemistry– in all forms. If Nil never hooked up with anyone, and had lovely rivalries, friendships, enemies, etc. I would be just as thrilled.

What is your favorite ship in your current fandom?: I will continue to sail the Niloy flag.

Finally, how does one ship with you?:  Ask! Plot! Get in touch! I won’t bite.

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‘You’re leaving, aren’t you?’
It was less of a question than it was an affirmation. 
She didn’t blame him. 
That didn’t mean it didn’t hurt. 
With a slow nod of his head, a sob escaped her trembling lips. 
‘Do me a favor? Stay one more night. Let me fall asleep with our legs tangled together and my head on your chest.’
It would make everything so much worse for them tomorrow, but in reality, they both secretly enjoyed the pain.
She had just gotten out of the shower, towel loosely wrapped around her. She wiped the mirror with her hand and gasped when she saw him standing behind her. She should be angry. It was an invasion of privacy, but the want in his eyes when she met them in the reflecting glass made her resolve crumble. He moved forward, hands finding her waist as he turned her to face him, pinning her between the edge of the sink and himself. ‘I’m not going to hurt you.’ She knew he wasn’t. She had never been afraid of him. ‘But, I am going to make you beg.’ His breath was warm in her ear and she took a sharp inhale of breath when his head dipped down to her neck, his tongue dancing around the spot that made her knees weak. His hands squeezed her hips, fabric gathering under his palms and she gripped onto the counter behind her. He let go abruptly and when she opened her eyes, he was gone. It was in that moment that she knew even if he wasn’t going to hurt her, he surely would be the death of her.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Rory and Jess’ most iconic moments, and I’ve been struck by the feeling that one of the reasons their relationship is so special is very difficult to put into words. It’s like - every single moment between them feels important, no matter how insignificant it may be in the long run. Every scene they share is dripping with tension, whether it’s good, bad or somewhere in between. 

I think this can partially be attributed to the actors’ chemistry and the fact that compared to Rory’s other relationships, very little was shown and so what was shown was often pretty ‘major’. It never got to the point of being worn out - they’d always leave things slightly unresolved, never quite achieving closure. 

But I think beyond that, it has something to do with the fact that even from the beginning the writers had a much bigger arc planned for Jess than what Milo was available for/willing to do. This meant every scene he was in felt very deliberate - they never held back with his character.

It’s interesting when you compare it to Rory’s relationships with Dean and Logan. No matter how you feel about Dean in the early seasons, there’s really no debating that by season 5 his character had long overstayed his welcome and was no longer particularly engaging or important to the story. 

With Logan, it felt like they had a decent amount of interesting things planned for him at the beginning but at some point that began to wane and he was just there (whether his role was significant or not) because they didn’t want to waste an actor they were paying to be there full time. There were so many moments in Rory’s relationships with Dean and Logan (particularly later on) where it felt like it was more about honoring acting contracts than having interesting plots for them to be involved with. 

But with Jess it was exactly the opposite - even when he was a regular on the show his scenes (particularly with Rory) were somewhat sporadic - it’s like the writers realized early on that there was this beautiful energy he exuded and tension he created that could only be maintained if they were frugal with how they used him - in a way, with Rory and Jess, less was more.