otp: a king and a hobbit

KING AND LIONHEART: a mix for thorin and bilbo ( listen + listen)

i. brother - matt corby ii. the wolves & the ravens - rogue valley iii. the love we stole - bear’s den iv. dear fellow traveler - sea wolf v. without or without you - U2 vi. king and lionheart - of monsters and men vii. run - jasmine thompson viii. once - brad kaleb kane ix. asleep - emily browning x. demons - imagine dragons xi. sweet disposition - the temper trapt xii. stand here with me - creed xiii. if i lost you [orchestra mix] - shiny toy guns

I heard this new song  on the radio the other day, and I couldn’t help to think it was perfect for Bagginshield. It’s in Italian, so I roughly translated the lyrics:

I raise this sword high against the sky
I swear I’ll be stone against  fire and ice
Alone on the top I’ll wait for the marauders
many of them will come and they’ll sail the seas.
Beyond these walls I’ll find joy
or maybe my end, either way it’ll be glory

And I’ll never fight for a reward
I fight for love, I’ll fight for this  

I’m a warrior
I’ll watch over you at night
I’ll protect you from nightmares and sadness
I’ll shield you from deceits and lies
And I’ll hug you always to give you strenght

I’ll give you certainties against fears
To see the world beyond those uplands
Fear nothing, I’ll be beside you
With my cloak I’ll wipe your tears

And love, my great love, believe me.
We’ll win against all and stand our ground
and I’ll be beside you as much as you want
I’ll protect you from everything, never have fear.

Don’t fear the dragon
I’ll stop its fire
Nothing can hurt you behind this shield
I’ll fight hard against all the evil
And when I’ll fall, don’t despair
I’ll raise again for you

I am a warrior and I’ll find the strenght
I’ll be by your side on your road
I’ll shelter you against the storms
and I’ll hold your hand to keep you warm

We’ll cross together this Kingdom
and I’ll wait for you the end of the winter
From night to day, from West to East
I’ll be with you, I’ll be your warrior.

But could you even fathom Bard strolling into some adorable novelty/gift shop to peek around for some little surprise gifts for the Bardlings and getting his fingers stuck in a Chinese finger trap?

Being Bard, he doesn’t want to break it and he doesn’t really want to pay for such a wretched thing. Even though he feels like an idiot, seeing only after he was already trapped that the contraptions were in the “gag/joke” section, he has to go up to the counter and ring the bell for someone to come help him. 

In comes gorgeous Mr. Blondie with legs as long and slim as a hair of Aphrodite, eyes glittering and sharp like blue tinted glass. This guy has got it goin’ on and Bard wanted to turn and run from the store - steal the dumb toy, he didn’t care, but it was too late for him. He was locked in the blonde’s sights. 

His name tag read Thranduil (oh god was that a mouthful (no dirty thoughts intended, but they definitely came) and Bard was most certainly pronouncing it incorrectly in his head).

Thranduil just smirks and removed the trap by some grace of magic.

“Happens all the time.”

Whether it was the smell of incense, the cutesy trinkets, or the charming store owner that kept bringing Bard back there, he had no idea (as if).

(Or maybe Thranduil comes to the counter the first time and Bard drops some disgusting, cheesy line to make the situation less awkward. It doesn’t work, but it catches Thranduil’s interest most definitely.)

Barduil Haircutting

Barduil Modern AU. Bard works in a professional hair salon and gets a call from a nervous customer booking an appointment. The customer, Legolas, tells him he’s bringing his father in, that an accident happened that can only be fixed with a dramatic haircut. Legolas stresses the fact that his father’s hair is very important to him and that he’s an utter wreck over having to get his hair cut. Bard reassures him and tells him to bring his father right in.

Less than a half hour later, two gorgeous men arrive, one more distraught than the other, eyes red and puffed from crying and his hair hidden under a hat. Bard knows right away that this is his customer and approaches them very gently. He speaks with the Legolas and his father, Thranduil, for some time at the desk before inviting him to remove his coat and come back to his station. They sit and chat some more before Bard carefully removes the hat. A fountain of long hair comes spilling out and he sees the problem right away: the most horrid knot he’d ever seen, the result of a hairdryer malfunction. 

Thranduil starts crying and cursing in frustration, so Bard puts the hat back on and sits with him, holding his hands, handing him tissues, and calming him down. Once ready, Bard looks through books and magazines of styles with Thranduil. It takes quite a while, being that Thranduil is picky, but Bard understand and quite enjoys the mans company anyway. 

Every cut and snip was especially precise, and he kept checking Thranduil’s expression in the mirror and asking him about his son and his work; keeping Thranduil talking would keep him distracted.

In the end, Thranduil’s hair is still shiny and beautiful, but remarkably short. He’s in shock when he leaves the salon and Bard worries about him for days, until he hears from him again. Thranduil thanks him excessively, saying that he was so grateful for Bard’s patience and tenderness and that his hair couldn’t have come out any better at the hands of anyone else in such a predicament. He insists Bard becomes his permanent hair stylist, so over months of hsi hair growing back, Bard continues to trim Thranduil’s hair…when they weren’t going out on dates, that is. 

Even when they moved in together, Bard still shaped up Thranduil’s hair and even played with it, fixing it into different styles just for fun. Thranduil never complained, feeling utterly relaxed in Bard’s hands with not just his hair, but everything important in his life.