otp: a heart full of song

Prompt 124

Soulmate AU where people can’t hear the sound of music until they’ve fallen in love. All other sounds can be heard but music cannot.

One day, Person A meets Person B; after multiple encounters with Person B, Person A begins to slowly hear some light noises hear and there. As their relationship (not necessarily romantic yet) with Person B progresses, Person A begins to hear all the sounds they never heard of before–and they love it.

Eventually, Person A can hear the full sound of music.

Bonus: Person A starts dancing to a song while with Person B. Person B stares on confusedly and asks A what they are doing.

“Dancing to this song.”

“What? I don’t hear anything…”

Let Person A’s heart shatter just a little bit.

In one corner of a cluttered, book-lined study at St Luke’s sits a blue police box, an ‘OUT OF ORDER’ sign on its door. In a cup on the desk are a selection of screwdrivers, all of them sonic, and framed photographs of the two women that one man holds closest to his hearts: River Song and his granddaughter, Susan.
—  DWM #511 (May 2017) [’The Pilot’, Episode Preview]

I made this Victuuri video using the song “Arms” by Christina Perri because I feel the lyrics really fit beautifully to their relationship [especially since they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other, aka ‘you put your arms around me and I’m home’ <3]. So if you’re desperately in need of some heart-explodingly gooey lovey Victuuri but you don’t want to/have time to watch a full ep (or lets be real just binge watch the whole season again) then this is for you! I really tried to tell their story with the clips I chose (obviously I couldn’t fit in ALL of my favourite Victuuri moments) and made it fit with the lyrics so I think if you live for Victuuri you’ll really like this video :)


I tripped on the gate.


I wanna be the very best
Like no one ever was
To post on is my real quest
To get likes is my causeeeeee

I will travel across Tumblr
Searching far and wide
Each ship to understand
The power that’s insideeeee

Tumblr! Gotta fan girl ooonnnnn (It’s my fandoms and me)
I know it’s my destiny, Tumblr!
Ohhhhhhh it’s my otp
In a site we must defend

Tumblr! Gotta fan girl ooonnnnn (our hearts full of truth)
Our reblogs will pull us through
You follow me, I’ll follow you

Gotta fan girl on!
Gotta fan girl on!!!!!!



♢♢♢ Gray Skies, Warm Hearts ♢♢♢

            -an eticalb fanmix-

Clexa AU fanfic recs

Finished multichapter:

Amnesia Modern AU! Lexa has been in an accident and can’t remember that she and Clarke broke up. (So good omg, all the feels)

The system high school AU!  Clarke gets sentenced to do community service, and there she meets Lexa. Lexa thinks Clarke is a spoiled princess and Clarke thinks Lexa is beautiful. Only time will tell if Clarke can change Lexa’s mind about her. (so good! lots of feels, lots of cuteness, and the most amazing Griiffin parentals you will ever meet in your life)

We looked like giants College roommate AU! Lexa is Octavia’s cousin and moves in as the fourth roommate, Clarke is a happy bisexual. (Funny, sweet, fluff, semismutty)

We are bad at dating AU modern AU! Series of oneshots where Clarke and Lexa are bad at dating, or better said bad at dating anyone but each other. (Sweet, cute, short and snappy and a teeny bit of smutty goodness)

Unsung heart Modern AU! Clarke is a medical student and she gets to know Lexa, singer of a band and they become instant BFFs, only Lexa is crushing on her new bff really bad, but Clarke is straight, or is she? Spoiler she isn’t. (probably the best fic I have ever read! There is discovering your sexual preference, there is love, there is angst, there is smut, and it is so good) CHECK THE WORK IN PROGRESS SECTION FOR THE LINK FOR A SERIES OF ONESHOTS FROM CLARKE POV

The blind side of love moviestar/starving artist AU! Lexa is a famous movie star who seems to have everything but is actually very lonely. Clarke is a starving art student who is unhappy in her relationship, but all that changes when they start talking to each other via email. (It’s good, it’s long, and Bellamy is awesome in this)

She Universty roommates AU! Clarke is known as the party girl, Lexa is known as the arrogant nerd. But when they become roommates they discover that each of them has their reasons for being the way that they are. (Sad/angsty Clarke, Lexa needs a hug, reaaalllly good!)


home is in your arms (this little moment of ours). Modern AU! Clarke can’t resist cuddling a sleeping Lexa (just cuteness)

