otp: a love that shouldn't be but was

April OTP
  • Person A: I'm going to confess today!
  • Person C: OMG! Finally, do it before you loose that confidence!
  • ...
  • Person A: B? I have to tell you something...
  • Person B: yes? What is it?
  • Person A: I love you!
  • Person B: Yeah right, haha! April fools, I'm not falling for it. *walks Away*
  • Person c: oh, right, maybe you shouldn't do it today buddy.
Angsty OTP Prompts:
  • "Sorry I ruined your life. Maybe you shouldn't have married me."
  • "If I would've known he was going to die, you think I would've done it?"
  • "It's nothing against you...I just have to leave."
  • "I know you love me, but I'm sick of lying when I say it back."
  • "That's the problem. I love you so much, I'd be willing to die for you."
  • "I'm sorry I made you into who you are today."
  • "People change, and people grow. And I think we just grew apart."
  • "When I look at you, I see my world and that scares the sh*t out of me."
  • "I don't think I can spend another night in the same bed as the man/woman who ruined my life"
  • "I always told her to quit second guessing herself...and she never listened"
  • "I'd rather die than live in a world like this."
  • "Tell me what they did to you, please."
  • "Sorry just isn't going to work this time."
  • "Her parents always hated me, I guess they were right."
  • "The one you love most isn't always the one you spend your life with...and that sucks."
  • "I'll go home, but it's not home unless you're there..."

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  That’s it. I’m sending these boys down to the second floor. I AM IN RENOVATION HELL AGAIN!
I live on the fourth but they’re renovating the second and I CAN HEAR IT ALL DAY LONG. The amount of headaches I’ve had over the past week is ridiculous. And I actually really rarely get those.

Ugh… screen redraw, because.
….. I might have fallen a bit for Mr. Eyebrows……. who am I kidding I’m hopelessly lost *curls up in a corner staring into space*

  • Them: Aren't you sometimes worried in the fact you haven't had a boyfriend or any love interest before?
  • me: oh, I get this a lot and i know not all people know about this but...*blushes* I'm OTPsexual.
  • Them: what kind of spectrum is that?
  • me: it means that I could only feel love when my otp goes all gay infront of me. but of course this shouldn't be confused with being in loved with one of the person in the otp, OTPsexual is about loving the OTP.
  • Them: ...
  • me: ...yeah i think I'm forever single.

Oracle Week - Day Seven: Dinah (Theme of Your Choice)

I thought about the theme I should do on the last day and decided to take what could be called an easy way out but what for me is extremely important. Barbara’s relationship with Dinah is one of the most interesting and complex relationships in the whole DC Universe and they are one of my favourite ships. They are each other’s strength; also each other’s weakness. They are devoted to each other and they love each other. And I think it’s simply beautiful that these two deeply damaged women could find this in one another.


“Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars, points of light and reason. 

…And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty”


— Are you going to talk to her?
— I think I need to let her go.


     So that your heart that I wish to capture won’t go anywhere. Please stay here with me forever.

For my dearest friend and beloved, yourcolorlessgarden.

I gotta get new friends...
  • Friend: they seem to be right, what you guys are doing is adultery against the couple.
  • Me: they are just fictional characters, bruh. I don't know why people inisist on guilt-tripping us when we make artworks and fanfics based on our otps.
  • Friend: But this is a big deal. They are married now with different spouses. It is undignified for you to ship A with B because they have their own marriage. So just stop. Just accept your non-canon delusions.
  • Not my friend anymore: ...

Wonho trying to flirt with changkyun in mandarin (and failing lol)

First they learnt how to say Noona you’re so pretty

Then wonho asked the host how to say it for a younger person lol

Wonho then turns and says it to changkyun and mispronounces it haha (ft. the slight looks of judgement from mx lol)

Then you have wonho being all cute and looking proud of himself haha. Fighter era was truly blessed yall.


Wonkyun being cute (but out of sync lol) greaseballs together~

cr: monstaro

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Wow! I didn't know you write Harmione ones! I love them! Title: We Shouldn't, But I Really Want To Summary: Harry announces that he loves Hermione in front of everyone in the great hall by accident, and they kiss.

okay, full disclosure, i’m not a harmione fan, but i will do my best for you @hermione-who​ because a good writer can write a challenge and i think it’s super important for everyone to feel like their otp is welcome and supported 

Sixth Year - Lightning Era

Title: We Shouldn’t, But I Really Want To
Pairing: Harry Potter & Hermione Granger
Summary: It hit him like a thunderclap at breakfast while she buttered his toast.

