otp: a match made in heaven

Making ship name for Victor x Yuuri (Japanese one)
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> Victor and Yuuri... Vicyuuri...? No that sounds weird. Victurri? Sounds better. Wait a minute, that sounds like "victory"! OMG THEIR NAMES WERE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER O.O THEY ARE DESTINED TO BE SHIPPED<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
I’m in Zona’s heaven

Let’s just start with the very first interaction they have at the beginning of the series.

Zoro came down just to talk to HER. He was teaching her the way of a man and that’s just so manly and charming. She should have fallen for him, damn it! This isn’t the first time by the way… he has done this so many times.

Uhm… Franky entrusted Nami to keep Zoro’s swords.

He  could  just ask Luffy to do so, but then he CHOSE Nami for that task… something fishy~~.

All right! Those swords are heavy… we know but then… you can carry them around just like that…

And duh! keeping those swords with you most of the time… * meeee squealllls*

Zoro should have seen this. His gal is badass too.

O.o… I’m impressed. Nami-gal is really sumthing.

RUN! RUN to him…

If Usopp was there to catch Sanji, then I assumed she did the same to Zoro after undid the shackle. Zoro must have fallen down to his knees and she caught him. That must be the case. But damn! the scene was cut off for this to happen,

look at that drowsy face… Nami’s worried…

Ouh yes, Nami! Your man is back!
[ She looks happy. Does she love that face? That face when he’s about to go crazy… in bed. Muahahaha]

Uh… nothing… just… since Nami knew those two will most likely fight, she butted in.

No matter how Zoro hates to be ordered around, he still listens to her… (p/s: he’s looking at her, miahahaha)

And this, 

Does that mean, Nami was checking him out?

YES! SHE DID. Look at how far they sat from each other yet she could notice the mushroom in Zoro’s haramaki. MUSHROOM IN ZORO’S HARAMAKI!!! ~The chemistry~

This gal did check out Zoro’s lower part… So good to know. Ah~ I’m dead.. x_x


David’s Colorful Converse Collection

Question:  Did you get to decide what you wore <on Doctor Who>
David:  It was certainly kind of based on ideas that I’d had, yeah.  I was very keen to have some soft shoes.  I thought I’m in them for 9 months, I’ve got to do a lot of running up and down corridors, I don’t want a big pair of clumpy boots.
                             – Totally Doctor Who


He’d been wearing his favorite plimsolls all summer and suggested he wear those instead.  Louise’s only reservation about them was what would happen when it came to December and it was cold and snowing on location?  His feet would freeze and he’d regret his decision then.  David promised her he wouldn’t.  “We did use his own shoes for The Christmas Invasion and then I bought another five identical pairs.  I’ve got about nine now, but we used his own initially because they were already very broken down, very distressed, ripped and torn.  David liked the idea that the Doctor’s shoes were worn in.  He didn’t want him being this neat, perfect character.”
                             – Louise Page in Doctor Who - The Inside Story

omg I just watched the preview at the end of "Dispute Over Love! Minako and Makoto Face Off!"

it’s great

Mamoru: On a hot day, I like to eat spicy food, such as curry rice that tastes like a passionate fire as it burns my tongue

Mamoru just wrote a damn haiku about how much he loves curry 

during casual conversation apparently 

he loves curry SO MUCH YOU GUYS

he and Usagi really are equally passionate about food all my headcanons confirmed

Usagi: Mamo-chan, I’ll win your heart with an extra hot Usagi’s special curry.

Mamoru: SAILOR MOON! …Don’t put green peas in it, please. If you do, I can’t feel your love.

i can’t anymore

every conversation they have should be like this i

So I made the mistake of rewatching Mummy On the Orient Express and now I’m drowning in Whouffaldi feels and I’m like, did they really have to take the chemistry and the tension that far in that episode? Like, I’m sorry but WTF were Peter and Jenna thinking in that hallway scene? Doctor Who’s a family show! Why did they have to do this to us?? I mean, I’m grateful for the scene but it hurts so much too

[Throwback] Henber on We Got Married

No, they didn’t join WGM together, but yes, Henber had their way into the show.

Henry’s WGM = 12 episodes. In which:

  • Ep 2: Henry called Amber for advice

  • Ep 3: Amber’s “Beautiful” album in Henry’s studio at home
  • Ep 8: Henry invited Amber over

  • Ep 9: Amber coming over

Their hands <3