High as a kite Semi-canon aka Lexa isn’t dead AU! Lexa is injured and has a reaction to the medication. (A little funny but mostly feelingsy)

Your love is my drug (i’m so high) Modern AU! Lexa just had surgery and she’s so high on pain medicine she forgot who Clarke was. (so funny and fluffy!)

out of mind High school AU! Lexa is new at school and Clarke can read minds. (fluffy cuteness)

How it ends Semi canon aka Lexa isn’t dead AU! Lexa is a vague bitch and tells Clarke how it ends. (very good but very sad, NO LESBIAN WAS KILLED IN THE MAKING OF THIS FIC)

Work in progress:

Oblivion has its enticements High school AU! Very angsty, very sad, a little difficult to get into if it isn’t your thing)

Help I need somebody (not just anybody) universoty AU! Clarke has started volunteering at the peer support hotline at her university, and Lexa is a smol sad bean that deserves to be protected and cuddled at all cost. (Sad and sweet, and amazingly well developed minor characters too, the whole gang is there).

Little orphan Anya CEO/Assistent AU! Lexa is a young CEO trying to become the mayor of new york, Clarke is her personal assistent and suggests she adopts a kid, which is Anya. (Sounds harsher than it is, actually it is very cute and fluffy for the most time)

Song in my head Unsung heart but from Clarke’s point of view. (read it, read it READ IT!)

In full color Soulmate AU! When your soulmate says your name you start to see the world in colour, but Lexa doesn’t want a soulmate, and Clarke doesn’t know she has one. (smol sad bean Lexa, cute and angsty)

Here you go @komrukru

yeppeosnsdscenarios  asked:

For the ask game 4Minute! My babies need love ❤ Also you're so cute I swear, the interactions you have are adorable ❤


  • My first bias: jiyoon she’s one of my fave rappers still 
  • Your current bias and why: probably still jiyoon shes my dorky baby 
  • Favourite MV: volume up the aesthetic and the SPOOKY i’m so weak but hate and crazy are tied for second place, i just can’t let go of volume up
  • OTP: sohyun and hyuna ,,, hyuna is so full of love for her and jiyoon it hurts my heart 
  • Member you think has the best smile: hyuna probably, i love jiyoons smile too tho it’s so dorky 
  • Favourite choreography: crazy crazy crazy 
  • Favourite era: hate probably, maybe crazy, they did more fun promotions in the crazy era but i love the hate stage outfits passionately
  • Do you own any merchandise: no :(
  • Have you seen them live: NO 
  • Favourite voice/singer: gayoon!!! did u hear her cover of eyes nose lips pls stan talent 
  • Favourite dancer: yes 
ask me all time low songs!!

The Three Words to Remember in Dealing with the End

Hit the Lights (Tribute to a Night, I’ll Never Forget) - do you remember the best night of your life? what happened?

The Next Best Thing - what have you always wanted? did you ever get it?

Last Flight Home - have you ever been in an airplane before?

Memories That Fade Like Photographs - best memory from when you were a kid?

The Party Scene

The Party Scene (tps) - what is your blood type?

Lullabies (tps) - longest you’ve slept at one time?

Hometown Heroes; National Nobodies - what do you want to be remembered for?

Circles - what is your perfect pizza?

We Say Summer - what’s your favorite season of the year?

Break Out! Break Out! (tps) - have you ever called 911?

Running from Lions (tps) - do you get along with your family?

I Can’t Do the One-Two Step - can you dance well?

The Girl’s a Straight-Up Hustler (tps) - have you ever been in love?

Sticks, Stones, and Techno - what’s your favorite song?

Put Up or Shut Up

Coffee Shop Soundtrack - if you could be any age for a week, what age would it be?

Break Out! Break Out! - have you ever been pulled over by a cop?

The Girl’s a Straight-Up Hustler - how long did your most recent relationship last?

Jasey Rae - what type of music do you listen to?

The Party Scene - what did you do for your latest birthday?

Running from Lions - what’s your favorite movie?

Lullabies - how many pillows do you sleep with?

So Wrong, It’s Right

This Is How We Do - where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Let It Roll - do you like surprises?

Six Feet Under the Stars - are you interested in space?

Holly (Would You Turn Me On?) - what are your hobbies?

The Beach - what is your ideal vacation?

Dear Maria, Count Me In - ever had a secret admirer?

Remembering Sunday - are you religious?

Vegas - are you an introvert or extrovert?

Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last for a Night) - do you daydream often?