“I just don’t get it,” Harry said as they descended the main staircase to the Great Hall. “They never even talked to each other. They can’t like each other. They’re too different. She doesn’t…I mean she - “

“Harry,” and Hermione said his name in her familiar, exasperated way. “You’ll hear it all from Lupin himself, but he and Tonks really are dating.”

“I don’t understand,” said Harry blankly. “They hardly say five words to each other.”

“When we’re around, Harry. It’s not like you go flirting with girls when you’ve got people watching you.”

Personally, Harry didn’t feel as if he could flirt with girls even without people watching him. Ever since the disastrous single date with Cho Chang - and the slight fact that everyone thought he was cursed or something spending all his time closeted with Dumbledore - 

“And besides,” said Hermione, spooning yogurt into a golden goblet before adding fresh strawberries and cream. “What does it matter to you if he loves her?”

“It doesn’t,” and Harry couldn’t exactly explain his surprise and…malaise about it. He had thought… Remus had been devastated when Sirius had died. He had…

“And you’ve seen how miserable she is. She’s been pining after him for months. He only got up the nerve to ask her because she’s been saying how much she likes him in little ways.”

“What do you mean?” asked Harry, as Hermione pulled a few slices of toast towards her, wheat for her and white for Harry.

“Well, I don’t know,” and she laughed self-consciously. “Like she would always save him a plate after order missions. Or offer to team up with him. Or make him a cup of tea if she was having some.”

“But that’s not loving someone,” said Harry, bewildered, and accepting his toast from Hermione. “That’s just being a good person.”

“And when have you done that for anyone?” and Hermione’s voice had taken on a waspish tone that made Harry flush with embarrassment. She was right. He was crap at relationships, thoughtfulness being his worst quality. 

“But-” and he didn’t know why he felt the need to argue the point. Hermione was almost always right about the feelings and things but he couldn’t help but point out: “You and I do those things. You’ve given me toast.”

“We’re at breakfast,” and Hermione’s voice was still testy. 

“But you always butter my toast,” said Harry, something niggling imperceptibly in the back of his mind. “And you let me look at your homework. You hate when Ron copies your homework.”

“Well at least you make an effort,” said Hermione briskly, scraping her spoon against the sides of the scraped yogurt dish and savoring the last bite. “And speaking of, did you finish that essay for Flitwick due this morning?”

But Harry wasn’t listening. He was continuing tallying Hermione’s small acts of kindness he had never really noticed before, and now was embarrassed that he hadn’t. How she always brought tea over in the cold library, or made sure she brought sweets back from Honeydukes, the kind he especially liked, if he didn’t feel up to braving the gawking crowds. And she had been the one to organize the DA for him, who believed in him…the one who had stayed up all night to practice the summoning charm for the dragon. Ron wouldn’t have done that. Ron might have tried, but he would have fallen asleep over the books around three or so and snored while Harry panicked.

And Hermione did little everyday things too, things Harry had to think about: she carried extra quills in her bag for him, in case his broke. He had gotten a headache from that perfume Ron had bought her for Christmas, and she had never worn it again, at least not around him. She had done things for other people too - Hagrid’s lesson planning, and hunting for Scabbers - but not so much as she did for Harry. Like making sure he had a Christmas gift, though they had only been friends for a few weeks his first year. Getting him a broom kit while Ron - supposedly his best friend - got him sweets. Loaning him books she thought he would like such as Quidditch Through the Ages; whispering directions in potions in years previous; never complaining that he paired up in every class with Ron, and she was always left with Neville.

“Harry,” and Hermione was nudging his arm with hers as she riffled through her bookbag. “I’ve forgotten my Ancient Runes textbook upstairs. I’m running up to get it. Can I grab you anything?”

Harry gaped at her. It had honestly never occurred to him how incredibly self-centered and absent-minded he was. Had he forgotten a book upstairs, he would have nipped off to get it without announcing it to anyone, much less offer to grab something for Hermione. Yet this was just like Hermione, doing small things for him in a way he didn’t even realize. Yet without her his life would be absolutely miserable.

“Harry? Anything?” and her voice was annoyed that he wasn’t answering her. Her bushy hair was stuck under the strap of her bag, and Harry felt it was outstandingly important that he help untangle it for her. He bolted to his feet, shoving back the bench, and grabbed her hair. 

She went stock still as he tried to get it out. “What are you doing?” she asked, astonished. 

“Helping,” said Harry, a little helplessly. “Or, trying.”