Come One, Come All - do you like having attention drawn to you?

Poppin’ Champagne - best New Years Eve memory?

Nothing Personal

Weightless - how would your friends describe you?

Break Your Little Heart - have you ever broken up with someone?

Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t) - have you ever had sex?

Lost In Stereo - do you listen to your music quietly or full volume?

Stella - do you have a nickname? what is it?

Sick Little Games - 

Hello Brooklyn - have you ever been out of your state/country?

Walls -

Too Much - who are your OTP?

Keep the Change, You Filthy Animal - what do you do to stay in shape?

A Party Song (The Walk of Shame) - have you ever been hungover?

Therapy - have you ever had a therapy session?

Poison - have you ever had food poisoning?

Dirty Work

Do You Want Me (Dead?) - how many languages can you speak?

I Feel Like Dancin’ - ever danced with someone?

Forget About It - do you have memories you wish you could delete?

Guts - have you ever had surgery?

Time-Bomb - who knows you the best?

Just the Way I’m Not - have you ever pretended to be someone else?

Under A Paper Moon - do you have good drawing skills?

Return the Favor - what song sums you up?

No Idea - make up a question.

That Girl - if you could go back in time & change one thing, what would it be?

Heroes - who is your biggest role model?

Get Down On Your Knees and Tell Me You Love Me - list two pet peeves.

My Only One - do you plan on getting married?

Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass - what do you want for christmas?

Bad Enough For You - what do you do for a living?

Don’t Panic: It’s Longer Now

The Reckless and The Brave - have you ever broken the law?

Backseat Serenade - do you have your driver’s license?

If These Sheets Were States - do you miss someone?

Somewhere In Neverland - would you run away with the person you love?

So Long Soldier - have one of your family members ever been in the military?

The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver - have you ever had a near death experience?

To Live and Let Go - have you ever lost someone close to you?

Outlines - can you write stories well?

Thanks to You - what’s the last movie you watched?

For Baltimore - what city do you want to live in?

Paint You Wings - do you want the ability to fly?

So Long, and Thanks for All the Booze - have you ever had alcohol?

A Love Like War - have you ever fought with a significant other?

Me Without You (All I Ever Wanted) - have you ever been in a one sided relationship?

Canals - can you swim?

Oh Calamity! - would you take back one of your exes if you could?

Future Hearts

Satellite - what’s your worst habit?

Kicking and Screaming - have you ever been so angry that you physically harmed someone?

Something’s Gotta Give - what TV character are you most like?

Kids In The Dark - what book changed your life?

Runaways - have you ever run away from home?

Missing You - do you wish you were with someone right now?

Cinderblock Garden - what’s instruments do you play?

Tidal Waves - have you ever been to the beach?

Don’t You Go - have you ever dyed your hair an unnatural color?

Bail Me Out - have you ever been arrested?

Dancing With A Wolf - what kind of pets have you owned?

The Edge of Tonight - have you ever stayed up all night?

Old Scars / Future Hearts - who’s your favorite celebrity?

Bottle and a Beat - what’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

Your Bed - what’s your idea of a perfect first date?

How The Story Ends - if you could be one thing from history, what would it be?


Actors - what’s your dream job?

Alejandro - how many people have you dated?

Art of the State - who is your favorite artist?

Elastic Heart - which one book do you wish they taught in schools?

Fool’s Holiday - favorite holiday?

Light the Way - who would play you in a movie about your life?

Living the Dream - what do you want your future to be like?

My Paradise - what’s the coolest story about yourself?

Painting Flowers - can you paint well?

The Worst Kind of Lullaby - can you sing?

Time to Break Up - what was your worst relationship like?

Toxic Valentine - have you ever had a valentine?

True Colors - what’s your favorite color?

Umbrella - day or night?

We All Fall Down - have you ever broken a bone before?


「SasuSaku」Heart Wants What it Wants


Starting off the New Year with a short SasuSaku amv/mep part ;D This is my part for a SasuSaku mep hosted by the amazing Alexa - (FallenCrimsonRoses). She shared the song with me and I instantly fell in love with it! I’m actually quite proud of how this one turned out. I usually dont use many pics for my amvs but I wanted to make is simple since the last SasuSaku amv I did there were tons of masks that killed me XD Soooooo anyways, enjoy this amazingly short SasuSaku vid for the New Year and for the canonization of this pairing!!!!