Hermione adjusted the strap of her bag, her brown eyes wide and taken aback. “Thank you,” she said finally. 

“I’ve just realized that you do stuff like that all the time,” said Harry, but he could hear his voice as if someone else was using it, and he was on the line, a silent third party listener. 

Hermione looked a little abashed, and blushed, not sure where to look as she extricated herself from the bench. “Oh, it’s nothing,” she said, quickly straightening up their dirty plates to make the house elves’ cleanup easier. 

“You said - “ said Harry’s voice, and his inner self began to sense danger. “That Tonks does all those things for Lupin because she loves him.”

“Yes, of course she does,” said Hermione, still adjusting her skirt where the bag was riding it up through her robes.

“But you do that stuff for me all the time.”

“Well of course I love you, silly,” she said lightly, glancing around at the Hufflepuffs nearest them staring in interest, and the other Gryffindors snickering behind their hands. “We’re like family.”

“We’re not,” and the voice on the line kept speaking, and Harry began to back away from himself in horror. He couldn’t do that. He couldn’t say that. He was crossing a line. There was no going back if - 

“Harry-” the familiar two syllable plea for patience.

“I love you too,” and the part of Harry that was still very much awkward, sixteen year old Harry was balling up in rage and anger and humiliation, howling at the stunned looks on the audience’s faces. But his body just stood there, arms stiff at his sides, staring down at Hermione’s face. 

“But I didn’t mean - “ said Hermione, trying to diffuse the tension with a laugh.

“Yes, you did,” said the Harry-automotan. A strange, braver mannequin Harry not at all ruled by his cowardice. “You’ve meant it for years. I was just too blind to see it.”

“Harry,” and his name was a mortified whisper, glancing at all the people around them.

“Tell me it’s a lie,” commanded false-Harry, and for some reason his shame and fleeting rage and embarrassed self crept closer; he felt wholer, more real. 

“Of course I love you, Harry,” said Hermione, still placating, still trying to put him off. “Just like I love Ron and-” she gulped when he walked a measured pace forward. 

He could hear a few girls gasp. “But I love you,” he said steadily. “I think I always have. I was just too stupid to figure it out.”

“You’re not stupid,” and her voice was a thready whisper again. “I never wanted to make it -”

“I know,” said Harry, taking the last step and gripping her shoulder with one hand. “You said it your own way.”

And in a thunderclap, he realized he wanted to kiss her. And the brave Harry that had been on the phone fled into the ether and all that was left was awkward, scared, too-sweaty Harry, staring down - when had he grown taller? - at her familiar face, his hand gripping her trembling arm. All he had to do was - 

Hermione, as was her custom, did most of the work for him. She came forward more than halfway, and then Harry felt himself moving, willing his chicken heart and cold face to bend towards her and they were kissing. And it was easy. It was everything it wasn’t with Cho. It felt like they had always done it. Like it had felt when she had hugged him hard before he went to face Quirrell alone.

You’re a great wizard, Harry, she had told him.

He felt his other arm pressing her back, and he squeezed even tighter as he finally closed his eyes. Because you made me that way, he told her. But he didn’t tell it with words.

Send me a made up AO3 title and i’ll write you a drabble based off of it!

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Mike and Harvey are soulmates


Originally posted by im-a-sledgehammer

You damn right they are.

Whether it’s platonic (I mean we all know it’s not lmao), or romantic, or who the fuck cares, they most definitely are. There’s no way anyone can tell me that those two aren’t supposed to be together, in one way or another. Mike nearly getting arrested and running into that interview room was the closest thing to fate I’ll ever believe in.

Because you don’t put your job on the line for some kid you’re not that bothered about, you don’t repeatedly risk going to prison protecting that kid’s secret, you don’t threaten to give up your career in a law firm you’ve worked in for fucking years to stay with that kid, and you don’t cut every deal, shout at every lawyer, kick every and anyone’s ass who stands in that kid’s way if you don’t love that kid, and you don’t argue constantly when backs to the wall about who is going to prison, if you don’t love that person.

But then you also don’t give up potentially two years with your fiancee, and go to prison for another man, jeopardize your whole future, possibly never get a job in the dream sector you want to work in ever again, if you don’t love that person.

You do not.

They are soulmates.

#teammarvey xo

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So it seems that my two OTPS Plance and Sheith are highly compatible through their zodiac signs...... I know I shouldn't trust in zodiac or that maybe it doesn't mean nothing BUT I LOVE IT ANYWAYS AND I'LL TAKE WHAT I CAN.