Full Mep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfJ3N2uTxFI

anonymous asked:

Patrochilles hunger games AU??

ok so the normal thing would be to put them both in the games à la katniss and peeta, but CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING

  • achilles skips the reaping when they’re 17. he’s pissed off at the cruelty and corruption of the system, and he’s sick of standing there like a sheep and letting assholes from the capitol decide his life. patroclus tried to talk him out of it, and achilles tried to talk patroclus into ditching with him, but in the end they were both too stubborn and patroclus goes to the reaping alone
  • and, of course, achilles’s name is drawn. patroclus knows he only has a split second before the peacekeepers start looking for achilles, and he knows about the terrible punishment that he and his family would get for his not attending the reaping. so he does the only thing he can do. he volunteers in achilles’s place
  • achilles coming to see patroclus right before he’s taken off to the capitol, and he looks so pale and diminished that patroclus isn’t sure which of the two of them is more destroyed by this. he gives patroclus a last kiss that he tells him is for luck but it feels like a goodbye
  • patroclus talks about achilles in the interviews. he tells the nation of the golden boy that he volunteered for, the boy he loves, the boy he’ll kill every last person in the arena to get back to. achilles watches it on tv back in district 4. he hasn’t eaten in days, and not because of the food shortage
  • once the games begin patroclus does surprisingly well, much better than anyone thought he would. he’s smart, resourceful, and quick. he even kills sarpedon, the top-ranked career from district 2. at last it comes down to patroclus and hector, a district 1 career
  • achilles has had his tv on 24 hours a day and barely slept at all since the start of the games. he’s never felt more afraid, or more helpless
  • patroclus’s underdog triumph makes him insanely popular across the districts. after all, if this untrained boy can succeed against impossible odds, then maybe they can too. civil unrest grows and spreads. riots spark. patroclus’s name becomes a chant and a war cry
  • the gamemakers need patroclus to lose so they stack the odds against him, making him fall from a huge wall right before hector appears with a spear. millions of people watch him stab patroclus through the heart as he lay disoriented on the ground. a thousand miles away achilles screams and shatters the television. his mind contains nothing but “he’s gone, he’s gone, he’s dead, they killed him, and it’s because of me”
  • achilles dedicates what’s left of his life to bringing the institution that killed patroclus down to the fucking ground
  • district 4 is in full rebellion within days and it’s achilles who leads them, and may god help anyone who stands in his way

‘Cause you’re a sky, 'cause you’re a sky full of stars
I’m gonna give you my heart
‘Cause you’re a sky, ‘cause you’re a sky full of stars
‘Cause you light up the path

I don’t care, go on and tear me apart
I don’t care if you do, ooh
‘Cause in a sky, ‘cause in a sky full of stars
I think I saw you

‘Cause you’re a sky, ‘cause you’re a sky full of stars
I wanna die in your arms
‘Cause you get lighter the more it gets dark
I’m gonna give you my heart

I don’t care, go on and tear me apart
I don’t care if you do, ooh
‘Cause in a sky, ‘cause in a sky full of stars
I think I see you
I think I see you

‘Cause you’re a sky, you’re a sky full of stars
Such a heavenly view
You’re such a heavenly view

That moment when every song you hear reminds you of your OTP… 
been listening to Ghost Stories while working so there… XD something quick in between works..


Jennings Alley - Clarence Carter (A Heart Full Of Song, 1976)

that’s my otp | a fanmix full of trashy pop songs and heart wrenching ballads that you related to that one ship at one point or another [listen]

01. everytime we touch | cascada / 02. what makes you beautiful | one direction / 03. XO | beyoncé / 04. parachute | ingrid michaelson / 05. ho hey | the lumineers / 06. maps | yeah yeah yeahs / 07. wonderwall | oasis / 08. a thousand years | christina perri / 09. bleeding love | leona lewis / 10. gravity | sara bareilles / 11. give me love | ed sheeran / 12. iris | goo goo dolls / 13. say something | a great big world / 14. fix you | coldplay / 15. samson | regina spektor / 16. all i want | kodaline / 17. skinny love | bon iver / 18. angels | the xx / 19. poison & wine | the civil wars / 20. in my veins | andrew belle


skyeward week
day five: a song that reminds me of skyeward

love song requiem by trading yesterday

You could be the final straw that brings me back to earth
Ever-waiting airports full of the love that you deserve
Wishing I could find a way to wash away the past
Knowing that my heart
Will break, but at least the pain will last